Necronomnomnom review

Necronomnomnom review

Hello everybody and welcome to the GMS
magazine videos. I am Paco Garcia, your host and today I’m gonna give you a
kinda of a review of, I have to tell you, a product that disappointed me quite a lot. Now, generally I wouldn’t do reviews of games or books that I don’t in
particularly like because why spending time on something that it just I don’t like it?
But since that’s a couple of connections with the authors in Twitter and they
being actually quite receptive to the idea of working together I thought, OK
rather than go tweet after tweet after tweet after tweet after tweet
explaining why I don’t like it, I’m gonna show you I’m gonna show you
exactly why you do not like it. I’m talking about the book a cookery book
and I’m a cookery geek called The Necronomnomnom. It was a book that came out in
Kickstarter to great amazing, amazing success quite a while ago and it
promised a Lovecraftian experience in the kitchen. Now, before the book arrived
I was already quite pissed off about it, because the book was $30 itself,
which is very very reasonable, but the shipping costs from the US were $25 or
something like that it was pretty much the same as the book itself. Now, OK we
are all the victim of shipping posts costs, posts, costs… whatever you want call it. Fine but I don’t feel not enough was done to find a solution that would decrease the costs
for people outside the United States. I don’t know if any distribution houses
were approached I have no idea if anything at all like that was going on
but the fact is that I was told in “Twitter we’re gonna take care of that
we’re gonna look into it” and, at the end, nothing happened, so I already have a
little bit of a sour taste in my mouth when I got the book.
Then I got the book, and okay the production, top-notch I was really
really impressed. Is a large book with padded, as in really padded cover. Is
not full colour but is made in colour and, I’m not kidding, artistically this book
is absolutely fantastic. It’s a joy, an absolute joy to go through the pages,
take a look of the illustrations and, and just enjoy it. Visually, I’m not kidding
this book is a complete spectacle and I love it.
I’ve really love to look at this book. So, OK, I thought on the way home, when I
was in the, on the train taking a look at the book I thought okay
and then I started to read the recipes and the whole thing was a bit… chessus,
real, for real. OK, the book begins with a number of cocktails, okay, which is,
which is pretty good it is a good way you know you start to come to the party
and it actually I like that the recipes go for some things slightly weird, like you
know, not everybody would prepare a Martini with what’s with wasabi instead
of salt and yet that’s exactly what they come here they they suggest that you
prepare that little ream of wasabi and, I haven’t tried it by it’s apparently
delicious. Apparently is absolutely delicious which is great but then as you
read the ingredients you start to find things that you think, “well, whu.. what, what is this?” Let’s keep in mind I’m talking from somebody who doesn’t live in the United
States and thus, some of the brands and some of the stuff thing that you can get
in the US in the supermarket, we just cannot get it
here, so okay, this book is not precisely I aimed at me. I’m not the main market. But I am the market! Come on! you sold me this book so when I read things like that The
Mountains of Madness, serving one Scarlett Syrup of Marashchin-Yoh… okaayyyyy… Marashchin, fine I think I can pretty much work that one out
but what is Carbonic Tincture of Ebon Serotina. I have no idea no.
Not one clue. We can go into other recipes. This one here with ingredients
are not specified, you know that the Dining Trapezohedron, which
sounds mega exciting, but one of the ingredients for the dressing is 1/2 cup
of viscous white doom. What’s that? What’s that? I, I have no idea.
One tablespoon of citrus in yellow
I assume that’s lemon could be lime, you have … what? what’s that?
Two pages on and we find the Ahiä! Ahiä! Father Dagon. I had a gun serves for with book, with, with look
and one of the things is not encased sausage of the Mediterranean. Do you have any idea how many sausages we have in the Mediterranean? I’m not
exaggerating we have hundreds, hundreds of different sausages that we use for
dozens of different dishes. Which one? I don’t know, I don’t know. The book is
plagued of that little mistakes that, I’ve no idea, some of the recipes… one of the recipes in particular it asks for, can’t find the recipe now, but I
asks for alligator meat where the hell am I meant to find that?
Seriously, we don’t have any alligators in Europe! You barely have alligators
in the US just in a few places, for goodness sake! Seriously? Now, the problem is not that you’re offering that kind of ingredients. It’s that you don’t offer me an alternative. And this is where this book truly, truly fails. Because it’s
lacking, I’m not kidding. This is the beginning of the book and it
goes straight into the recipes. There is no table of contents. I have no idea in what
page I can find what recipe. Yes, okay this is meant to be some sort of diary
that somebody’s been writing down and it’s more thematic, but is useless. It
makes it a lot less useful at the end of the day this is also meant to be a
cookery book and it doesn’t cut it because of the end, now we have this last
recipe, amazing, beautiful to look at, but then we have page, after page, after page,
after page, after page of emptiness which yes, could be used to have my own recipes written in here but you know what would also be useful? A glossary! Arrggghh!! Give me a glossary. If you’re going to change the the names of the ingredients, if you’re
going to turn a lemon into the citrus in yellow give me a glossary because
something that for you is very clear for somebody in a different country with
different ingredients it may also not be clear at all. So give me a
glossary. Give me an index. Give me something not just, at the very end, which
where they should be at the very beginning the name of the book, the
editor, the author and the artist. I can see you’ve tried to do something
different and as a talking piece it works, it works really well, there’s a
cookery book and that’s what this is meant to be at least this is what I
backed and bought, it just doesn’t work. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work, at all. And it should, and it could it would be so easy to turn this into an absolutely
amazing, amazing culinary book. Something to really impress people with when you
have somebody coming out to play in the Call of Cthulhu, The Trail of Cthulhu,
Eldridge Horror of the Mansions of Madness whatever it is you can play so it falls
really flat. Really, really flat. And it’s a pity because everything else is
beautiful the production is great the writing is very good it’s quite thematic,
I like it the illustrations are just absolutely amazing. Absolutely amazing,
but as a recipe book… no, sorry. It just doesn’t cut it. Thank you very
much indeed for watching this half rant half review, half disappointment video and please send me your comments, do let me know if you’ve got this book or any
other geeky cookery book that you may want to talk about, because I love to,
really love to hear that. Remember to subscribe to the channel so you can get
notifications when we publish more videos with more reviews. I look forward
to your comments, leave them down there give me likes
give me a dislikes or whatever it is and I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Take care.

2 thoughts on “Necronomnomnom review

  • Agree with you completely Paco.
    The reason we did not back it was that we suspected it would be "culturaly-locked".
    And the despite the fact that it is an excellent "conversation piece", as you mentioned, we would very much like to use it and test some of those recipes.
    Now, some people might say that finding those ingredeints can be an "adventure" on itself, but I disagree.
    It feels more like an oversight.
    Also, the lack of an index or a glossary are indicative of the fact that the creators were focused on the artistic side and the concept, but not the execution.
    Hope we get a better product next time!
    (it was a KS after all, no guarantees!)

  • Dear Mr. Garcia,

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful review of our book. As the author of the work, I am grateful for the fairness with which you treated a product you were, regrettably, disappointed in.

    I hope I can answer some of your major concerns; and I have what I hope you will agree is some happy news to share.

    The book is a bit cryptic. This is by design, as our stated mission was to deliver an authentic-seeming “spell book” in the form of a unique cookbook. The ingredients and recipes are playfully opaque in places, just like a true grimoire of ages past might be. It requires experimentation and surmise to complete many of the recipes – if you use the book alone. Again, this was quite on purpose – as it was meant to be part of the fun.

    We did provide backers a plain-text, plain language resource by pdf if backers didn’t want to have to decipher things, and just wanted to “get cooking”. Online help was (and is) made available even for those who did not back at the digital level, for specific recipes by request (publically via the Kickstarter or our Facebook pages, or privately by email). Such support remains available, as we love to hear from our customers and only jokingly want to drive them insane! Several customers have made good use of this offering.

    For any of your viewers who would like to make use of these resources, they may be requested from the Red Duke Games or The Necronomnomnom Facebook pages, or by email to [email protected] Per your suggestion, we will look into creating a glossary for free download on our website.

    We tried to be anything but culturally locked. There are recipes from many cultures – but we did perhaps rely too heavily on services like Amazon to get you that weird ingredient if you couldn’t find it at the local market (in fact, we had to special order some things ourselves). As you generously note, we could not possibly be specific for every region where we might have a potential customer. The joys and pitfalls of global community…!

    As our spellbook aesthetic was the overriding goal, we positively did ignore the niceties of page numbers, glossaries, and even tables of contents. I was strong-armed into even including our names and a title page. As a self published work, I felt we could and should flout all convention in order to keep to our goal of a "mysterious book of unknown provenance". We succeeded, but also produced unintended consternation in some customers, like yourself.

    A quick note on the "extra" pages: these were indeed for backers to use for their own notes and recipes – but also were inserted with conventions in mind. They are for signatures and custom doodles when Kurt joins us. He loves to draw his monsters, and many have come away with a unique piece of art in their book.

    I assure you that we did our level best to improve the shipping situation. We were able to achieve a 10-30% savings for 85% of our international backers. Sadly, due to the vagaries of geography and fulfillment, not all regions (such as yours) saw a material benefit. We consciously choose to deliver as soon as possible rather than as cheaply as possible in those cases; as too much further research and negotiation was judged to inevitably produce diminishing returns and (very undesirable) further delays. You were entirely fair in your characterization of your particular experience. We are glad to be able to say that most of your fellow backers overseas saw at least a noticeable reduction in the fulfillment costs, but regret that it could not have been everyone.

    So, the promised good news:

    Response to The Necronomnomnom has been so amazing, that we are thrilled to soon be offering a real bookstore version of our tome of eldritch delectables. This is a far more civilized, though still delightfully arcane version of our labor of love.

    You can preview the book here if you like:

    It would be our pleasure to send you a personal copy for your perusal and more complete enjoyment. We hope you will find that it nicely addresses many of your concerns, and we truly appreciate your well-crafted, honest feedback.

    Our sincere thanks and best regards,

    Mike & Tom of Red Duke Games

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