Resident Evil 7 | Did Eveline Kill Jack Baker? | Examining The RE7 Green Dream

Resident Evil 7 | Did Eveline Kill Jack Baker? | Examining The RE7 Green Dream

One of the most confusing scenes from Resident
Evil 7 comes when main character Ethan has been cocooned in mold and is in some sort
of hallucinogenic state. The game transfers you to a green tinted world,
the green dream, where one of the main villains Jack Baker, bad guy, and your main helper
throughout the game Zoe Baker, good guy, are sitting on a couch back at their home. All of a sudden Jack is nice “I’m no killer
son” and he tells you how nice his family is and if you are like me you were thinking,
what the hell is happening and how does this fit into the game. So…let’s take a look at what the hell
is happening and how it fits into the game and look at the maybe not so crazy theory
that Jack Baker is still alive in the aftermath of: RESIDENT EVIL 7 Common thought is that Ethan is just having
a hallucination or dreaming. Perhaps his mind (and the game creators) are
summing up the story for him (and us) because he (or us) are too dumb to have figured it
out on our own. His mind may have turned his worst fear into
something nice, and kept his wannabe girlfriend there to keep him calm as the revealing dream
took place. Although my dreams about girls don’t involve
them looking bored staring out a window…”take these broken wings” but whatever floats your
boat…ehhh maybe I shouldn’t use that phrase. The writers really jammed that dream into
the game in a weird place, but maybe they had alterior motives. Let’s take a quick look back through the game. Ethan defeats Marguerite Baker and she calcifies
and crumbles into pieces. Ethan defeats Jack Baker and he calcifies
but does NOT crumble into pieces I’m already a little curious with the crumble
non crumble. Zoe Baker presumably calcifies ad does NOT
crumble into pieces but we are just guessing based on what happens in the bad ending. and Lucas Baker escapes, already disconnected
from Evelyn so is still alive. Ethan gets captured by Evelyn who puts him
in a hardened mold cocoon different from the others. And evelyn herself, yep she’s a crumblr on
tumblr So how does this all relate to one of the
crazier theories in RE7? Well the 3 people that are in the Green Dream
are Jack and Zoe and Ethan, 2 people cocooned in hardened mold, that did NOT crumble into
bits and Ethan who is currently in his own different form of cocoon. Does dreamland mean that these 3 people’s
conciousness are interconnected via Evelyn cocoons? And if so, does that mean their human forms
are still alive? Can they all be saved from their cocoon state,
or do their minds just live on pre-crumble? When the Disney spell was broken and the witch
Evelyn was destroyed did they all get free, or did they all get dead? Now why would Capcom want to leave an opening
like this to bring back Jack Baker? Well he was basically a smash hit no pun intended. From his look to the cheesy one liners. “How’m I gonna replace this” Some dope even
dressed up like him to pick up and play Resident evil 7. Bringing him back would be an idea fans would
be very welcoming of… Perhaps we will get some more answers in the
Not a Hero DLC releasing this Spring, but I’m not so sure about that. And while it was most likely a combination
of a dream and a story telling vessel, we always like to look deeper and we wouldn’t
expect it, but wouldn’t be shocked if we once again saw Jack Baker in the aftermath
of: RESIDENT EVIL 7 Crimson Army. What is the green dream all about? Are Jack & Zoe still alive? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget
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98 thoughts on “Resident Evil 7 | Did Eveline Kill Jack Baker? | Examining The RE7 Green Dream

  • When I played it I thought that Ethan was remembering a conversation with Jack and Zoe while he was unconscious. It makes sense to me since he was probably out of whack when his hand was getting put back into place. Zoe is definitely still alive but I'm not too sure about Jack.

  • i believe that dream was the true concius of Jack baker ,thats why he ask Ethan to free his family because eveline destroy all he loved,i believe every baker family member concius die when eveline die.
    Great Barry thanks for doing this vídeo and explain the dream.

  • I found it interesting that the clock is a different time than 10:15. Not sure if it means anything, but why put the clock there and why change the time? After watching this video I now think that perhaps since Zoe and Jack didn't crumble, maybe they are still in a paralyzed state, still alive, and their consciousness is connected considering all 3 (Ethan, Jack, Zoe) are infected at that point.

  • Off topic, but how was Trevor involved in this game. I know the Dulvey Mansion renovated in 1992 by Trevor and Chamberlain, but how does this tie into the story? The ship randomly crashes or is destroyed in Louisiana bayou? Just some weird stuff I'd like to know more about. Also who is Chamberlain?

  • Ok, this blew my mind 😲! I don't know why I didn't think to consider that he could still be alive. It does seem odd that they would have the other bosses that you kill crumble into pieces but not Jack and Zoe. Also that would explain why Marguerite was absent from the hive mind/dream/hallucination.

  • Not to mention he says "free my family." That means free them from Evelines "gift" or to put them out of they're misery and let them die with dignity. It made me feel for the Bakers after seeing that scene. But maybe we'll get answers in the new DLC.

  • You got your point for the crumble thing… I also got confused why Ethan can see them in the green dream…maybe like you said, they all connected when inside the cocoon!

  • If you choose to save mia and leave zoe, what happens to zoe? they never tell you anything after that point in the game

  • If Zoe was here with Jake Baker in dream connection mean you know that Zoe already dead and cure Mia from infected mean that make trick a choices for cure Mia or Zoe. It my opinion.

  • TBH. i don't think jack was ever an innocent person. 1) When you go through his house, you noticed that he has hidden secret room, and that crazy dungeon where you chainsaw fight him is kinda weird to have in your home unless its there to skin people alive or skin cows. But also in the dream sequence you can see jack put his hand on zoe leg and zoe making that impression of her getting up and walking toward the window implying. DON"T BELIVE HIS LIES. He did stuff to me, kinda thing. Idk

  • you know what?it must be super f#$king cool if jack,zoe and lucas is still alive and on ethan's side to fight purple UMBRELLA(CHRIS"EVIL"REDFIELD

  • in the not a hero dlc it shows Chris on the front in RE5 he states "I'm not no hero" nothing important just a little coincidence

  • Possibly a 'message from beyond the grave' type, like Mia did. Otherwise, its a crazy dream made from the mold, but Jack's message is so specific. I mean, he ask Ethan to free his family a few hours after he was 'killed' the 3rd time. That scene was too odd if you ask me.
    I just hope that special DLC will have some answers. 😀

  • I don't think it's a dream… I'm sure it is a flashback from the beginning of the game, in the time before the dinner, after the first house. If you see the hour in the clock, 9.30, more or less… Some minutes before the dinner.

  • I believe the anti crumble to the crumble does reference death or life….I believed if they didn't crumble they didn't die technically and are stuck in evelines hive mind at that moment…..but I do believe since eveline crumbled they officially died….jack says to find the girl and free his them….by us injecting the necrotoxin and eveline seemingly crumbled they can now move on to peace free of evelines clutches completely out of her hive mind

  • I think Jack and Zoe are still alive. I almost wonder if Lucas kidnapped them. Maybe to do some experiments on? Jack for sure received the serum so he could have been "cured" Zoe did not depending on the ending so maybe she made another one for herself in a desperate attempt to free herself from that place. I hoping they aren't dead though I would love to find out more about them!

  • In a document found in the lab it's explained that Eveline can create some kind of psychic link between the infected, like a hive spirit and at some points it looks like she is talking through Lucas, like when he kidnaps Mia in the old house he says "Excuse me, daddy ? right ?" because she thinks that because he is Mias husband he can be his father

  • Don't forget the Dlc daughters eveline gets brought into the house and then Zoe brings her fresh clothes and she says there mine and turns them evil

  • In the situation of the serum killing those infected for a large amount of time, I wonder how did Mia survive the injection due to the fact that she has been infected for the longest amount of time, aka on the ship before it crashed.

  • Bring Jack as a playable character in Marvel vs Capcom infinite to replace Wesker since nobody fucking likes Wesker anymore

  • Can the "green dream" be the point of view of infected people, living in this sort of reality during being controlled ?
    And can Zoe be in this same kind of shared-dream in the good ending of Dauhters due to Evie capturing her and infect her in the end of the dlc ?

  • WB: do you have another channel? Good video by the way. Hence its always better to have the facts then to speculate non sense months before a game releases.

  • Can anyone explain why marguerite wasn't there though? It's a good point that Zoe and jack didn't crumble and were the ones that were in the vision but doesn't anyone know why it was only them 2?

  • We all Know that jack is one of the best antagonist in the resident evil universe, despite of being humorous and very sadistic but in the end he is a very kind and loving father until eveline controls him. But keeping him alive would be a bad idea to me, After what they did to those 20 people and ethan. It's better for him to stay dead and be with his wife marguarite knowing that he can't live without his wife and knew that his son lucas is a psychopath. He will just suffer from guilt after what they did in the past 3 years

  • Some players interpret that the "dream" sequence is actually a flashback, just after Zoe reattached Ethan's hand with the codex, which makes sense to be honest. In Daughters, it is shown that even after Eveline took control of the Bakers, they had moments of clarity, albeit briefly, and the DLC proves that.

  • I don't think the green dream was a dream. I think that sequence was a memory chronologically early in the game when Jack and Zoe repaired Ethan's left arm with staples. Eveline was probably not near and didn't have a strong grip on Jack's mind.

  • The whole Baker family is still alive, maybe. Why? Because they're connected to Eveline and in her conciousness for the rest of her life. Seems to be they all died since you killed Eveline in the end. The green dream was simply Ethan connected to Eveline aswell, that's where he met the true Jack Baker.

  • Administering the serum to an infected subject will cause the mycelia to calcify.
    but if the subject's cells are already invaded, the serum will be fatal.
    In Jack case he's already in complete infection state.all of his cells is calcify
    but in Zoe case, Eveline increase rate of infection to kill her

  • How come Zoe got up like that when Jack touched her leg? it looks like she's thinking "old man don't you touch me" would she still be mad in a dream sequence

  • I'm not trying to be a dick but I am going to sound like one anyways:
    I would get rid off the "tough guy" voice you are using in every video, if I were you. It's really cringy.

    Still, I like your content a lot so keep up the good work.

  • Well you did use the cure on jack so it's even more plausible now, he didnt crumble so after some time he just became normal again possibly?

  • Mia wasn't always trying to kill you. She slipped in and out of her psycho chainsaw wielding trance and, when she did she would tell us to "stay away" or "you shouldn't have come here." After the events of the Daughter's DLC we find Jack and Marguerite sitting at the table at breakfast talking as they normally would. I think the developers were trying to show us that they hadn't completely lost their humanity. Even with all the gruesome things he did Jack Baker the person is still in there somewhere, and I believe that's what we're seeing in this scene.

  • "I just had a thought." If Jack survived his entire upper half being blown off, how couldnt the others survive crumbling? I get that they're injected with an antivirus, but it still seems that they could definitely come back (I mean you didn't even use it on Marguerite and she crumbled) they could all still be alive…..couldn't they? I beat it like 4 times but I don't remember the key details (I also did everything but hit ONE Mr. Everywhere so now I have to do that to get my running shoes.

  • Wait. After choosing Mia, I got a green dream that had only Jack and not Zoe in it. Does that mean that Zoe is still alive, leading maybe toward the End of Zoe DLC as a continuation? If that's the case, shouldn't we assume everyone in the green dream is actually dead? Since if I did choose Zoe, she would have calcified and consequently be sitting next to Jack meaning that they are equals = dead.

  • I think his phiysical form is dead, but his soul is still alive. Ethan was in a coma. Many people in real life report that they saw dead family members when they were in a coma or a near death experience.

  • Spoilers. Jack and zoe are still alive and youll Get answers in the END of zoe dlc Where you play AS joe baker jacks brother

  • This scene is still confusing to me. Only Jack and Zoe are there. Marguerite is dead and Lucas is still at large. Jack is still alive at this point and Zoe isn't being controlled by eveline. So why is it just Jack and Zoe showing up here? Zoe doesn't even say anything.

  • You notice how jack barely looks different when he’s crazy compared to his normal self? Margaritte looked the most creepiest

  • Thats a flash back bec u remember when zoe connected ethans hand also zoe are not only in that scene theres jack baker after zoe connected the hand jack told ethan to save his family and its not an dream its just her remembered moments

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