Sneak Peek Into The Art of Living Kitchen In Bengaluru

Sneak Peek Into The Art of Living Kitchen In Bengaluru

very few places on this planet are blessed with so much fullness nestled nearly 21 kilometers outside the busy Silicon headquarters of India Bangalore is the art of living International Centre popularly known as the sri sri ravi shankar ashram millions of people from nearly every country on this planet visit this place each year it's not just a holiday that they come seeking for they come here seeking something more they come here seeking peace serenity rejuvenation and above all knowledge and spiritual upliftment the ashram is home to everyone who enters its gates on an average around 1 lakh people visit this place every month while 700 lived permanently on its premises the rest come here for a couple of days to attend the immensely popular Art of Living courses to learn meditation to unwind and recharge but most importantly to catch a glimpse of their beloved master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar you can easily call this place the largest extended family in the world there are 1,100 rooms an 18,000 square feet kitchen a 40,000 square feet dining area that caters to thousands of people every day there are no holidays for this kitchen come what may 365 days a year rain or storm the food is served on time Navaratri the nine-day period from the new moon day to the ninth day of ashwin month is considered auspicious it is one of the biggest festivals celebrated at the art living ashram poojas home ours trills singing dancing meditations food and festivities are the hallmark of these grand celebrations that continue for the nine days lakhs of people from all sections of society from all over the world gather here to witness this grandiose spectacle of divinity and faith it is a stream the eighth day of Navaratri it is the pinnacle of poojas homas and celebrations nearly seventy five thousand people are expected at the ashram today they all will be having + aden on the customary blessed food at the ashram kitchen like every day an army of enthusiastic volunteers gears up for the job in the basement of the kitchen armed with heavy duty knives and chopping bones today for lunch the menu is plain rice curd rice rice bias polio gray moong dal Alva al mukarrama nice Archie Oh but Papa sandy King sweet boondi and caribou knee and the boom has already started a cylinder of cooking gas in an average household lasts up to two to three months but if you have a stove like this then not more than 25 minutes on an average 180 to 200 cylinders are consumed by this kitchen in a month and it is not the only source of fuel you this huge steamer heats up 2,000 gallons of water which provide enough power and steam to cook rice and boil tall and vegetables this mammoth steam world consumes one ton of eco-friendly fuel breaks every day the cooks of this massive kitchen are masters of their craft they don't need to measure salt and spices by tablespoons a few kilos sprinkled just with a rough estimate by this master chefs turns out to be just right in these nine days of Navratri a mind-boggling 1 lakh twenty-five thousand kilograms of food items have been consumed 30 thousand kilograms of rice 7,000 kilograms of potato mm programs of ki 9,000 kilograms of tomato 7,000 kilograms cauliflower 2,000 kilograms of Durga 11,000 litres of milk and other spices have been used to prepare this delectable sattvic using the quantity of salt itself that rented to the food was nothing less than a staggering 2000 kgs all the food cooked him his pure sattvic food sattvic meaning high energy vegetarian food which increases the subtle life force prana in the body not only physical cleanliness is important inside the kitchen but a lot of emphasis is given to purity of mind as well all this has a positive effect on the food it's already 12:30 p.m. and the food has to be laid out by one o'clock it's a race against time it is more than surprising that this humongous kitchen is manned by a handful of people it doesn't look like much of a concern everything is flowing as smoothly as everyday preparing the food is one thing and serving it to thousands of people in less than one hour is another Herculean task but before that the food needs to be transported to the dining area they've got it just in time you you the hearts are already situated with bliss and festivity and today nearly 75,000 people have gone back with the satiated stump meanwhile in the kitchen the preparation for the next meal has already started

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  • When I was 16years old I have visited this place and been through the personality development course. I remember, I was depressed and was completely had lost my mind, but thanks to The Art of Living that it helped me come out of that critical time and helped me realize the secret of happiness.

  • India mein baba kam the jo is chutiya ko bhagwan jaise pujne lag rahe hai log.rajneesh mar gaya ise chod art of living.foreigners to sale pagle hi ho jate hai.madarchodo ye sab chutiyapa chodo aur ye paise aur energy gareebo aur budho ki madad karne mein lagao to nark se shayad bach jaoge.bhosdiwalo.

  • Jai Gurudev to All The Art of Living Family. Nice Work.
    We have make Energized Cosmic Parad Shivling for All The Art of Living Family with Grace of Gurudev.

  • What all this, is India developed by activists. Need to remove casteism and improve education among the Indians.

  • totalmente de acuerdo con anton fernando. tanta ostentacion; y tanta comida y en la india miles mueren de hambre. un ejercicio de espiritualidad y grandeza seria que toda esa gente fuera a trabajar ahi, dando de sus dineros y ayudando a dar de comer a los pobres. solo son disfrutadores. muchooooo lakshmi se ve que entra a diario. el guru es krishna a ese hay que perseguir y querer conocer,,, y seguramente enfrente a tu casa o barrio esta todo lo que tienes que hacer para crecer y que otros tengan mejor calidad de vida

  • How come Mr. Ravishankar never refers to God. May be he wants to convince people that he is no less than God.

  • gurudev is the one and only living god on the planet earth…… Banglore aashram is heaven on the earth..

  • It would be nice if no one in this world went hungry or thirsty. At least he is doing his bit. Regardless of religion we need to love this creation be it humans, animals or the plants. Respect is needed. Share the good in life and this world would become a better place. Take away greed and we all become equal.

  • Sri Sri Ravishankar is a money minded guy. He doesn't serve food for free for most of the days. All his so called spirituality, Yoga, food or ayurvedic products which he sells are very expensive. His so called Ashrama or shop is only opened for rich class. There is nothing called charity, compassion in his dictionary.

  • Food seems to be delicious but I sincerely hope / request that no one please waste even a grain of food , because on one side this world is dying of starvation ! Thank God we get food πŸ™ . In my house we always leave our plates absolutely clean of food grains . And after every meal thank God for His Mercy of giving us delicious food. We never waste water or electricity too . It is the duty of the lady of the house to ensure that no food is wasted . Just think for a minute , that somewhere someone is yearning for this food . Thank you πŸ™

  • It's only ritual
    Not spiritual
    If you really want to know what is actual spirituality call me at 9926969965

  • Without the concept of god
    All spiritual practices , meditation , sacrifice , yoga , austerity , penance , is bogus
    Simply a waste of time

  • Ashram food is so delicious. I wish I could learn the recipes. Whenever I eat at ashram kitchen I get the warmth of mother's love in it. Thank u kitchen team. You rockπŸ™πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  • Jay Guru dev
    My simple one opinion
    Stop Giving cook food to people
    Almost every one is physically unhealthy
    Every one is suffering from any kind of sickness
    So I believe food is main cause of everything
    Serve only God made recipe food
    Like Raw food, salads,smoothies, soup, dry fruits, sweets can be made raw etc
    There are millions of recipe for which cooking is not required
    Cook food people can eat at home
    At least eat healthy food in temple
    Now a day food in temple is like eating in hotel
    Food is basic of everything in our life
    Now a day people has forgot to eat raw food like our ancestors & they live long
    I have stop going to any temple because people waste food & over eating
    If every temple start with only God recipe food , we all will stop with 3 D, DRUGS , DISEASE , AND DOCTORS

  • kindly use wooden chopping boards instead of plastic as it go inside our body, and also use food grade steel for cooking instead of aluminium( if at all using) as it is toxic and clean utensils with wood ash instead of toxic cleaning chemicals.

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