Sweet Potato Pan-Dumplings with Bacon Butter – Food Wishes

Sweet Potato Pan-Dumplings with Bacon Butter – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with sweet potato pan dumplings with bacon butter that’s right before
this recipe was a smashing success it was an epic failure and i came very
close to tossing everything in the bin halfway through but i didn’t i pressed
on and the results were amazing so in addition to learning a recipe you’re
also getting a very valuable life lesson so stay tuned for that but in the
meantime let’s go hang get started with one large sweet potato this bad boy went
about 12 ounces and what we need to do first is roast this which i’m gonna do
in the microwave after pricking it a few times with this
knife so it doesn’t explode which is probably not gonna happen but i do it
anyway plus it’s kind of fun talking about exploding potatoes and we’ll go
ahead and nuke that until it’s very tender okay we want this completely
cooked through and very soft and once it is we’ll let that cool down just a
little bit before cutting it in half and carefully scooping out all the insides
and then once we have all that sweet potato in a bowl – the skin will go
ahead and give it a good mashing and you really do want to try to do this while
it’s still warm cuz everything’s going to mix in much
better so we’ll go ahead and give that a proper and thorough mashing at which
point we’ll stop and clean that off and proceed to add the following ingredients
which are going to be one large egg as well as a quarter cup of goat cheese or
cream cheese or fromage blanc but I really want you to use the goat cheese
since that tankyness really works with the sweetness of the potato and then
we’ll also toss in some freshly ground black pepper and a little shake of
cayenne as well as of course some salt and then what we’ll do once all that tin
is go ahead and switch to whisk and we’ll mix this until it’s all thoroughly
combined and how you can tell is just by looking at it right just keep stirring
until it all looks like mashed sweet potatoes and then once that’s
accomplished we’ll go ahead and add our last ingredient which is going to be
some self-rising flour which is nothing more than regular all-purpose flour that
has some baking powder and salt milled into it and as always I will tell you
how to make your own on the blog and once that Sam we’ll just take a spatula
and mix this up until it all disappears believe it or
not that sense all we have left to do is cover this in plastic and pop it in the
fridge for an hour or more so we can give it a little bit of time for that
flower to hydrate and for all those ingredients to get acquainted
but don’t worry while we’re waiting for that we have a very exciting task to
perform and that’s gonna be to make our bacon butter which is what we’re calling
butter that we cook some sliced up bacon in and what we want to do is cook that
over medium heat until the bacon is almost but not quite crisp and the
reason is we’re gonna finish our dumplings by frying them in this butter
and if the Bacon’s already crisp it might get overcooked so we want to shoot
for us about this doneness where it’s almost but not quite getting crispy and
as you’ll see that’s gonna work out quite nicely later and since we are
making that ahead once it’s done all we need to do is turn off the heat and just
set that next to the pot we’re gonna boil our dumplings in so that we can
crank that back up to medium-high when we’re ready to finish the dish and then
assuming our dumpling dough is sat long enough we’ll pull it out of the fridge
and grab a couple spoons with which we’re gonna form these dumplings and all
we have to do here is take some dough with one spoon and then we’ll use the
other spoon to shape it and or push it off into the boiling water
which by the way is the next step so what I’m gonna do at this point is
transfer five of these into this boiling salted water and basically when you’re
boiling dumplings like this that you’re gonna fry after as soon as they float
you’re pretty much done and since that’s only gonna take a minute or two we’re
definitely gonna want to get our bacon butter hot next to this pot because once
these float we’re gonna transfer them straight into that pan to finish him in
that hot butter so like I said I form five and waited for those that come up
to the surface and yes those were looking a little fragile but I’m nothing
if not optimistic so I went ahead and transfer those into my hot pan of bacon
butter hoping for the best except I didn’t get the best what I
actually got were some wet plops of disappointment frying in bacon butter
and I was not happy and I probably cursed and it was just about to stop and
toss everything out but then I remembered something I’ve told you guys
in the past never let the food win so I didn’t throw it out what I did was take
this silicone spoonula and I tried to separate these back into
five dumpling like out and I let those cook over medium high
heat for about three minutes hoping by some miracle they would crust over and I
would end up with something edible which is sort of what happened the surface
actually crusted up quite nicely and sort of what I originally envisioned so
I went ahead and flipped those over feeling a little better about things and
I gave that second side about three minutes at which point I transferred
those onto a warm plate and proceeded with my planned garnish which was a
little scoop of goat cheese some green onions and of course our bacon butter
and as I took these first few bites all I could think was how horrible it would
have been had I thrown all this away because these really were fantastic
right that contrast between that tangy cheese and that kind of starchy sweet
potato and I thought that little garnish of extra cheese was a nice touch and of
course nothing is not great with bacon butter on it but the one problem these
did have was the texture okay they just got too waterlogged in the pots so they
weren’t really able to fry up like I wanted and that’s when I had the
Epiphany what if instead of trying to fix the dough we just skipped the salted
water and put these right into the hot pan so I whipped up another batch of
bacon butter and spoon that dumpling dough straight in it gave those about
three or four minutes aside and while they were still very soft to work with
and I had to be very careful turning them they ended up cooking up a lot
nicer and looks significantly better and I said about three or four minutes per
side but basically when they spring back they’re probably done and by the way you
can test with a toothpick if it comes out clean they’re done so I fried those
up and transfer those to another warm plate and I garnished those exactly like
the first batch except nicer with a scoop of goat cheese along with our
bacon butter and some green onions and that was it when I was originally going
to call sweet potato dumplings had just become sweet potato pan dumplings since
we skipped that boiling step and while the first batch truly was delicious this
batch was exceptional these things just had the most beautiful crusty exterior
surrounding a very life is still satisfying Center and all the things I
liked about the first batch how it was great with the goat cheese and all that
stuff was even more true here so the moral of the story I guess
don’t quit and keep going and follow your dreams and stay in school but
mostly the lesson is a roasted sweet potato make some really nice pan
dumplings especially when you garnish it with bacon butter which reminds me while
the bacon butter was incredible there are many other sauces that would
probably work right here like I’m thinking some sage brown butter or maybe
a lemon cream sauce so how exactly you serve these is going to be up to you
I mean you are after all the mr.clean of your pan dumpling and speaking of
handsome muscular bald men I’m gonna recommend that you not only consider
these as an option for an appetizer or like a pasta course but also is an
incredibly creative and delicious side dish for something like a grilled pork
chop in fact I could go for a play of that right now except I just had two
plates of dumplings but anyway no matter what course you use these for or how you
saw some or what you end up serving them with I really do hope you give them a
try soon so head over to food wishes calm for all the ingredient amounts of
more info as usual and as always enjoy you

100 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Pan-Dumplings with Bacon Butter – Food Wishes

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  • Did you test the internal temperature of the pan-dumplings? Might it be better/safer to use very finely ground breadcrumbs instead of SR flour if you're going to skip the boiling step. Even small amounts of undercooked flour can cause digestive issues. ( it might need a bit longer in the fridge to come together ) Also, the bread crumbs have a bit of air in them so no need for the baking powder? Sorry if I'm just being too paranoid.

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  • To all the people making comments about the way Chef John speaks:

    As a close personal friend of John, I feel I need to address the 'trolls' or anyone making mean comments about his cadence or upward inflection at the end of each sentence. (the way his pitch gets higher and every sentence sounds like a question.)

    John speaks in this manner because he suffered a Haemorrhagic stroke around 6 years ago. As a result he has suffered brain damage and lost approximately 1/3 of his brain function. He has made an astounding recovery thus far, so please be mindful when writing these nasty comments. Thank you.

  • My family and I have been enjoying these sweet potato paddies for I know three generations. We live in south Mississippi and southeast Louisiana. Everything old is new again. Thanks for making such enjoyable delicious recipes and videos.

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