Digha food Part 3 | Best Sea Food in Digha | Indian Street Food

Hello everyone welcome to our channel Ride N Bite Now we are at Digha While we are travelling at Old Digha’s Sapua market We have come to ‘Fish Fish Fish centre’ we had seen Fish,fried Fish before,when we came to Digha But today we see something different You just look pure raw Fish Difference between […]

Cake Moelleux aux Yaourt et Raisins sec Aïd 2019 cuisine marocaine

Hello Yoghurt Cake with Raisins 3 eggs Juice of a lemon with peel a pot of yogurt of 110g banana flavor Small bowl of dry grapes Chemical yeast 16g flour 250g S 2 of the same pot of caster sugar 1 of the same pot of milk and vegetable oil Juice of a lemon with […]

Broken Dishes Block | Sampler Sew Along | Whitney Sews

Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post a new sewing tutorial every Wednesday to help sewers and quilters of all skill levels learn new projects and techniques. This video is part of my Sampler Sew Along. It’s a block of the month style series where I’m sharing tutorials for 12 different quilt blocks so you […]

Kamala Harris & Mindy Kaling Cook Masala Dosa

[Mindy Kaling] I don’t wanna suffer the consequences of our future president not liking my Indian food. [Kamala Harris] Can I just tell you something? [Mindy Kaling] Yeah. [Kamala Harris] I’ve never made dosas. (mellow drum beat) (laughing) [Kamala Harris] Hi. [Mindy Kaling] Hi. I love that you’re coming through the kitchen already, like you […]

The food deserts of Memphis: inside America’s hunger capital | Divided Cities

Right now, there are 23.5 million Americans who live in what we call ‘food deserts’. We wanted to come up with priorities, what were the needs in the larger South Memphis area and one thing that came up over and over again was access to food. You can easily get to a McDonald’s and there’s […]

Dad Gets 98% Of His Body Tattooed | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Keith: I will say a common misconception that people have toward me is that I am a drug dealer or came from prison. Keith: Mostly all this work is all my design you know it don’t necessarily have a meaning to it you know. Something that you like just get it. You know you don’t […]

[Judy Ann’s Kitchen 9] Ep 2 : Grilled Fish, Salad Grains, Egg Noodles | Media Noche Handaan

Good morning everyone! Welcome to Judy Ann’s Kitchen! It’s almost New Year, it’s going to be 2019! How’s this guys? Is it possible to have the New Year a month after Christmas, just to have time to save for media noche? What we’re going to do today is grilled fish with mango salsa. We’re gonna […]

A Boy Ate Nothing But Junk Food! This Is What Happened To Him

We all know that junk food is no good for us, and yet it remains the most popular type of food in the world. Once the bane of American waistlines, who found themselves the butt of jokes around the world, now people all over the globe are experiencing their own obesity epidemic thanks to the […]


hey guys and welcome Exxon channel I am super excited for today’s video because it’s gonna be an Amazon products must-have video and they’re all products that are for the kitchen which is why I’m here in my kitchen I’ll be sharing things that I have had for years and then I’m also gonna share […]