Supreme Court sides with Colorado baker in same-sex wedding cake case

100 thoughts on “Supreme Court sides with Colorado baker in same-sex wedding cake case

  • So what now? How does the baker get back his business, time, emotional exertion …. the gay couple in this needs to make restitution. They walked into this man’s bakery, and blatantly and willfully ruined this man’s life. I don’t care what religion the baker was upholding— no one has the right to try to force him to violate his own conscience to satisfy their need to prove a point. They need jail time.

  • Huh I wonder what's in his icing? Hahaha. You're all a bunch of queers anyways. Bunch of butthurt Christen haters. Hahaha.

  • If this was based on race it would have been in favor of the customer. However in this case regarding religion the ruling is in favor of the baker. He did nothing wrong besides stand by his beliefs which is constitutionally fine. I am sure he would not serve an atheist just the same. Still the baker does not understand that “GOD” is welcoming to all and your heart should be open. I have never heard that it is a sin to feel love towards the same sex within the Bible. There is the statement that marriage should be between man and woman yet it does not say it is a SIN to marry the same sex. Again it is only a statement within the Bible. I firmly believe “GOD” would not have predicted that love could exist so purely between a man and another man and a woman and another woman. Free will exists and life is not perfect and I do believe “GOD” does knows this just never predicted the emotion one could feel in the arms of another human being that is the same sex.

  • It was about trying to force the baker to accept homosexuality as normal. It is not, and never will be. FAIL!!!

  • he holds wedding as a marriage between two different sexes , I could care less but in marriage is suppose to be a sacred event between male and female

  • No one should be forced to bake a cake if they don't want to. I wouldn't have wanted this guy to bake my cake if he didn't want to! There are plenty of bakers out there who would be happy to make it! If this ruling had went the other way, then some Nazi could have waltzed into a bakery and say "make me a cake with a swastika on it" and the bakery would have been compelled to do it! So I agree with the decision

  • Jesus Christ would have baked and decorated a cake for the couple. Jesus walked among sinners. 😇 ♥

  • Either you're open to the public, or you're not. Either we have a Constitution, or we don't. Asshole people have to make a big deal out of something meaningless, instead of fighting over important things.

  • You could consider that the act of decorating the cake for a gay wedding is in itself a sin. Therefore the government was forcing him to sin.

  • It's stupid to think you can force a business owner to make you a gay cake. What ever happened to we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone? I'm sure there are gay friendly bakers that would be more than happy to take their business. Stop forcing people to go against what they believe. This was a waste of taxpayer money!!!!

  • Praise God the baker won! A gay marriage in God's eyes is not a marriage at all, but rather sin. God clearly defines a marriage as one man and one woman.

  • Yippee the tutti fruttis loose one. You mean to tell me that tutti fruttis can't find a tutti frutti flower shop or bakery. Bull shit.

  • Thank God!! No body should be forced into serving another person against his/her own will! It is just as simple as that.

  • The market is free. If you can't get what you want here, go get it there. That's why it's called "the free market." If one baker won't sell you something, go to the one down the street. You do NOT have the right to impose your beliefs on someone's business. And trust me, that is all this is; just some typical fascists demanding that everyone go along with their hive-mind and group-think. These brain-dead socialists need to get a dictionary and look up the word "freedom" instead of redefining it as "whatever the democrat party thinks it should be."

  • While I feel discrimination against others is abhorrent , keeping in mind the intent of the constitution, supreme court In my opinion ruled correctly,

  • Gay marriage is unacceptable . Marriage is ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN…
    David Pawson – GOD's CREATION 3/5 – The Origin of Man

  • Even if you were against this man's religious beliefs no American should think they have the right to force someone into doing something they don't want to do and then treating that man like they did.

    They should have to pay some sort of restitution to the man.

  • He always has the right to refuse service to anyone. Doesn't matter what kind of excuse he comes up with. If it is a no deal trade. Why force it?

  • Good its about time the SC tell the LBGT THUGS SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. the have no rights at all they are outcast


  • All these homophobic bible thumpers commenting here. They hate gays, but they’ll glue themselves to their TVs or head for the nearest arena to watch two grown men dry hump each other in a steel cage.

  • Finally, justice.
    This couple,had other bakeries, to choose.
    Gays DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO FORCE their homosexually, on others.

  • Did anyone honestly believe that a conservative leaning SUPREME COURT would rule against this fine gentleman and his establishment ? If anyone were to look closely it says right there in the good book as plain as day , in black and white. " THOU SHALT NOT BAKE A CAKE THAT WILL BE EATEN OR SHARED BY ANYONE WHO TAKES PART IN A SAME-SEX MARRIAGE CEREMONY , AND IF ONE DOES SO HE SHALL MOST CERTAINLY SUFFER THY WRATH ". I believe that's the 614th COMMANDMENT if I'm not mistaken , so there's nothing bigoted about that.

  • Look so I get why gays want to force this person to make them a cake but my personal feeling is i wouldn't want to be forcing people to do things they don't want to do. Especially if it's against their religious belief. I understand it's a slippery slope but honestly don't you think capitalism will solves prejudice in corporate America? Like what if asians wanted to eat rice at every fast food restaurant because I'm asian. Then we'd only go to fast food places that had rice right? I donno that's just my thoughts….I should do a couple reaction videos about this.

  • Bigots can rejoice all they want but they cannot deny that it was a NARROW ruling in scope, meaning it is limited to this case and does NOT affect other pending religious freedom cases. Neither does this ruling invalidate Colorado's civil rights law, and other state & local laws protecting gay people from discrimination. In other words, in the 21 states and hundreds of cities & towns where public accommodation discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal, refusing to serve gay people for religious or whatever reasons is still outlawed. The status quo remains.

  • gay people can't force you that's what's wrong with them they feel so entitled they think everyone has to accept gayness keep that shit in your own life because kids don't need to see 2 MEN KISSING smh……

  • Gay guys should have better taste in art. How disturbing the concept of serving at your own wedding, an ugly cake made by someone who hates you, simultaneously supporting the Jesus Loves You (not) cake shop. Screw all parties involved, but mostly the social justice warriors who are creating more hatred by trying to force people to humiliate themselves. I'm gay and I know some great artists. Mr. Jesus cake is not good. Every stroke of his brush has to go through the Jesus filter first. Live, let live, and leave the fucking cake in the tacky Lakewood strip mall it came from. Dumbasses…

  • Jesus was criticized by the Pharisees for associating with sinners. He hung out with em’. Jesus liked people who were nothing like Him. And they liked Him back. We have a lot of modern day Pharisees.
    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” – Gandhi

  • Great bakeries serve every one.👽☻👳‍♂️
    And Make smiles allways🍩🎂🍰🍥🎂🍰

  • Every Judge they went before was a liberal activist before case got to SC. Went to Supreme Court with 4 libs and 5 Conserv. yet it was 7 to 2. Even the libs saw it was wrong.

  • No, it isn't a religion that meets up with gay rights. Believing something for which there is no evidence is a religion, such as a man that believes he is a woman. It was religion vs religion.

  • If an atheist do not want to bake a cake for a gay couple, what would the outcome be? Is it only because of religious beliefs?

  • What the fuck! Supreme court legalized gay marriage but tolerates bakers to discriminate …?? BE consistent with your ruilings.

  • Some people believe do on to other's as you would want done to yourself. So people should start to Refuse religious Christans service if its for there belief. And the supreme court as to support it as well. If its for Faith.

  • Faith is not meant to be a professional business. Its Crazy. If someones believe Said to kill someone. the supreme court would support it right. just wondering they don't seem to know right from wrong


  • This generation of the gay/bi movement today are so full of a hatred spirit ready to attack anyone who does not agree with their sinful lifestyle!! They love to throw their wicked sin in the face of a Christian more especially. "THE WORLD IS PLAYING THE MUSIC AND WE ARE DANCING TO IT" Too many Christians are too tolerant and everybody says oh God is love and thought shalt not judge.. HOGWASH!!! If you have a REAL BIBLE YOU WILL KNOW WHAT GOD HAS TO SAY AND HE SAYS OVER AND OVER.. I AM LOVE BUT I AM HOLY AND I LOVE THE SINNER BUT HATE SIN! God asks all you Christians.. WILL YOU STAND UP FOR ME AND HOLINESS????????!! God never ever once said to back off a notch and tone it down all for the sake of love but to REACH OUT WITH LOVE IN TRUTH AND SPREAD THE GOSPEL AND HIS HOLY WORD!!!

  • Seriously, just buy a plain wedding cake and decorated it yourself. I guarantee it will be cheaper and better than what a bakery would. They are suppose to be professional at baking and designing cakes, but no.

  • Boycott these bakers. LGBT-friendly businesses need a way of showing they are so. As a straight guy and atheist, I then know not to patronize a business that doesn't show a recognizable sign in their window or a badge on their stationery. Business owners like this homophobe will quickly go out of business. He can waste more of his time worshipping some fucking diety.

  • Deeply held religious beliefs? More like deeply held beliefs rooted in a highly edited ethnofascist misinterpreted text.

  • Gay Marriage Pride :). It's still legal in America and it won't be overturned :). Swallow that cake homophobics! Have a nice day dears! Hahaha!!

  • We all hate each other for any reason. Religion/gay/whatever has nothing to do with the stupidity of having someone who doesn't love you cook for you. They will put all manor of shit in your cake and then you come down with IBS or liver cancer or some other gut infection 8 months later. Women poison dominating husbands like this all the time.

  • Well according to his own religion he will burn in hell no worries guys you will get your cake and thou shall not judge learn your own make up religion jackass

  • This baker is a real patriot in my book I wish I could give him my business but I live too far from him.

  • If simply baking a cake for a gay couple causes this man religious angst, surely it would be an anathema for a "Christian" to have to rent a home or apartment to them. I assume the Supreme Court has just abolished all of the equal housing rights established over the past 50 years. The court's support of the right to deny someone his or her civil rights because of your own religion-based intolerance is a vile, reprehensible slap in the face of all that America has stood for. Trump has set us back decades in the area of respect, tolerance and understanding among fellow American citizens. His "Make America White ( and Hetero) Again" agenda will fail, but not without leaving scars on our society.

  • Thats good. Tired of everyone feeling entitled to things just cause theyer gay, trans or colored. Makes america look like its full of cry babies that cant figure anything out or do what they have to do.
    Like the gay couple from this. Spent how much money for a lawyer and payed way more than just finding another cake shop wouldve cost.
    Heres an idea. Learn to make cakes yourselfs and this wouldnt even be an issue. I think a self made cake would mean more anyway cause you actually put effort into making something yourself

  • Civil privileges do not supercede the Constitution or Bill of Rights. This baker fully offered any cake in the store. Just not his personal time.

    Of which you don't own. He's not a slave.

  • Hail Victory. Now all you Americans need to do is actually make it a general ruling and get freedom of association back. I wonder how many Americans think they have freedom of association all while never being alive while it was actually a thing in your country.

  • Part of the "homosexual lifestyle" is to "push thier homosexuality" onto to those who want nothing to do with it, like Christian business owners, or those who can't defend themselves, like adolescents in public schools. But our God used his powerful influence to cause this Supreme Court to make a correct decision putting an end to another demonically inspired, evil, homosexual scheme.

  • I remember a South Park episode about gays not allowed in the boy scouts and at the end Big Gay Al said that the boys scouts should be allowed to not to allow gays in their private club and not be forced

  • A lot of Christians will get their teeth knocked out. Like some Christians stand for their religious freedom, and some gays will defend their rights by burning your business down to ground and suck cock in prison.

  • I can't believe these guys are so anti-gay…. especially when they start off the show sucking Trump's dick. Is this show real??? For sake of all humanity, turn this shit(FOX) off and travel…. you brainwashed turds.

  • Hmmm, just wondering isn't there an expression called, 'grandstanding ' or would ' making a mountain out of a mole hill ', be more applicable. Myself I am not crazy over any cakes, always too rich on top for me . But live and let live I guess . Cake lovers have a great day. But you can't have your cake and eat it too. Sometimes a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush 🙂

  • He offers a lesser service to gay people than he does to heterosexual people. How on Earth is that not discrimination?

  • Why did this case make it to the Luciferian high court? Because molestation of the American family unit is essential to what the Commies are trying to do.

  • Why did this case make it to the Luciferian high court? Because molestation of the American family unit is essential to what the Commies are trying to do.

  • Why did this case make it to the Luciferian high court? Because molestation of the American family unit is essential to what the Commies are trying to do.

  • FAAARK! There's actual important issues going on in this world and snowflakes crap on about a bl**dy cake they couldn't get! Get a life. Some people can't afford to even eat. What about the fact there's child sexual trafficking running riot in America and the rest of the world!? The fact pornography has contributed to it all. Oh sorry life is about a flipping cake 😬

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