(playful music) – Hey everyone, welcome
back to my channel. If you’re new here, my
name is Tiffani Beaston from Beauty and the Beastons and today I’m just going
to share a day in my life. It is the afternoon right now, so I’m just gonna recap
what happened this morning. It was a little bit hectic, which is why I’m just now getting a
chance to talk to you. So let me just start out with saying that Carter is going through this thing where he wakes up at
five-thirty every morning, so my early morning routine
just went right out the door. I’m about to start trying to wake up at 5 a.m. instead of 5:30, because I’m basically waking
up the same time as him and not getting that moment to myself that I need and want in
the morning, but anyway. So all the kids got into our bed, we had a coffee, just
relaxed a little bit. – Hi! – Hi. – I was getting ready to make the bed and Tanner came running
in and I love him so much, he is the sweetest, most talented, smartest little boy in the world. However, he is so clumsy. This child gets hurt all the time. I don’t know if he’s just wild, it’s a second child thing, but he gets hurt all the time. So he got a fat lip at like 7 a.m. 7:03 a.m. and we have our
first fat lip of the day. You okay, handsome? Here you go. Oh, my gosh. Once he was good, I
proceeded to make the bed. (gentle upbeat music) And then we came downstairs
for some more snuggles. The kids just had an easy breakfast. Waffles, easy morning breakfast. I just had some toast with
some hard-boiled eggs, or as the kids call them, Easter eggs. Today, in particular, the kids
don’t have preschool today. They only go, Tanner
goes three days a week and Carter goes four days a week and it’s only for two hours a day, not that it’s any long type of day, but they’re home with us today, so we signed them up for
a ninja gymnastics class. So we went to our gym and did that and I was able to get some cardio in. They absolutely love that class and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that for a while, when I was dropping Ella
off at the gym daycare, she was not having it. Well, today I brought
her in in her stroller, and gave her some snacks
and water and she was fine. She actually wound up staying in her stroller the entire time, but it was only like
half an hour, but still. So it all worked out. But anyway, this video is going to be a collaboration with Alexandra Beuter. I’m sure you already know her, but if you don’t, make sure
you check out her channel. She is on baby watch,
she’s gonna be having her first baby very soon. She’s gonna be having a little boy, so make sure you check out
her channel and her Instagram. I know that you guys loved my baby watch and now she’s gonna be on
baby watch before we know it. But she makes very
similar content to mine; home decor, anything lifestyle related. She has awesome cleaning videos, organization and things like that, but the one thing that we slightly differ is that she is really good
at fashion and I’m not, so make sure you go check her out for some fashion inspo as well. See, look, isn’t she so cute? Look at this, look at her little bump. I miss those days, but
Chris isn’t having it. But anyway, she’s going to be doing a day in the life on her channel, so she’ll have a private day in the life, so I’ll have all of her information linked down in the description box below. I don’t know if any of you
can relate to this or not, but Carter’s four,
Tanner’s two, Ella is one and I just can’t get it
together with groceries. I, every single week, run
out of food right away. I feel like I buy food and
it’s gone in like two days, so I have to figure out
how to buy more in bulk, or what, I don’t know ’cause
we use a lot of produce, so I’m gonna start going to
the grocery store twice a week ’cause I need the produce to stay good. We use a lot of milk, a lot of eggs. I’m very weird with meat,
like if I don’t buy it fresh, I don’t like frozen meat. I try so hard to thaw out meat, but I swear I can just
taste it, so anyway. I don’t know, what do you guys do? Do you go grocery shopping once a week, twice a week, I don’t know? But anyway, let’s get to the point because now I have to go grocery shopping. I feel like it’s not gonna
be a massive grocery shop, but we’re out of a lot of
staples, so I have to go. I also should mention
that I just nursed Ella and got her to sleep. (gentle guitar music) The boys are asleep and Chris
is also napping with the boys because he got up with them
super early this morning, so he’s napping, everyone’s napping. I don’t really need a
nap, for once in my life, but let’s go grocery shopping. To give this day in the
life a little extra, I’m gonna be showing
you what I eat in a day, as well as showing you how
I organize and plan my days. But I need some groceries
to be able to do that. So far today, you saw I had
toast and hard-boiled eggs. I just did cardio today, I didn’t do any strength training today. But I’m really excited for dinner because I’m making butternut squash chili and it’s one of my favorite things ever, but I need to go grab a couple
of ingredients for that, as well as some staples that we’re out of, so let’s go do that. So I’m just grabbing one of
these for now and let’s go. ♪ All the choices you made ♪ ♪ Would you make them again ♪ ♪ ‘gain ‘gain ‘gain ♪ ♪ All the lies that you told ♪ ♪ Would you believe in them ♪ ♪ All the choices you made ♪ ♪ Would you make them again ♪ ♪ ‘gain ‘gain ‘gain ‘gain ‘gain ‘gain ♪ ♪ All the lies that you told ♪ ♪ Did you believe in them ♪ ♪ Would you make them again ♪ ♪ Would you make them again ♪ ♪ Would you make them again ♪ ♪ All the choices you made ♪ ♪ Would you make them again ♪ ♪ All the choices you made ♪ ♪ Would you make them again ♪ – Done grocery shopping,
that didn’t take too long, but do you ever listen to
music while you grocery shop? I’m sure you don’t get to
grocery shop alone that often, but it’s a game-changer and
also, can you look at this? I mean, same, but still,
littering is horrible. All right, we’re home. We’ve got our taste testers trying everything that we bought. Ella, what do you have, a Larabar? Okay, you wanna get down? Now you wanna get back up? This is a fun game. (Tanner cries out) What’s wrong, Tanner? Yay, you did such a good job! Thank you. (door thuds) Oh, it’s concussion. (Chris laughs) Now all the groceries are put away, the kids are playing in their
room, it’s almost, it’s 3:47 but I still haven’t actually ate a lunch, so I’m gonna make myself some
turkey and cheese roll-up. (slow hip hop music) – Time to put our clothes
away. (chuckles) (kisses) – [Tiffani] What are
you guys doing in here? – She’s my alligator,
she’s allowed to pick. Go ahead, little alligator, pick. Pick, pick, pick. (toy ducks quacking) This one, which one? Which one you gonna get? – That one, sissy.
– I got two. – Good job, baby. – Which one you gonna get? – I got this duck. – Lemme see, you got green triangle. ‘Kay, pick another one, sissy. Pick another one. This one? – Ducks are kissing, dad. – Oh. (kissing noise) – [Tiffani] Lovebirds. – My turn. – This one’s daddy, this
one’s mommy. (kissing noise) And out comes Carter. (chuckling) – Would he still let me grab a blue star? – I wanna play. I have a purple square. – [Tanner] Mommy, look, mommy vlogger. – Oh, Tanner’s vlogging. Hey, Tan. – Oh, hi, Tan, you got the blog camera? – [Tanner] Yeah. – Are you gonna tell them anything? – [Tanner] Yeah. – Well, talk to them. Gotta turn it around. – [Chris] Turn it around
so you can see yourself. – [Tiffani] Push it back a little bit. (Tanner mumbles) We’re gonna make some dinner. Tanner, honey. – Eat cookies and…
– What are you saying? – Mommy, what you say over there? – Mommy, can we eat our dinner
with our cookies we eat? (Tanner mumbles) – [Tiffani] You wanna help me cook dinner? – Mm hmm. (laid back` music) – All right, we got dinner
going and now apparently we’re searching for the
world’s biggest slug. Did we find it? – [Chris] Yeah. (alarm blaring) – [Tiffani] Hey, that’s a slug? – That whole thing is a slug. – [Tiffani] No freakin’ way. (laughs) Oh, my, that has a disease or something. What is that hole? I’m serious. – That’s how it’s
breathing, I’m pretty sure. – [Tiffani] Carter, what did you find? (groans) This is our new favorite thing to do is look for insects, right? – These are a family. – [Chris] He’s got a family of worms and we found a little slug
that we called the dog. – [Tiffani] That is seriously
making we wanna vomit, you shoulda warned me. Ella, I feel you, let’s
go do something else. Just kidding. (laughs) – I told you, I said this
is the world’s biggest slug. – [Tiffani] I thought
you were being sarcastic. – [Carter] Look at that. – [Tiffani] What, that doesn’t look right. – [Carter] Look at that. (upbeat music) – Okay, gonna start jumping us now? – Yeah. – Can never have all the
kids in one spot together. Okay, nap time. Tanner, do you have school tomorrow? – Yeah. – [Tiffani] All right, you excited? – Yeah. (grunts) – [Tiffani] Okay, gentle, gentle, geez. (Tanner mumbles) – [Tiffani] Sorry Ella,
she’s gonna get you back. – I’m going, I’m gonna get my wiggles out. – [Tiffani] You getting your wiggles out? – Yeah. – [Tiffani] Are they all gone yet? – No. They’re all gone. – [Tiffani] Wait, your wiggles are gone? – Yeah. – [Tiffani] Where are they? – They’re sleeping. – [Tiffani] They’re sleeping now? – Yeah.
– Oh, good. So you gonna sleep good tonight? Hey, are you gonna sleep good tonight? I don’t think so, miss, no, no, it’s like you’re being
birthed again. (laughs) Come back here. (laid back music) What are you having for dinner? – Pie.
– Pie? – I don’t like pie. – [Tiffani] (laughs) I was thinking dinosaur chicken nuggets. What do you think? – Good. – [Tiffani] Good, Tanny, you
like dinosaur chicken nuggets? Do you like dinosaur chicken nuggets? – Yeah. – [Tiffani] Okay, let’s do that. – [Carter] Okay. – Guys, I have to put it on here, so. How many chicken nuggets
are you gonna eat? – [Carter What? – How many chicken nuggets you gonna eat? – [Carter] Four. – Okay, we’ll see about that. – [Carter] No, five. (children screaming) – [Chris] Why are you roaring? – Because we have dinosaur. – [Chris] Dinosaur what? (Ella screaming) Ella’s only got two. – [Chris] Dinosaur what? – Chicken nuggets! – [Chris] Woo hoo. Best mom ever, right there. (children roaring) – [Tanner] Yeah. – [Chris] Mm, mm, mm. – [Tiffani] Kay, dinner
is ready, it’s 5:35, so I feel like we’re on track. Got dinosaur nuggets,
corn muffin, avocado, no avocado for Tanner,
yes avocado for Ella, yes condiments for Carter
and not for anybody else. And then this looks delicious. – [Chris] Which one’s mine? – [Tiffani] That one. – You know I gotta do it. – [Tiffani] Chris Beaston. – I didn’t want you to– – [Tiffani] Isn’t that heart healthy? Actually, you know what, can you put a little bit
of that on Ella’s plate? I think she’ll like that. Perfect spot. These are from Target
Dollar spot by the way. Shocker, shocker. – Cleaning it off the floor
in about five minutes. – [Tiffani] True. – God is good, thank
you for our food, amen. – Ella, say amen. – Look, mommy. – Okay, go for it. – Try and decide which– – [Tiffani] Did you guys say thank you? – Do I want some egg salad or not? – [Tiffani] Did you guys say thank you? – Look, I found the best dinosaur, I found the best dinosaur. – You guys eating a dinosaur? Hey, did you say thank you? – Thank you. – Did you say it here? – Thank you. – Ella, did you say thank you? She said give my fork, mama. – [Chris] You want a fork or a spoon? For chili. – A spoon, thanks. Mm, how’s the cornbread? – No. – It’s not good? It looks good. See, Ella loves that cheese, huh? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Yeah. – Why is it (mumbles) – [Tanner] Yeah. – [Chris] This T-Rex wants
to get his head bitten. – [Carter] The big one is a T-Rex? I’m gonna bite you head off. (laughs) – [Carter] Look, daddy, I’m
gonna bite his head off. – [Chris] Bite, good job. You gotta bite his head off. – [Tanner] I bite head, big one now. – [Chris] Wow. Good job. – Mm, mm, mm. (laughs) – Yum, yummy dinosaur. – [Tiffani] Yummy dinosaur? – Mm hmm. – [Tiffani] Good. (Carter humming) – [Chris] Eat it all, very good. – [Tiffani] Do your fake laugh. (laughs) – [Carter] Hear my story. (Ella giggles) – [Carter] The tri-saurus,
the T-Rex family, they went to the waters. (Ella coughs) – [Carter] Right? – [Chris] You know what
you’re on the water for? – [Carter] And then the other
one got to the donut store. – Whoa, did they get a donut there? – Mm hmm. – What kind? – Chocolate. – If they’re a dinosaur it
must’ve been a really small one. – They were. Dinosaurs are big so this is a big one. – It was a big chocolate donut? – Yeah, and then the dinosaur– – Did they share it? – No, no, they’re all gone by now. – [Chris] Lucky. – Dinosaur won’t (mumbles) – [Tiffani] Dinosaur went to time out? – Yeah.
– Why? Why? – A baby dinosaur. – Why, what did the baby dinosaur do? (Mumbles incoherently) – [Tiffani] ‘Cause they were mean? – Yeah. ♪ Take me in the smoke ♪ ♪ Breathe me in and let me go ♪ ♪ Filling the lungs inside you ♪ ♪ In the blackest night ♪ ♪ Make my way into your mind ♪ ♪ Just to know what you knew ♪ ♪ Restless every time
we start locking eyes ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Lost control ♪ ♪ Oh, it’s paradise with a nasty bite ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ In the dead of the night ♪ ♪ Let the darkness take control ♪ – So the kitchen is all
cleaned up, dinner’s done, Chris is starting baths, I’m
gonna go meet him upstairs, but I feel good because I
feel like we are on time, it’s 6:22. They have school tomorrow
morning, so you know, I’m gonna get everything
ready for school tomorrow, and then I’ll catch back
up and I’ll show you how I’ve been staying
organized with school, and how I plan and keep track of things. The only chore that I have to do is fold, but when do I not have to fold laundry? Literally, I always have to
fold laundry, no matter what. So that’s not even, I don’t know, I always write it on my
to-do list and Chris is like, why do you even write that? You just know that there’s
always gonna be laundry on there, but true. Getting this child dressed is a full-blown workout for the day, I technically didn’t even
have to go to the gym today. (calming music) (laughs) Your other ear? Brush your hair. Can you brush it? Wow, look at that luscious
hair, oh, my goodness. (laughs) Bye bye, sweet dreams. All right, one baby
down, two babies to go. Three babies to go. – Which one was the other baby? – You, clearly. (laughs) (calming music) – Goodnight. (Tanner mumbles) – You want one more big kiss? Oh and a big, aw. Sweet dreams boys, we love
you, we’re so proud of you. Okay, love you. (boys babbling) Okay, Tanner, I love you. Carter, I love you. – Love you. – [Chris] Are they saying we
have to rub his back again? – [Tiffani] Yeah. – [Chris] I just did like four times. – I know, we have to rub
his back again apparently. (laughs) All right, guys, the kids are asleep, I showered and started
editing this vlog a little bit and ate some cereal, let me
show you what cereal I ate, I love, I eat cereal at night probably like at least four nights a week. I just always, I want
something before bed, which I know is a big no-no
but I just can’t help it, I love cereal, but let
me show you the cereal that I’ve been liking. Apparently don’t take my
recommendation on this because Chris swears that it tastes like straight up cardboard, but I like it. And that’s this. Yeah, I think it’s really good. Plus I wanted to show you my
PJ pants, aren’t they so cute? They’re monogrammed, I love the little pumpkin
spice lattes on them. Also this is from the other day, kinda been going off of this,
but I also wanted to show you, I wanted to show you how I organize my, I do a brain dump out, so things that I just get
everything off your mind, but I organize it into home, work, school, things I want to do. So this is something I just
recently added to my list and I feel like it’s really important to write down the things you wanna do and make sure that you’re doing them. Took me four years to figure
out that I need me time and I need a minute to
think about my own thoughts and not just my family’s thoughts and I’m just now realizing it but it’s made a world of a difference and even if it’s just a few minutes alone or writing things on your
planner, taking a bath, just a reminder to do
something for yourself. We also, in addition, have
been organizing the kids with school so they have, each have their own little board here and they each get their
own little calendar, these are the songs that they’re learning, this is Tanner’s little
project that he made me. But yeah, I thin it’s really good because it keeps up
with what they’re doing, like look on here and look,
okay, let me reiterate to Carter what the letter S is, things like that. But Tanner would practice all of his songs and if you haven’t checked
out my mom hacks video, this is from the mom’s hacks video. But this also is really
helping me stay on track. So I erase things as I do them, so that’s why this one’s
looking a little bit better. But for example, Tanner is
learning yellow circles this week and Carter’s working on the letter B. So I write that down and
my little food magnets already pick out what we’re
having for dinner each night, so this was wrong. So this is nice for the kids to see and pick out what food
they want for dinner. All of these little things
may seem like so extra but they’re helping to
keep me sane and organized, so anyway, I hope that
you all enjoyed this vlog, it’s been so long since I’ve
done a day in a life vlog. Don’t forget to check
out Alexandra’s channel, also you can follow me
on Instagram @T.Beaston, I update on there a lot
and also our family vlog, if you’re into vlogs is
Beaston Family Vibes. Anyway, goodnight, thanks
so much for watching, it was awesome catching up with you guys. ♪ Whenever your heart is broken ♪ ♪ Don’t ever forget you’re golden ♪ ♪ I will find a light in
your soul, I’ll be there ♪ ♪ Never leaving you in the darkness ♪ ♪ Even when you’re out of focus ♪


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  • We grocery shop every 2 weeks and definitely utilize our deep freezer. We, among lots of others probably can't afford (or have time) to go grocery shopping multiple times a week. I plan everything from our daily meals to snacks and drinks. If we run out or forget something we will either let it be or if it is something important we will grab it on the way home one day. We also make a lot of stuff homemade; pasta, sauces, apple sauce to cut down on cost and then freeze extras.

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  • On keeping more groceries in the house- here’s how we do it. I make a 2 week meal plan (dinners only) and try to coordinate recipes. What I mean by that is that if I’m making spaghetti and meatballs one night, I’ll make a double batch of sauce and use that extra sauce to make tomato basil soup or vacuum seal & freeze it. If i know we are having a rice-based dish, I’ll make sure that we have another rice-based dish on the menu with similar Ingredients (from a different cuisine). The other thing we do is buy meat fresh 1x a month from Costco and then freeze it in packaging for our family size using a vacuum sealer. When you do this, you can also prepare freezer meal crock pot dump recipes if you need to. Basically, the bulk shop + a vacuum sealer is life. And the bonus of doing the freezer dump or just adding marinades to the meat going to be frozen is that it marinates as it freezes and as it thaws. 👍🏻

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