Robata Jinya – Excellent Japanese Cuisine and Happy Hour Deals in Los Angeles California

Robata Jinya – Excellent Japanese Cuisine and Happy Hour Deals in Los Angeles California

♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ We’re at Robata Jinya. It’s like a tapas kind of place where you can order small Japanese dishes. They also have sushi and they have a happy hour special from 5-7 so we’re happy to see that. There’s some interesting things in here like.. they have a homemade tofu where they make it in front of your eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that so… we might try it, I don’t know. We’re still kind of debating. They have the wagyu lava stone grill. That does sound good but I’m gonna go with the ramen. They have half portion sizes to so again, you can try different things. It’s like my favorite way of eating because I just want to try everything! And I got some hot green tea because it’s very cold in LA today. I’m just like really chilled to the bone. So I’m trying to warm up in LA. When I booked this place, I knew it was a Japanese place obviously but I didn’t really know the story behind it and when we came in here, there’s little history on the menu which I like that when you know a little bit of the history of the restaurant. So it actually started in Japan and they were actually known for their yakitori which is like when you grill meat on skewers and it’s like a really popular dish in Japan. Especially at izakayas. Or in the
wintertime, you’ll see people on the streets like street food and it’s really really good because usually they cook it with.. how do you say it, charcoal? It really develops a really good flavor. So, years later, I think it said the son opened up a store here in the US. So we’re pretty excited to try the yakitori. They don’t really call it yakitori here, they just call it robata yaki. So um… which I’m excited because I really like that. It’s one of my comfort foods that I like besides ramen – Crystal and I love ramen. So we ordered a few those and it’s awesome because it’s happy hour so we get to try a lot of them. So I’m excited to have some yakitori… oh no, robata yaki. Hahaha. Can I get the tebasaki? WAITRESS: Sure. And…you want tenderloins too, right? CRYSTAL: Yes. Two tenderloins. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ Awww, so warm. Mmmm, smells so good. The aroma of green tea… Yeah, some good stuff. Some good tea. Hahaha ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ CANDY: Good? So good! OMG. This is so great on a cold day too. This really hit the spot. It’s so good, I almost want to cry today. Because I’m just so cold! I can’t get over how cold I am. I really needed this hot ramen. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ I got two hand rolls. So this one… I think this one’s the vegetable one. And I think this one is… no, is this the vegetable? Yeah. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪

20 thoughts on “Robata Jinya – Excellent Japanese Cuisine and Happy Hour Deals in Los Angeles California

  • Made me hungry! Showing love to your channel.Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed your vid! I’m part of the street food movement. Would u support me by joining? Wish u success & keep up the good content my, hopefully, new friend.

  • The ramen looks so yummy! Have you ladies been to Little Tokyo in LA? We recently went and were underwhelmed. lol

  • There are so many options in LA for Japanese cuisine. Having those nice warm noodles and broth on a cold would make the day. I would want to try the spicy chicken as long as the heat doesn't overpower the chicken.

  • ThHey all look so yummy looking. Definitely, need to check it out when I am LA next time. Sounds like the restaurant really enjoys that one song in the background. haha

  • Would love to try Japanese cuisine and dishes look very delicious. I always become hungry after this kind of videos 🙂

  • The food looks so good. I love soup and spicy food on a cold day too. The happy hour specials are a nice bonus.

  • Japanese cuisine is really good, awesome to have a nice spot in Los Angeles. We're big fans of Vegetarian ramen and the homemade tofu that you mentioned sounds really deliciously! Enjoy! Doris & Matthias 🐻

  • I love Vegetarian Ramen and therefore this spot looks a cool one to dine out in Los Angeles. Your video made me hungry and now I am craving for some Japanese cuisine.

  • You ordered a nice spread – good mix of dishes! And the Happy Hour is even better. Too bad about the cold weather in LA haha

  • Love yakitori! That’s awesome that they opened a branch in LA. I visit California lots and will defs have to check this out on my next trip there!

  • Yummm, so much delicious food! I've travelled all over Asia and nothing beats Japanese food. Thank you for sharing, I'm desperately craving ramen now!

  • I so miss legit Japanese food! Specifically Okonomiyaki and Ramen. Every time I leave Japan I miss it’s comforts. Great spread, I’m glad I ate though, because it would of made me hungrier.

  • Wow, gotta try this place next time I'm down in Los Angeles to visit my brother. We do have a Yakatori place here in Sacramento that we love to eat, every now and then. I would definitely go with the Ramen and the skewers, when we do visit! They both looked very delicious. Thanks for sharing your experience here at Robata Jinya!

  • Honestly, LA is always cold/chili, the wind.. is very chilly even when the sun is blazing!! the food looks delicious! especially the Ramen… wish i could have some of that right now! lol

  • yay, I always love me some happy hour and skewers. The food looked delicious, I like Japanese food too, still struggling with my chopsticks and noodles hehe. Thank you for sharing, made me hungry now. Safe travels

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