Sushi – Made Easy – Healthy Recipe

Sushi - Made Easy - Healthy Recipe

so two measuring cups of sushi rice japanese-style and I'll wash it so we're just getting rid of the starch until it runs clear and we'll put two cups of water so two cups of rice this is up the water so now just level it up we'll put our lid on and we'll put it in the rice cooker turn that on and we'll come back when it's cook so after I peel my prawn put on the side and then just cut it in the middle be careful not to chop your fingers so you put it there and so we put take that put that one way because that doesn't have any and then you just get the back of it so this one's actually pretty clean and I've got a little bit of vinegar here and I just dip them there well dip my finger to get rid of the vein so that one's pretty good but this one we pulled it out see how we just pulled it out and this one is bad so we pulled it out as one so Rhys is now poor now what we're going to do is take it out and we'll put it in the wooden bowls and then you'll just plug it up and then we'll put our sushi vinegar and then literally so I'll just put this away to cool down we'll cut up our veggies so I'll start with the cucumber just take out the seeds and since it's the top so we'll just cut it sort of like that so that way we'll have some nice French strips put that one aside and I'll show you how to cut the avocado you twist it so I just went around it and then I just go with the knife seed out I'll get my break here you just finding what feeling my way through the skin and we'll put that away so now that the rise is cooled down I've got my nori or my seaweed there's a shiny side and sort of a rough side so you want to put the shiny side down and I've got my map here and wrapped in plastic and also if you notice seaweed sheets got lines in it so that is sort of a guide for you when you after you roll it that's where you cut it so we'll put it down and we'll put some rice and we'll take some wasabi and we'll just take a little bit say that much and then we'll put it in the center and we'll put some veggies we'll put some cucumber couple of capsicum or bell pepper and put our avocados and we'll put some prawns and I've got some sweet sake this is the brand is smearing by Kikkoman so I'll just put a little bit of a bowl and we'll put some on the edges so now we roll our sushi you just roll it and pull the mat as you go and so we got one sushi rolled up we'll put it aside you can roll your sushi the way I showed you face up or I have this new gadget perfect sushi made easy so it shows you the step by step on how to make the sushi show you how to do it so I'll put my rice use a spoon or a teaspoon I'll just dip it in a little bit of the the sake the sweet sake so it doesn't stick just pushing the rice in little bit of wasabi put our veggies avocado and fronds we will close it lock it put a cap on and turn it push it down and just check the ends push it down a bit more we'll take our seaweed shiny side facing down screw the cap and we just roll it and we put some sweet sake on the edges and we rolled it there you go perfect roll sushi now we'll just cut it up so we've managed to make five rolls of sushi and that's the first one that I made rolling up with the mat and those four are using our little sushi makeup so now we'll cut this up so get a knife and then just put a little bit of sweet sake on the edges and I can still see the lines here so I'm just going to use that as my guide you you

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