Quilt Binding: Joining Ends, Marci Baker of Alicia’s Attic

Quilt Binding: Joining Ends, Marci Baker of Alicia’s Attic

Welcome to the Clearview of Quilting, I’m Marci Baker
of Alicia’s Attic. Today I’m going share with you how to join the ends of your binding so that no one can tell the last seem from any other.
So here I’ve made up a sample quilt I have my top, my batting, and my backing; and I have
started applying these strips to the quilt. At the beginning I
leave a tail of eight to 10 inches and I back-stitch and apply the binding to
the quilt and I would miter at the corners and
come around and the other and I will stop about 8 to 10 inches away. The
more space you leave here the easier this is going to be. And I leave a tail of about 8 to 10 inches. So we have those. Notice that this binding is not folded in
half. I don’t pre-fold my binding because it turns out that
whenever you’re working with your binding strips and applying them, you need more fabric on the outside than you do on the inside. If
you’ve ever found that fold that you put into it didn’t fall right where you expected, it’s
because you going to have more fabric on the outside your binding then you are on the inside. Another thing
I vary my strips depending on how thick my batting is. This batting is only an eight inch thick,
and I’m doing a quarter inch seam allowance and I want to finished 1/4 inch on the
front and on the back. So this is a 1 3/4 inch wide strips so we’ve got our binding applied, and we’ve
got our ends, we’ve left open 8 to 10 inches. Now we’re going to find that point that matters. I’m going to put the
strips right sides together. Notice that they’re open, not folded in
half. And I’m gonna find point where these matchup about halfway
between my two ends, and that I’m not so loose that I’m away
from the quilt, and I’m not so tight that I’m
pulling up either end that my binding, but just where the binding falls nice
and neat along the quilt. And I have a critical point that I’m
gonna pin… That critical point is my seam
allowance end. I’m doing quarter-inch it’ll be a 1/4 inch in where those two match, and I’m going to pin that in place. So I’m going to pin the point… that critical point and I’m just gonna catch a couple
threads on this side, and a couple threads on that side. And that I’m going to be able
to sew together. So now we have that critical
point pinned, and I’m going to take and lay this out and you have to bunch up the quilt here. So buch the quilt up and I’m going to lay one strip flat, and I like to work
on a table when I’m doing this. And then I’m gonna take
and twist this other end around, so that I have these two strips
lying on top of each other and that their flat. Once I get it so
that this is flat and this is flat over here, I’m going to
be sewing from where these two edges cross, to wear these two edges cross, in a
straight line. It turns out it doesn’t matter if I get
an exact 45, I could even do this right here. Where I twist it back a little bit. But
what I’m gonna need to do is pin this. And I’ll take two pins… and pin it this way. and now, when I so from this point over to this point, I will be going
through my critical point. That critical point means this is going to fit. Let me go ahead and sew
that. So I’ve sewn those together and here you can see, I made sure I
stitch from where those to cross two where those two cross. And my critical point was about there. But I had to pull that pin out so I didn’t stitch over it. And I’m going to check before
I cut these, I want to make sure that is going to fit. So I just take this and fold it, or just pull it, and I can see that
that is going to lay nice and neat on my
quilt top. Now I know it fits I’m going to take and trim this to a
quarter-inch. I’m going to press that seem open. And i tend to just finger-press it. And now that folds over and fits and I’m ready
to stitch that down.
That’s how to join your
binding see you can’t tell that last seam from any other seam. And we did it without a ruler, without a lot of measuring, just a couple of pins.

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