Surf and Turf with Dad Chef Alton McCrea | DADS THAT COOK

(soft blues music) – Hey it’s Jason with Dads That Cook, we’re hanging out with Alton McCray today. – Hey, what’s going on everyone? – All right so, Alton, people don’t know who you are. – I come from a small town called Andrews, South Carolina. I’m a Southerner and I’m here in California now […]

Healthy Cobb Seafood Salmon Salad with Easy Salad Dressing

Hey everyone, its Natasha of and today we’re making an incredible salmon Cobb salad. This salad is so fresh, flavorful and always gets rave reviews. Start with 1 pound of boneless, skinless salmon – preferably wild-caught. Season that with a teaspoon of sea salt and a quarter teaspoon of black pepper. Place a large, […]

Easy Shrimp Pasta in a Creamy Tomato Sauce – Natasha’s Kitchen

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, it’s Natasha of Today we’re gonna make a pasta that takes just 30 minutes to make. It has shrimp, it has a tomato creamy sauce that’s creamy but light at the same time. It’s awesome, you guys are gonna love it. So let’s get started. First, you’ll need about […]

Meal Prep | Freezer Meals

everyone is Samantha and I'm in the kitchen today to hopefully share some freezer meals with you all I am self-proclaimed or self-titled not a great recipe share because I don't keep any measurements of anything but I'm going to try and show you maybe the process of how I put my freezer meals together […]


hi guys and welcome back to the family fudge today I'm going to be sharing with you five of my family's favorite freezer meals so freezer meals I always start by finding the recipes that I want to use and figuring out how many of those I'm going to make now from My Size freezer […]