Making pickled vegetables, the most difficult dish [Mr. House Husband / 2016.12.20]

(Housekeeping expert, Mr. Jeongreung’s home) From the start? The best out of all of us! I’m surprised that you’re lying down. It’s about time. He’s been hiding it until now. (I’m bored… What should I do today?) That’s the real Bong Taegyu. Deodeok and… Chili peppers… Maybe I should make pickled food. A few days […]

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mix almond flour and powdered sugar. sift please sift one more time to prepare thick clumps are discarded without use make meringue. whip the egg white until it’s foams add half the sugar and whip for 30 seconds at low speed add the rest of the sugar and whip it for another 30 seconds at […]

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‘방어’ 직접 잡아서 먹어보자! [Catch and cook Yellowtail]

[Sigh] Two! Two!! Self-Sufficiency Life Today I came to Pohang to ‘yellow tail’ I’m exciting because this is the first time. With this ‘metal jig’ lure, Make yellow tail’s mouth open as misunderstanding to anchovy. After that, The captain gives the instructions. ‘How much time reel out or reel up’ To Floor, depth 30m Depth […]

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불맛 가득 볶음밥을 더 맛있게! 우리집이 볶음밥 맛집! ㅣ업그레이드 볶음밥 ㅣ 백종원의 쿠킹로그

Hello, I’m Paik Jong Won (Paik Jong Won) (does a) (cooking vlog) (Paik’s Cooking Log) (Chinese Fried Rice) (Pork Belly Fried Rice) It’s perfect [Paik Jong Won’s Secret Ingredients] (Fried Rice#1) Fried rice made with green onion oil Put it on the side Pour it to hottest side (Mix it with ladle) (Stir-fry it for […]