Natural Collagen Meat Jelly – Halloween Special

Natural Collagen Meat Jelly –  Halloween Special

What is needed to be done here, MO? “What?” You wanted me to make some Meat Jelly, so we are making it! Yes, Romas. We’ll soak the legs. It’s very fat, it will take a long time to
make it. It’s good that it takes a long-time boil. Here we have the legs. A shank. A piece of it… An ear. We’ll soak [them in the water] to lose all blood. And two pieces of turkey… Here… We’ll keep for half hour and it should be good. Don’t talk nonsense… For about 8 hours. Jesus, Jesus! Give it some power, MO! It’s cold. What are you filming now? Romas… Don’t make mad. Take this pot and take it out of here… Who will be filming, MO? You? Where’s no need for that… Stop it, Romas… Okay? Hello, MO! Hello, hello! What are we going to do now? The meat jelly [meat] is watered, cleaned, ready, soaked… We’ll put it
into the pot and we’ll boil it. An ear to the bottom. The legs go here. This we’ll be Halloween Special, MO. Halloween… You are like Halloween… Here. That’s it! Turn on the brick [heat]. Mh. You have to add a lot of water, so it covers it well over as the water
evaporates and gets into the air, when it boils. What are going to do now, MO? We’ll cover it and wait for it start boiling. If there are some foam… We’ll clean them again, if the meats foams too much. That’s it… Say something, MO… We’ll have to take the foam out, little Romas, we’ll see. Look at it, it’s not too bad… Increase the heat, so it boils. Let it boil for about 10 minutes and then… What’s now? We’ll take the meat out and get rid of the broth. What are you doing now? Nothing. I’m cleaning it and that’s it. And then again into the pot. Increase the heat, so it would start boiling. We’ll boil it for at least 3 hours once it starts boiling. Yes… Tell me, what you put in here. What?! Carrots, onions, pepper, bay leaves, salt. All spices. You see how slowly it’s boiling. You have to boil it slowly, little Romas. Maybe I’ll cover it a bit, so it would boil faster, but it will be boiling for a
long time. Mh. The meat is fall off the bones. You know, Romas, it is done. We have to turn it off now. We’ll eat, then we’ll take the meat off the bones. Okay. Turn it off. I’m covering it and leaving it… Let’s finish the Meat Jelly. That’s enough of you to… Look at this clear water which it has been boiling in. Mh. Put this lid over there. That’s enough. What do we have to do now, MO? Take it out of the water take the meat off the bones and cut the meat in
small pieces. “What do we have to do?“ You’ll see what we have to do. I’m deboning the meat. I’m taking the bones out of the meat. Here, it will be the best… Here, Romas, a full bowl of meat. Mh. But there are a lot of bones as well. No… Look at it. There should be more meat than bones. Yes, there more meat, but still. Let’s put it over the heat, Romce. Okay. Turn it on. Here. It will boil. Jesus, the pot is so heavy. I have to add some water right now, because that will be too little of it… It won’t look as meat jelly at all. We’ll add a teaspoon of it and then we’ll add more, if needed. All of you have taste buds in your mouth… One likes it without the salt at all. While the other likes drinking salt water. Yes. Here. It has started boiling and has been boiling for some time. Pepper. 6 garlic cloves. And, and, and… Here we have dried celery leaves and lovage leaves. That’s it… We’ll mix it and see if we need more salt. It will be good. We’ll pour it to the containers. …taste buds… He-he… You have to feel the salt. If you don’t, then it won’t be salty. Mh. Maybe I should add some more, because it will taste different
when it cools off. I’ll add some more. It’ll be okay for sure now. You have to feel the salt. It’s different when it cools off. The work is done. Yes… We have to pour it into the containers you have and cool it off a cool place. Let’s pour it into some container. It has to have some liquid as well as meaty parts. Yes, yes… Okay, that’s it. Here. We’ll pour it into the containers like this and it will be prepared this
Meat Jell. Here you are. We’ll wait for it to cool off. We’ll put it a cool place and it will cool off. Here. This is how you have to do it, MO, right? Yes. Whoosh. Oh! Here! Look at it! I have put it not straight, Romas. It doesn’t matter. It’s crazy! He-he-he-he… You have done it nicely! Yes! I was trying really hard. Here, Romas. This way! Ta-dum! What will you be eating it with? With some horseradish. Don’t you want some? It’s already in! I like it with some horseradish. Eat it, eat it! “Eat it”. Do you let me? Mh. Are the horseradish too potent? Yeah? Very potent, little Romas! How’s the Meat Jelly? It’s tasty! Please, try it! Okay! Meat jelly was great and tasty. By the way, you can add more water if
you want more jelly, but I like it as it is. One more thing. If you are wondering how MO managed to place the
decorations so nicely. She had put a thin layer of jelly liquid, put the decorations in, cooled off
the layer of jelly and then she poured little bit cooled off Meat Jelly. That’s the secret. Is it all of it for me to eat it? You’ll eat it. In a few days we will, yes. During today! Thank you for making it! It was tasty! Good, eat it then. You can look here, into the camera. You can say something to the
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