NEW Barbie Baker and Pizza Chef Playset Toy UNBOXING + Mini Pizza Recipe!

Hey, guys it’s Ro i’m hanging out with my dog cookie and this video is a dream come true i’ve always wanted to work with barbie and today it is happening A big thank you to barbie for sponsoring and helping me create This, video they sent me both of these sets to unbox so […]

Mt. Baker top of Chair 5 to half-pipe/bottom of Chair 7 2018 POV

I am very displeased The Scottsman tickled me leveled code to Obama 7? Yiaob Hoyeh getta bagflip Iab Although Mike Tyson was admirable in his technique, his remarkable fighting power and tenacity were the real reason he is remembered to this day. RIP Michael Jacksenson *Chuckles* Prepare for unforeseen consequences, asshole (Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation) *The […]


(bright music) – Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m finally sharing with you our full kitchen tour. It’s all done now so I’m gonna walk you through life around my house. And if you’re new to my channel, I would love for you to subscribe and stick around. I post […]

Food Swap Party – So geht der neue Trend

[Musik] ja wir hatten unsere erste fußball party hier bei greenpeace war ein ganz tolles kulinarisches erlebnis war jeder hat etwas mitgebracht in vier verschiedenen ausführungen was selbst gemacht ist und als alle ankamen wurden dann kleine etiketten auf die gläschen geklebt und dann wusste man auch immer ist das jetzt vegetarisch vegan saisonal oder […]

Popcorn Chicken Recipe – EatMee Recipes

Durban Chicken Curry (South African Chicken Curry) – EatMee Recipes

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Woman rips out recipes from cookbook at book store | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Azmuh – Machine (Prod. Baker)

paul veyne launcher faut qu'ils se rendent à broyer les ovules sont les deux concurrents milan s'intéresserait de l'offre lancée sur un an leur un autre but en avait lancé un brillant meneur à mai a rapidement marois il transmet alors de leur histoire mais n'ont pas besoin d'eux belga [Musique] oh 2 le temps […]

2018 Hotel Transylvania 3 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

Tweety nice hey guys today we have the full set of Hotel Transylvania 3 McDonald's Happy Meal toys super super awesome let's check it out let's see what we have inside our first box right up blobby luggage tag open and oh it comes with a Dennis sticker super awesome and we have our luggage […]

Cashier shames customer for not having enough food stamps l What Would You Do?