Origami – Plate, Dish (How to make a paper dish)

Plate Paper : 15 * 15cm (1 sheet) The front up. Fork Spoon

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Beat unsalted butter at room temperature Add brown sugar, salt and starch syrup together in the beaten butter Mix in the cold mascarpone cheese Add instant coffee powder and mix it Add some cold egg and vanilla extract and mix it in Sift out the cake flour, all-purpose flour, cocoa powder and baking powder into […]

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* Create tart pastry * Add all-purpose flour, almond flour, cocoa powder and salt Add cold butter and mix (I used a scraper to cut the butter) When the butter becomes the size of a small bean, add some cold water and mix Wrap it in plastic and let it rest in the fridge for […]

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Origami – Star Dish, Bowl, Lantern (Candle Holder, How to, Tutorial)

Star Lantern (Bowl, Dish) Paper 15*15cm (1 sheet), Scissors The front down. Candle (tea light)

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Origami – Bowl, Dish (How to fold a paper bowl, Basket, Tutorial)

Bowl (Basket, Box) Paper : 15 * 15cm (1 sheet) The front down.

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Place a bowl of eggs on top of a pot of hot water. Mix with sugar, honey and vanilla extract When the temperature reaches 40°C, remove the bowl from the pot Melt the unsalted butter and milk in the same way Whip with a hand mixer until thick and foamy I whipped at high speed […]

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Gently stir the unsalted butter softened at room temperature Add powdered sugar and mix Add vanilla extract and mix Sift in cake flour and almond flour There’s a lot of powder, so I put flour first and almond flour Mix it with a spatula Take half of the dough and spread it out Spread the […]

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Separate the egg into whites and yolks Add sugar to the yolk and mix Add cornstarch and mix Pour warm milk and mix Add vanilla bean paste and mix Put the pot on medium heat and stir it Stir it quickly as it thickens Take it off the fire Put unsalted butter in the custard […]