Should the government be responsible for providing health care?

15 thoughts on “Should the government be responsible for providing health care?

  • Can I ask? In Canada not one of our parties has on their platform doing away with Universal Health Care because they know that is one thing Canadians love and they would voted out of office big time if they wanted to move to what America does. If Canadians hate universal health care why did we vote the man who brought it to us the greatest Canadian ever? Why does every other developed country have Universal Health Care as a right?

  • Question is not should it be but can it be responsible. I feel if health care is paid for from sources other than taxes then it seems to me that the people by popular vote can allow it.

  • That way should never made into law, but people have gotten idea it government job take care their health and do understand where is money going from to pay for it.

  • I may be a little out of place here guys but i want to ask a question, from an Italian point of view.
    How healthcare could not be a right?
    I mean, forget for a moment about politics, messy situations that US or Italy may or may not have, just healthcare.
    Here, it is absolutely a right and there is no way you can be left alone, untreated and repealed by the structure.
    If some of you thinks it's not a right, can please write the motivation? I frankly do not see how it could not be a right, in a modern society.
    Thank you

  • The US really should take a look at the Australian system. You claim basic health services (like going to the doctor and having a blood test) with the public provider (funded by our taxes) and can join a private provider from which you claim the specialist services so a family of three gets full hospital family cover and non-patient specialist services for $350 a month. Rebates (money you get back for paying for medical services) vary between 30-70 percent of the bill amount.

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