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Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Today’s Recipe Lemon Rice, Curd Rice and Masala Sundal For Masala Sundal, Chick Peas – 200g Soak it over night I have soaked rice separately for Lemon and rice and Curd Rice 1 Cup rice for Lemon rice 1/2 cup rice for curd rice Heat 1 cup water and cook the […]

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DIY CUISINE – Patates douces au four


Hello everyone it is barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen you are looking well today folks it is another kitchen gadget video you guys know the drill by now I have been sent some kitchen gadgets and have thousands left we try them out and you guys let me know what you think down […]

Top 10 Best grain free dog food 2018

rocks wiki’s best product advisor behind Amazon rocks wiki’s presents top 10 best grain free dog food 2018 let’s see which grain free dog food is best for you to buy starting with the list number one dog food named mama dogs pet products freeze-dried chicken liver dog treats healthy dog food information single ingredient […]


I know bro Yo, what is up YouTube families your boy Josh Today today today today today What are we going to be doing today? What is our experiment? What are we gonna be showing these people? Go baby, let’s go And comment down below yeah, tell me what you guys be Let’s go let’s […]

How To Cook Perfect Prune Salad

Prune salad. Onion. 1. Mushrooms. 1/2 lb (200 g). Salt. To taste. Cucumber. 1. Boiled egg. 3. Boiled chicken breast. 1. Prune. 1/4 lb (100 g). Parsley & Dill. To taste. Salt. To taste. Mayonnaise. To taste.

How to Collect Blue China Dishes : Blue & White China Patterns: Detailed Patterns

Just to show you some of the detail that you can find in some of these patterns looking at this teapot you can see if I take off the cover you can see when I pick up the pattern. How detail it is you have a woman leaning up against the trees here with a […]