Resident Evil 7 Ending | Is Zoe Baker Alive? | RE7 Ending Theory

Resident Evil 7 Ending | Is Zoe Baker Alive? | RE7 Ending Theory

The moment in Resident Evil 7 where the storyline
can take 2 slightly different paths comes when you must make a decisoin on who to save. Your wife Mia, or some random you basically
talked to on a chat line on the phone, named Zoe. If the player chooses the strange over the
wifey, it takes them to an alternate ending revealing the fates of each character. However, should the player choose the good
ending, the Zoe character disappears from the game and we never see her again, except
in some weird dream hallucination scene. So what happened to this mysterious and clever
lady who was the reason we are even alive in the first place, and where is she now in
the aftermath of: RESIDENT EVIL 7 If you choose to save Zoe, this triggers the
bad ending. While it is most likely not going to be real
storyline or canon, it gives us a glimpse as to what might have happened. And what might have happened, was Zoe died. What a waste of a serum! It’s like rain on your wedding day! Someone call Alanis Morisette! “And isn’t it ironic” No matter what Zoe’s cause of death in this
alternate universe, it shows she is better off being left behind. While we never see what happens to her in
the game when we leave her, and many assume that she has died, the 2 main causes of death,
serum or Evelyn don’t seem to be at play here. Umbrella seems to think Lucas is the only
survivor, but what if they are wrong. What if Zoe has survived! We know she is quite resourceful. She managed to help Ethan and avoid both her
family and Evelyn for a large chunk of the game. She also seems to know a lot about what is
going on, and even goes into a corner at one point with no supplies and comes out with
2 cure syringes. Definitely the survival type. The counter to all this is her appearance
in the green dream where you have a heart to heart with Jack Baker. For some reason Zoe is present, but we don’t
see Marguerite or Lucas. Does this mean these characters are dead in
the dream? Or does it just mean Ethan always has Zoe
on his mind. Keep in mind she also makes a scene when you
leave her. Is she being dramatic, does she know the infection
is about to kill her or is implying she may take her own life. “I’ll send help” “Don’t bother, there won’t be anyone left
to help!” If she is alive there are a lot of questions
that need to be answered. What happened to her when Evelyn went down. Did she turn into a monster like her parents
and escape? Its not like the whole estate went up in smoke,
perhaps Umbrella will find here while “cleaning up” the plantation. We never find out how she knows so much about
a cure, maybe she is working with someone else who saves her? Where are you Zoe ? Perhaps we will find out more this Spring,
when a free DLC called “Not A Hero” is released that is supposed to tie up some loose
ends from the story, hopefully not just Zoe but Lucas and Redfield as well. But next time when Ethan’s phone rings,
we wouldn’t be shocked to hear that familiar and mysterious voice on the other end, telling
us our next move in the aftermath of: RESIDENT EVIL 7 Did my daddy give you a hard time. Crimson Army, do you think Zoe is alive, and
where will we see her next. Let me know in the comments and don’t forget
to like, subscribe and answer the phone to stay alive.

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  • In the cut scene before your final fight with Jack she says "Lucas and my Daddy aren't far behind". So maybe Lucas captured her after you fight Jack. I always assumed the "green" cut scene was before the dinner scene and maybe Jack is breaking out of Eveline's control and trying to talk Ethan into saving them.

  • The hallucination isn't a fake dream, it's a flashback imo. There's a part early on where Ethan is strapped to a chair, I think it's after he has his hand cut off and he blacks out. He is in the same room as the green dream, I think. None of the bakers are dead at that point and he talks about Eveline being somewhere else so maybe she's with Lucas or Marguerite. It's still a bit of a plot hole because Ethan doesn't react any differently to what he's told while playing the game but if you find the scene I mentioned where he blacks out, I'm pretty sure that's where it fits in.

  • That green dream also had me confused. if you see them is because they are dead? so that mean Lucas and Marguerite are alive? maybe Marguerite management to reborn with one of her babies!?! 😱 Damn Alex Wesker is going to be sooo jealous that she can do that whenever she needs to.

  • is she the 3rd party?
    she doesn't change or seem to be controlled by the old bag
    same as lucas, infected but immune to mind/form control

  • Mia was "petrified" on the  big boat and survived, so i think Zoe is still alive to. In Not a hero DLC Redfield have to rescue Zoe inside the mines i think…

  • no i think she's dead
    she died right infront of us the serum didn't work on her so , she has to die 😈😈😈 hehehe .

  • So many questions about Zoe; How did she know Ethan was in the haunted house when she calls after Ethan puts the axe to Mia? Was it because she could feel it through Eveline while she was controlling Mia considering Zoe and Mia both felt Jack coming when you get to them after Lucas's fun house? Is she the one that goes back to get Ethan's hand knowing its too late for a chem solution to heal it thus stapling it back on? Could she be an Umbrella Corp informant as Lucas could be the Tentsu informant or was she spying on Lucas the entire time learning all she can without he or Eveline knowing? So many questions!
    Also I think the lantern represents Marguerite in the dream sequence Ethan has with Jack and Zoe, but I have no idea why she's not there in person.

  • Man…Barry…I don't know but i love YOU and YOUR VIDEOS ESPECIALY with this MUSIC ! it suits you WELL ! I support what your doing and good luck 😉 Zeo is Alive in the Canon Ending…or she might suicide…

  • At least we got an answer for who was the phone on the lady in the actual game. I call that a victory. And I do hope Zoe gets a cure.

  • Well giving the serum to Mia was also a waste since Eveline just infected her again on the ship, but I'm assuming Zoe is still alive because both jack and Lucas have regenerative abilities so whats to say that she doesn't have it as well and she couldn't commit suicide after leaving her on the raft so my guess is she's probably just left and is living her life or Lucas managed to kidnap her again since she was still on her family's property

  • I hope she's alive, unlike Mia, Zoe was helpful and forthcoming with information. Btw I just beat Madhouse, I died to the fat molded and the damn bombs up the ladder many times.

  • Well interestingly enough Magurette is the only one that "fell apart". Both Zoe and Jack were Calcified but didn't crumble. Is it connected? It's good brain food 😀

  • I feel like one the dlcs to come out for the game is gonna show how evie infected them but shown in Zoe's perspective. Or maybe you see how she was able to communicate and not get caught.

  • I really hope she is alive as well! She was super interesting! I think she may have had contact with Umbrella or some company that knew about everything. Maybe Lucas put her in contact with them.

  • I really do believe shes dead. its like the whole thing that clancy is still alive, we dont even know its his rl burned body thing all over again. re is known to kill off or wrap up any non main characters through death. I really wish they would clarify that for zoe.

  • I Think there's a blue and red umbrella fighting with each other and the evil one is the one that got in contact with Lucas.

  • Maybe when you play as so called "Redfield" you will find Jack and Zoe who are still alive and normal due to Evie is dead and fight Lucas! MIND BLOWN

  • i really hope that she is still alive but when she send their wont be anyone left to help it could of mean she knew she wqs going to die. but anyways todays my birthday!!!

  • I really wanted to see the bad side of zoe, just like mia. Imagine if you chose zoe ending and when you get to the end of the game, instead of Chris revealing him self. He shoots you instead because he feels you're a threat to their top secret plan or something. And when you saved mia in her ending, she backed you up and said you're the good guy and there for, They saved you. Idk i wanted to see zoe because something more just like mia but a more dark and creepy feeling that you dun fucked up when you chose to save mia.

  • Finally completed the game, as I didn't binge play.  I gave the serum to Zoe lol.  I made sure I didn't save over the turning point, where you can make that decision.  When I made the decision to give the serum to Zoe, I got the hallucination.  That is a good point Barry, why isn't Marguerite in the hallucination?  I wanted to watch your videos, but I couldn't until I completed the game.  Just catching up now.

  • Its only the bad ending because Ethan threw away a nice phone because sod Mia

    what if when the phone rings after the credits (presumably in the good ending only) it Zoe?

  • If the dlc explain what happens to & Lucas hopefully maybe we might see more then the salt mines?, because the radio convo, they say no survivors regardless of who you save so I wonder where we're they station at since we 1st see the choppers as we exit the boat they obviously notice the boat house on fire so why wouldn't they not have seen Zoe if they knew Lucas was headed to the salt mines

  • Yup! I want to know what happened to Lucas & Zoe after the incident. I'm sure that Neo-Umbrella will find them. (That is if you choose Mia on the game. That will trigger that question.) 😀

  • I still call it bullshit that curing her dose little to stop Evie from just offing her.
    Also a point I thought of, the lab in the game, how sure are we that it was Lucas's lab? I mean the things from Zoe's trailer got moved there for us, plus the messages about her getting cured would help tie up how she avoid them.

  • I think the reason why lucas isint in the dream sequence when talking to Jack is because hes taking medication to not be mind controled by Evilin.
    but on my 1st playthrough of the game I picked Zoe over Mia only to see her quickly get killed off. I like Zoe. It had me yelling at the screen "I CURED YOU, I FREAKEN CURED YOU!!!" …..yeah, I was mad.

  • I really hope Zoe is alive and makes some return. Hopefully in Not a Hero we find out for sure. I feel bad for her,


     in either ending she gets screwed over.

  • There should have been a dynamic ending like the first Resident Evil where either Jill, Chris, and Barry/Jill and Chris/Chris, Jill, and Rebecca.

  • It'd be nice for her to return, maybe as a U.S. Agent like Leon became.
    I could see her becoming a badass Cowgirl.

  • i think all the dead family members will be in the green dream!
    but maybe marguerite isnt there because she isnt human since she is infected
    (i know it sounds kinda dumb but its resident evil so it doesnt have to be realistic)

  • what I think will happen is redfield will end up fighting an enraged Zoe after she feels betrayed by ethan not giving her the serum

  • Edit: I just watched another video explaining this on this channel. So I think I'm pretty right in this theory.

    My theory. Let me set this up:

    When you kill Marguerite and Eveline, they both disintegrate. When you kill mutated Jack, he stays intact. Zoe stays behind, still infected (she does get turned to stone in the bad ending, but we never see her disintegrate). Lucas is free from Evie's influence. Ethan is infected by Evie by the time we find him as Mia. And Mia is temporarily cured during the boat section.

    This is the reason why Ethan only sees Jack and Zoe during the heart to heart talk scene, but not Marguerite, Mia or Lucas. Jack and Zoe are still technically alive and can mentally communicate with each other with their rational, human minds.

    That said, I think we'll see more of Zoe and Lucas in the Not a Hero DLC, maybe even Jack.

  • I just don't understand why can't we see Eathin's face ?! I don't get it,just a reflection in water or a in a broken mirror would have done it .I don't like being a faceless character!

  • Didn't see the point of this video honestly? Wasn't entertaining nor insightful and tells me stuff I already know since I played the game!

  • Maybe she was working undercover for BSAA and was rescued by them?, or maybe her Father worked for Umbrella, that would explain her savoy skills as well as why there is a picture of the Arklay mountains in their home. Maybe Zoe will make an appearance in the next Resident Evil along side BSAA?

  • most likely we'll find out more once the not a hero DLC comes out they still gotta send in a clean up crew

  • Honestly, I do not think she is alive, and I will explain. The scene where Ethan is speaking to Jack and he's normal, Zoe is there too. I'm imagining they're there because Eveline overtook their minds, they are dead, or both. However, I wonder why Marguerite wasn't there.

  • Actually is good ending That if you mia Ethan migh say promise to Joe, if you choose Joe is Bad ending not only Joe die also mia die to, kill by her husband just play another game that uncle's Joe came save and kill his brother who became zombie with strong virus come to inside his body

  • she is dead there is a new DLC end of Zoe and idk some man or maybe it was Jack wanted to help but she died

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