I Only Ate Black Foods For 24 Hours

Last To STOP Eating Their Colored Food Challenge! | Matt and Rebecca

– What if Norris Nuts has a clue for us? – [Matt] Swedish fish. – No? – No. – [Rebecca] No. – What if this all has to do with the red hood? – Welcome back to the Matt and Rebecca Channel. Right now we’re trying to figure out why we have these three bags […]

PAUSE CHALLENGE w/ Rebecca Zamolo for 24 hours! Squishy Food vs. Real Food (Game Master spy Wins)

– Hey ZamFam, it’s Rebecca and I am back, and I’m so excited because thanks to you guys, we stopped the event. So even though the RZ Twin escaped– – And she tried to replace you. – The Game Master said for now we could back to doing our fun videos, which I’m so excited […]

I Only Ate Yellow Foods For 24 Hours

hey guys what’s up it’s Inka and for the next 24 hours I will only be eating yellow food last time I did only purple foods for 24 hours it turned out better than expected so I’ve asked you guys what color you wanted me to do NYX based on the comments I got I […]

We only Ate Rainbow Food for 24 Hours Challenge! (Rebecca Vs. Best Friend)

– Hi I’m Alice, I’m your new neighbor. – New neighbor? Oh, so you live here? – Yeah I actually just moved in. – Oh, where did you move to? – Next door. – Oh, like right next door? – Yeah, like right down the hall. – [Matt] Do you wanna come in? – I’d […]

I Only Ate Purple Foods For 24 Hours

hey guys I think so for the next 24 hours I will only be eating foods that are at the color purple a lot of people have been doing this on YouTube it’s a very popular format that I also wanted to try for myself to not just experiment it’s also just a cool way […]


– Mm, mm mm mm. (“Law and Order” music) ♪ Even better than I was the last time baby ♪ ♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ We back ♪ ♪ I’m good ♪ – Wassup, you know what? I need some chapstick. There. Okay, so lemme put on some lip gloss real quick and […]

If Food Babies Were Real – Merrell Twins (FOOD BABY)

Hey guys! I’m Veronica! I’m Vanessa! Have you ever ate too much food and had a food baby? Well, what if food babies were real? Let’s find out, but before we get on with the video, subscribe to our channel If you are new. Give this video a thumbs up! We post new videos every […]