Stop Motion Cooking – Making Sweet Potato With Cranberry Salsa From Ouija Board ASMR 4K

Do you believe in Ouija Board? The mysteries of this paranormal game inspired us to make this video!

Stop Motion Cooking – Cook Ramen From Painting Tools ASMR 4K

Ramen is an easy, quick-cooking meal perfect for those on the go or college students who are busy studying. This is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Watch the video to see how to cook new ramen from our chef!

Stop Motion Cooking – Chicken Pasta Salad From Antiques

This video is inspired by a romance, I’m sure you all know about this classic story. Wear headphones and relax now!

Traditional Lithuanian White Salad

Hello, MO! Hi! What are we making today? We are making White Salad. Please. “Please”. Cut the potatoes in cubes. The eggs are boiling. In cubes. In cubes. We’ll cut carrots the same way. Tell me, MO, where did you get this nice cutting board from? You gave it to me. If someone wants to […]

Stop Motion Cooking – Making Cakes From Sewing Tools ASMR 4K

Sewing may not be easy for many people, especially this girl. Despite her efforts, she still failed to sew the buttons. However, she has a very interesting creation.

Stop Motion Cooking – Classic Minced Meat From Scary Things ASMR 4K

A video inspired by the horror movie SAW. If you are a fan of horror movies, don’t miss this video!

Zeppelins! The King of All Lithuanian Dishes!

Hello, everyone, hello, MO! Hello! On this episode one of the most important dishes in Lithuania – zeppelins. I would like to say that each chef prepare it a little differently, but we will show our recepe. What will we need for it? Grated potatoes are ready. Mh. Here we have boiled.Over there we are […]

Traditional Lithuanian Red Salad

Hello! We’re making the Red Salad. Cut the onions in cubes. To the skillet. Turn on the oven, little Romas. I’ll add some oil the skillet. Here. We’re adding some oil to the skillet. And onions to the pan. What are you doing now? We’re cutting a celery in small cubes. “What are you doing?” […]

Soviet Meat Jelly (ХОЛОДЕЦ) – Cooking with Boris