you yeah long chat yes it's right jump in yes fine LD the queen bee was right Oh what did you say are examining oh I thought you said something no oh what'd you say I didn't say anything no I thought you said nothing no no you know it wasn't me the interesting thing about the queen bees that she seldom leaves the hive and is generally followed and protected by the other bees you just arrived the messenger said of this field what is he late obvious isn't it here comes you never told me tell you what what I hadn't got one but I hadn't until now where did this come from I don't know I was in there well what do we do now Lily all the doctor don't you know I'm not that kind of a doctor whitey well there shall we examine the matter a little more closely can you will pick it up you mean am i strong enough no no I mean do you know how this is a sort of special way of handling these things in it the inspection about the toll you just pick it up no just picking up a don't allow try if I wasn't this nothing tears at all I told you yeah you think good-looking Jevon me sing it a lullaby what lullaby oh here yes yes Rule Britannia Britannia rules the waves Britons never never never will be slaves man doesn't like that he's crying I can hear him what do we do now oh absolutely yes of course a poor fella he's angry well make him cup of tea wasn't babies don't drink tea they drink milk oh do they no well then make him some milk perhaps that's another Oh Oh what's that it's a baby and so it is is it yours certainly not well he's crying really oh we don't you set about the aid of Scotland Yard you know some bright the little mother I stopped so he had yet stops but he likes you well I'll be darned Oh No please straight no profanity in front of the child who does it belong to he came into basket babies don't come in baskets homes they've got to belong to someone well maybe there's a nurse there is it's best to you dear mr. Holmes please keep Turner for me I will contact you as soon as I can signed madam or a bureau madam Doron mean anything to you Lestrade well yes that's why I'm here I wanted to talk to you about him you mean her no I mean him him no not him his father doctor only do wrong doctor only Journal oh yes yes you mean the young French inventor yes that's right this must be his son dr. Durand was kidnapped yesterday morning just as he was leaving the Admiralty I didn't read any about that in the papers now it's been a very well-guarded secret hardly anybody knew dr. Durand was in this country well they might be safe to assume for the moment that madam Doron learn the whereabouts of her husband went after him and fearing for the child sent him here now safety mm-hmm have you Antony you told us to who could possibly have kidnapped dr. journal well at the moment none at all whether they stay in the state at a mansion that the Admiral 11 them just our party square well then I think that should be our first call let's go no no someone has to mind the baby Watson mind the baby yes me who else well I Janelle couldn't find a nursemaid do you know any nurse man I have never much use for lately and I need to be wiser if no one knew the child were here for the time being Watson madam dura obviously had reason to believe that his safety was threatened yeah Hey starting to cry yeah then no singable Oliver we britannia britannia rules away region it doesn't sound like a lullaby to me when you think of one it's been a long time since anybody sang me a lullaby because our trouble is with far too many suspects every country in the world would like to lay its hands on this invention or talk to two and Jim illustrate what is the invention exactly well it's a it's a sort of a ship that sailed underwater I don't understand it myself but they say that any country that has it would control the seas in the event of war see then I presume that dr. Gerard's presence in this country has something to do with his invention or more than that there's his being here is part of a secret naval treaty between France and Britain then it has anybody ever tried to contact this stuff did you run before to your knowledge no not that we know of mmm-hmm things are coming weakly blank wall when did you return from your land it was Madden out a half again sir where did madam send you to the chemist sir to pick out some things for the baby how long were you gone half an hour at the master and anyone called on madam Durham prior to your departure to the chemist and there sir we've had no corners at the house at all today sir not even the messenger perhaps I yes sir there had been a message who delivered it a man uniformed Vanessa he wore a dark suit and was about forty years of age did he wait for a reply to his message lissa he left immediately he left immediately yes sir you're quite sure he didn't wait for a reply to his note no sir he didn't something wrong huh can Lestrade we're back to Vega Street we never looked the most obvious danger danger to who Oh oh you please stop enough to explain my racing get up get him on the couch but his head if I know I've been a fool they came in I uh I know wasn't don't try and talk I know what happened by her I should have known it was going to happen but what did happen you get his medical cases in his room hose me here they stuck me on the back of her head I saw it wasn't don't I try to look yeah Holmes it's all right it's all right yeah I got it got who the child they're taking the child don't worry Watson we'll get him back but what you don't even know where he is that's true but I know I can find him what I know how I can find him turn to the case of the Baker Street nursemaids the problem was an obvious one dr. Darrell had been kidnapped and now his child there was no question but with his sons and life safety threats the poor man could be made to divulge the secret that both France and England were trying to guard Holmes worked with feverish haste for some lead some clue that would tell us which one of the many possible foreign powers was responsible for this outrage his only aid was a scrap of paper the paper that accompanied the child yeah but how can you be sure well madam sure I'll receive the note from the messenger and although she followed its instructions she feared for life for Charles as she brought him here you can see this piece of paper has been torn for much larger sheet and the paper is neither English nor French and you expect to be able to tell from all this exactly where the paper was made certainly writing paper is almost as distinctive as writing itself its contents method of manufacturer construction different or misleading country to country now watch this that's it what's it yes what does it mean only three embassies in London who'd use such a paper it nanny remains to investigate each one now that's the kind of job I can do our men deployed around each of the embassies no one will be allowed to enter or leave until all right I'll take it excuse me dr. Walton but I must speak to mr. Holmes immediate is a kind is that you me oh yes sir it is it was delivered to the house by the same man as delivered the last message to madam Durham he asked me to deliver it to you immediately dear mr. Holmes your entrance into this situation was for me an unexpected development now that it has occurred however I'm certain that you will by some method discover the whereabouts of my guests any attempt of freedom at this time would be for them disastrous I offer this alternative when dr. deraad has given me the information I ask of him he and his family will be left unharmed I will leave England immediately thereafter their fate now rests in your hands come ten oh now we know which one of the three I can throw on the house close off the entire area he says he'll kill dr. Durand if that happens and I believe he will but the members been absolute fanatic yes yes what do we do now we think you delivered the message to the butler yes your contain and then as you instructed I waited and watched the butter left the house in a few minutes and proceeded directly to 221b Baker Street girl then Holmes has the message and I believe it was enough to know that I'm not bluffing they will try nothing for the present but they're worth him to stop us at the border your departure by boat has been ranged your excellency it will arrive at the appointed place on the coast to tellen thirty tomorrow morning and we will have dr. DeRose secret long before me you may go mr. Sherlock Holmes and dr. Watson to see you you're exiting yes Sherlock Holmes are dr. John Watson come in gentlemen Lawrence yes yes I see please inform every men in the house that mr. Holmes and dr. Watson are here tell them that if they should hear this Bell they are to follow exactly the emergency instructions I've given them yes – say every man will be alerted now won't you be seated gentlemen thank you tell me what sort of a trick you think we try to play on you can't enter I could think of a few but I'm afraid shellack Holmes could think of a few more my men are extremely competent I have no doubt they are guard and now the purpose of your visit gentlemen simply stated we wish the safe return of mr. mrs. Durand and their child stated simply enough to begin with of course they are not here you seem to doubt my word doctor what it would appear so wouldn't it count very clever dr. Watson oh well usually not to reveal the proven liar a liar and now the purpose of your visit gentlemen to make you an offer shall we say count what kind of buffer mr. Holmes a guarantee of safe passage out of England for the safe return of the Durham family I believe I can guarantee my own safe passage north of England they have report every exit will be blocked by the authorities the authorities would attempt to block a report and exit or we'll have to wait to see if they can succeed the police can always force their way into this house you know account and I can pull this bill Court doctor dr will be cleaned immediately and automatically in either case yes we will usher ins have we but you won't kill dr. John anyway in order to stop other countries getting it secret I'm afraid you would have to wait to see about that – dr. Watson when I gather that we can come to an agreement with you can't I'm surprised at your knave T mr. Holmes you have nothing to offer me you should have known that Lawrence the gentlemen are leaving now see the melt and bolt the door very carefully behind Oh before we leave but might I ask bill just by way of inquiry of course if there was any possibility of bribing you never that said what I thought well I thought Tim first part of the plan were in before we do anything else we put that communication cord out of ex-dividend sheet or easy I wouldn't be in a cold sweat now I thought I was the only one hmm and without a sound mixed it upstairs not bad not bad at all my hand hurts oh look you must keep your wrists stiff and swing from the shoulder wrists chip and string on the show yeah right go down on Jeremy yeah now Kristoff's swing from the shoulder you got your two like this kind of work open boxes muscles just a matter of technique hey let's go upstairs and get a bit more practice yeah she says the baby needs something to eat go ask Lorenz if it's alright I'm not supposed to leave my post don't leave call him how didn't you just keep your hands up and walk straight ahead stop we were there by the fifth row put your hands down yes I see what you mean now I don't know what to say we had given up hope well we did the best we could manager oh it was magnificent gentlemen my government now certain yours will be eternally grateful your doctor what now you're not yes I am gratitude is beyond words at the moment like this Holmes what you all right yes everything that's beyond the control thanks to you I didn't do anything yes let me fly I suppose everybody's quite safe yes Thank You Lestrade everyone including the youngest member of the family mmm she's hungry but she's safe oh well we can get her some again ah yes buttburn better he know her whatever he had the name is turn isn't it yes I chase a sheep hmm I say what it seems we were entertaining a young lady perfect disguise there isn't it you

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  • Wasn't Holmes supposed to be a champion boxer?

    Why did he act like he didn't know how to throw a punch?

  • Threw my first upper cut in my sixty eighth year – glorious feeling: the good old English ‘biff’ to sort out what is necessary to sort out! Dr. Watson is an inspiration.

  • I can't figure out what accent the bad guys are going for. At first I thought they were Spanish. I still don't know. Most countries at this time had Counts. 🙁

  • It tells me they never changed her diapers! Poor child. As a Mom it scared me when I heard a man who is supposed to be a Doctor say, "you just pick it up." Holy cow!! Whoever wrote this was two things. A man and a man who didn't have children. For you future Daddy's out there, you always support a baby's head. Always. It can snap and hurt the child's neck if you don't. Boy, that scared me. The writer sure made this Doctor very ignorant. After you have a baby the first thing they teach you is to support a baby's head. And NEVER throw a child in the air. I heard of a man who did that and snapped his child's neck. Broke it and killed the child. Never do that no matter how much they ask. 🙂 Songs

  • Those who have played Sherlock Holmes since 1893:

    Charles Brookfield – 1893
    William Gillette – 1899-1929 – 1300 Performances over 30 yrs.
    Sherlock Holmes movie Baffled – 1900 Silent/Short – Max Goldberg
    John F. Preston – 1900
    Charles Rice – 1904
    Karoly Baumann – 1905
    Maurice Costello – 1905
    Viggo Larsen – 1908
    Alwin NeuB – 1908, 1911, 1914
    Otto Lagoni – 1910
    Holger Rasmussen – 1911
    Mack Sennett – 1911-1912
    James Bragington – 1914
    Hugo Flink – 1917
    Sam Robinson – 1918
    Eille Norwood – 1921 Silent short movie – The Dying Detective
    Burt Lytell – 1921
    George Treville – 1912
    Harry Benham – 1913
    James Bragington – 1914
    Francis Ford – 1914
    H.A. Saintbury – 1916
    Dennis Neillson-Terry – 1921
    John Barrymore – 1922
    Hamilton Deane – 1923-1932
    Tod Slaughter – 1928, 1930
    Richard Gordon – 1930
    Clive Brook – 1929/1930/1932
    Arthur Wontner – 1931- 1937 – Movie Series
    Raymond Massey – 1931
    Robert Rendel – 1931/1932
    Reginald Owen – 1933
    Felix Alymer – 1933
    Louis Hector – 1934-1935, 1937
    Bruno Guttner – 1937, 1939, 1942-1943
    Orson Welles – 1938
    Basil Rathbone – 1939-1946
    Cedric Hardwick – 1945
    Tom Conway – 1947
    Howard Marion-Crawford – 1948
    John Stanley – 1948-1949
    Alan Napier – 1949
    John Longden – 1951
    Carleton Hobbs – 1952-1969
    Ronald Howard – 1954 (39 episodes)
    Sir John Gielgud – 1954-1955
    Christopher Lee – 1962, 1970, 1992
    Douglas Wilmer – 1964
    Peter Cushing – 1959, 1968, 1984
    John Neville – 1965, 1970, 1992
    Robert Stephens – 1970
    Stewart Granger – 1972
    John Neville – 1973
    John Cleese – 1973
    Larry Hagman – 1974
    Robert Powell – 1974
    Dinsdale Landen – 1974, 1987
    Leonard Nimoy – 1976
    Kevin McCarthy – 1977
    Roger Moore – 1976
    Nicol Williamson – 1976
    Christopher Plummer – 1977
    Peter Cook – 1977
    Paxton Whitehead – 1978
    Geoffrey Whitehead – 1979-1980
    Keith Mitchell – 1979
    Charlton Heston – 1980
    Frank Langella – 1980
    Vasily Livanov – Russian TV – 1979-1981, 1983 & 1986
    John Moffatt – 1981
    Guy Henry – 1982
    Tom Baker – 1982
    Peter O’Toole – 1983
    Ian Richardson – 1983
    Jeremy Brett – 1984-1994
    Nicholas Rowe – 1984
    Tim Pigott-Smith – 1987
    Anthony Higgins – 1987
    Robert Rees – 1988
    Ron Moody – 1988-1989
    Clive Merrison – 1989-1998, 2002, 2004, 2008-2010
    Edward Woodward – 1990
    Richard E. Grant 1992
    Robert Powell – 1993
    Matt Frewer – 2000-2001
    John Gilbert – 2000
    John Patrick Lowrie – 2001-2017
    Joaquim de Almeida – 2001
    Richard Roxburgh – 2002
    Andrew Sachs – 2004
    Rupert Everett – 2004
    Jonathan Pryce – 2007
    Javier Marzan – 2007
    Roger Llewellyn – 2009
    Ben Syder – 2010
    Nicholas Briggs – 2010-2018
    Johnny Lee Miller – 2012
    Benjamin Lawlor – 2013
    Igor Petrenko – Russian TV Series – 2013
    Robert Downey Jr. 2009 & 2011
    Benedict Cumberbatch – 2010-2016
    Ian McKellen – 2015
    Ewan Morton – 2015
    Gregory Wooddell – 2015
    Paul Andrew Goldsmith – 2015-2016
    Jay Taylor – 2017-2018
    Yuko Takeuchi – 2018 (HBO Asia – female ‘Holmes’)
    Samuel Tady – 2011, 2014, 2017-2018
    (Tady Brothers Productions/on YTube)
    Johnny Depp – 2018 (animation)
    Will Ferrell – Scheduled for 12/18

    This list is not exhaustive. however, these are some of the
    many actors who have played Sherlock Holmes on stage,
    screen, radio and TV adaptations.

  • Sherlock holmes……. OMG……. After Hearing these two words i get fully excited to Watch the full series. Thanking to those Who have created this fictional character….

  • This now 63 year old series (it is now December 2017) never ceases to amaze me how good it was when produced. The plots, pacing, and acting are all top-notch. It compares favorably if not better than the television offerings of today. This episode maintains the high production values of the other episodes in this fine series.

  • After only watching the first couple of minutes, I'm thinking if they had a bug-zapper this case would've been solved.

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