rocket stove cooking spam and eggs

rocket stove cooking spam and eggs

okay I’ve never lit a rocket stove
before so and I’ve never seen how it’s done on YouTube so I’m going to tell you
how I’m doing that I know if it’s right or not I tore up a little cardboard a
bunch of little pieces of cardboard and I slid them underneath the bottom down
here on the bottom side of that expanded metal and I got my wood here but I don’t
have it pushed all the way in I’m going to drop some matches down here and see
if that cardboard a light up and once it lights up I’m going to shove the wood
over the top of it so there we go all right when it gets going I’ll show
you that okay this thing is going pretty good right now yeah so uh I’m gonna take
this I gotta fight a court order in here I’m gonna set it on this and I’m
starting my timer right now and we’ll see how long it takes to boil
a quart of water okay it’s been seven minutes and 51 seconds and that water is
really steaming and it’s starting to get some bubbles in it that’s a good sign I think I know why
they call that rocket stove because it’s making the sound of rocket when it takes
off like a rumbling whooshing sound I don’t know if you didn’t hear it but
yeah it’s kind of a neat idea all right I’ll show you when it’s boiling I’ll
show you man we are so close to boiling I made that little ring around the
coffee can to force the heat up around the edge of the coffee can and I made
that ring out of just some flashing roof flashing and within like 45 seconds of
me putting that flashing around that can I’m gonna bring you over there and show
you here I mean we’re so close to the boiling Emmett there we go we’re getting
there I mean it’ll be a rolling boil I’m guessing like three or four more minutes
and we’re at nine thirty nine forty right now that’s pretty exciting okay
oh when we’re boiling I’ll show you okay I’m gonna try to sound not excited but
here we are oh come on show me can you see that Oh what I do okay
13 minutes we have a hard boil oh you steamed up sorry about that
oh well a hard boil 13 minutes within like three minutes and be putting that
ring around there that’s when it really started kicking in overdrive and boiling
I’m really excited because think of the implications you could purify water with
just a little bit of wood all right I’m gonna get a pair of pliers take that off
and I’m gonna start cooking we’re gonna have spam and eggs here in just a little
bit hello my name is Pia today I cook for
you is this spam made from the finest cuts of meat known to man you know ears
buttholes lips man that cook fast real fast
I guess that’s the beauty of the rocket stove is okay well that’s blackened spam
right there that’s uh like a French delicacy the beauty of the rocket stove
is uh it cooks so fast uses such a little amount of wood oh yeah so how do
you like your eggs black and nail okay there we go that is a hot fire I’ll fix
it go inside and eat and thanks for watching
we’ve got any questions about this fire way I’m only going to be home for a few
more days and when I get on the road I can’t reply to comments on the videos
and this time I’m gonna be on the road for five weeks so I’ll see you when I
get back if I don’t put any more videos

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  • @walkingeagle069 i looked at laptops the other day to take on the road but im hoping like hell that i can find alocal driving job. my wifes arthritis is getting so bad she is hurting just holding onto a steering wheel.

  • @imasurvivornthriver im real sorry to hear your dog died. i went 3 years without a dog after my joe (big 80 pound hienz 57 dogpound special) died. i had him 14 years. he was my fishing buddy,trucking buddy and best freind.

  • I just ate my dinner and now I'm hungry again. Good work my friend, I hope your breakfast was delicious as it looks in the video 🙂

  • @homesteadprepper thanks! it was a fun build. i may add wheels and a handle like a dolly. so i can wheel around to wherever i want to cook. you,in the sun during winter and in the shade during simmer. also,i think ill keep it in my shed so it wont rust.

  • @Teddybearcop48 i just used the cardboard to start the fire.i ripped it up in little shreds. i didnt have newspaper.

  • @SuperStr8edge yeah my wife told me after i was done that i melted the edge of her plastic spatula. ill use the metal one next time.

  • @bctruck Thanks for the kind words. He ( Lhasa Apso) was 17 years old. I've had him since he was 3 months old. Old faithful friend…

  • I bet that it would do that in five minutes if you put a fan somewhere to force feed it some air, but it would ruin the simplicity and "fuel mileage".

  • @cipmars if i had put the metal ring around it at first ,i think it would have boiled in ten minutes instead of 13.

  • @Iam1uglyguy im an over the trucker,im going to be looking for alocal driving job very soon. im sick of the road. been long haul for 33 years now.

  • @DIYMakerman the outside was cool to the touch and after the thing started rumbling like a rocket,there wasnt any smoke let alone soot. when i was done cooking there was hardly any ash in the pipe. i cant explain it but im totally pumped on this method of cooking.

  • You've got me wanted to build one and try a rocket stove fish fry. I'm tired of buying those little propane tanks.

    Good job on the build.

  • @modoc42 i was real fortunate when i found the plate steel (the top) at the scrap yard. i only have 9 bucks into this stove. the pipe was givin to me. the inner pipe was also. ive had most of the components to build it except the top,for years. my name is brad,,,,, and im a horder.

  • @jknacasual thanks! im originally from new england so ill use my annoying new york acent next time. "what are you lookin at"? bada bing! bada boom! and the spam is freekin done! you got a problem wit dat?

  • so,… um… onions, sliced…. lightly Grilled … but you can still put chopped onions in our burgers, if'n ya' want. so supper is at ??? (i guess i'd Better git on the road !)

  • @walkingeagle069 funny you should mention burgers. i went tochina mart today and bought a pot toboil some water in. im gonna test to see how long one whole gallon of water will take to come to a rolling boil. then im gonna cook some burgers. this stove is a blast.

  • @thayne559 ive since discovered the way to control temp is to either pull the wood a little bit back out of the burn chamber or feed less wood into it.

  • @EnRiekie she was trying to be funny cause its a "rocket" stove. she didnt want it blow up on the launch pad.

  • I want one! Man you could use that indoors or in a hunting shelter like ours! I love the legs. If the top was a little bigger you could keep another pot warm while you cooked somethin else! I sure wish I had a cutter like yours. I can weld and I have a welder I just can't cut anything thick enough to use on a stove with my cutoff tool. Ahhhh too bad we arent neighbors lol!

  • @armywifeprepper the pipe was so thick it took 20 minutes to cut it with my torch. i wish i had a plasma torch. that is my ultimate tool purchase.

  • @bctruck HA you and me both! We used to have an oxy/acetylene rig very nice one too but….. if you've seen my videos you know what happened to it. Oh well, life rolls on!

  • @TheSemperfidude ive since learned to control the temp by not using the heat ring and using far less wood at a time. also not pushing the wood far into the burn chamber gives a lower temp as well.

  • Great video series of this rocket stove. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to record and share the process. Many thanks!

  • @420yendal no,,, ishould learn to be a better spam chef!!! it was the very first time cooking on this stove. there is a learning curve involved.

  • @bctruck – of course there's a learning curve involved, but i think adjustable temperature would be useful for this stove.

  • @420ye ive since learned that the temperature is controlled in two ways. one: the amount of combustable material used. two: how far into the combustion chamber the wood is pushed. i was useing far far to much wood when i did that video. ive cooked with it many times since then and have the temperature under control by those two methods. thanks for your thoughts.

  • i was a little aprehensive at first,but ive cooked with it many times since this video and im happy to report there have been no explosions!

  • Sure cooks great. I am still looking forward to the gas tank rocket!!! That is the one I want to build out of.

  • I wonder how much sticks he had to use to boil that. I know there efficient but it would have been nice?

  • why not just ask him next time he comes around? oh wait here he is now! ill ask him for you. he said, the sticks you see in there are all that he used. they are pushed in about halfway at the end of the cooking session.

  • Okay, I suppose you MADE this stove? Looks good, what did you use? I also thought that your comments were quite entertaining, esp about the finest cuts of meat! And the blackened spam and eggs, have you thought of doing come comedy videos? You could do really good!

  • yep i made this stove and many others. including a coffee can stove.that video is on my channel. im glad you find me humorous. thanks for watching.

  • there are far more than buttholes in spam. there are tongues,eyes,hooves, tails,lips,and im pretty sure,noses. mmmmmmmmm

  • Good job making a nice rocket stove for cooking. I like Spam and eggs. It is much better them McNuggets. Butts, Beek's, Balls and Backs. I will have to make one.

  • Te felicito por tu determinación en la elaboración de esta estufa que estimo es para toda la vida gracias por tu tiempo

  • bien, muchas gracias! Creo que durará un tiempo muy largo y gracias por ver mi video.

  • thanks! the expanded metal was replaced long ago. another commenter called my attention to it also. i hadnt even thought about it. i replaced it and it cooked even better

  • Any body that makes a video of spam and eggs is OK by me. LETS EAT DAMMIT!. Err I want some taters or some biscuits to go along with it. Didnt your mommy teach you???

  • thanks! i just gave this one away to a guy that drove a few hours to get it. ive made several more and each one i improved the design a little. ill be uploading a vid of one i built today , in just about an hour. ive got to edit it then ill upload it.

  • if you mean vermiculite,then yes,its in the gap between the inner pipe and the outer pipe to insulate the burn chamber. the hotter the burn chamber gets,the more efficiently the stove gasifies.

  • i was very careful when i painted it because paint chips in your food can give you drain bamage and make you repeat yourself make you repeat yourself.

  • Yeah at 4:33 I thought it was paint but it looks like some of the love from the food got onto the surface. Good luck. Great videos.

  • I LOVE SPAM!!!! (people say its nasty and gross i love spam sandwiches) with some bread and a bit of mayo yummy samich heehee.. Boy your fixen to do a lot of fixen haha

  • i love it fried on a grill and then put it on toast with mayonnaise! oh yeah,thats how i roll! just finished my last can of y2K spam. it was still great!

  • lol………at :50—'Are you sure it's not gonna blow up??' Sounds like the comments I get around our house with MY projects! Nice job.

  • I don't do spam lol I don't see it in stores anymore (that's ok) I never liked it anyway.I like your videos you do screw up that's the good part. And they are pretty good too Thanks.

  • Fastest way I've seen one of thease buggers lit, (and i have looked at herds of rocket stove vids.)They put the wood in the bottom, (just like you did.) and then stuffed paper, cardboard, leaves, twigs, or other bio matter down the top. then they lit it up from the top. the wood caught from the coals falling on top of them.

  • yeah i have a lid,i just didnt bother with it. im going to try canning on it very soon.

  • Your wife in the background cracks me up….is it going to blow up?

    Thanks for video, I really enjoyed it….(KEEP THEM COMING!) What are you going to do next?

  • Thanks for watching! Ive made a couple of shotguns you might find interesting,using just scrap parts i had around the shop. my next big project will be to show how to make a bio sand water filter.

  • A quick way to get it started,,save your dryer lint,,starts really fast,,just put some small twigs on it and it fires rite up,,also,,cotton balls work too

  • I enjoyed your video.   Rocket stove I am bldg. is for heating the garage and its a 55 gal. drum, which I've turned into a space heater.  You have the advantage cause your stove is better, you can cook with it.  

  • Nice demo it was interesting and informative. i think my approach will be cook the spam and eggs first when the heat is building the put the water on after when fire is fully going. Also an elevated grated tier will help with controlling heat when cooking foods. Still it was good to see the results. Thanks.

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