Mutton Jahangir | Royal Mutton Curry Recipe of Agra Sultanate | Indian Cuisine | Ravi Sisodiya

Mutton Jahangir | Royal Mutton Curry Recipe of Agra Sultanate | Indian Cuisine |  Ravi Sisodiya

Hello friends, I, Ravi Sisodiya, wlecome you all to my channel – Holiday Cooking Today I am going to cook a new recipe whose name is Mutton Jahangir This dish belongs to Kings of Agra region the ingredients used are as follows Mutton / Meat – 1 Kg Chopped Onion – 5 Curd – 80 gm Clarified Butter / Ghee – 60 gm Lime Water – 2 tbsp Kewda Water – 1 tbsp Turmeric – 1 pinch Salt to taste Coriander Powder – 1.5 tbsp Red Chilli Powder – 2 tbsp and Ginger Garlic Paste diluted in water – 2 tbsp so, these are the ingredients to make Mutton Jahangir. First, heat the deep bottom pan first add 60 gm of Ghee let the ghee heat properly Ghee is now hot and we can add 5 chopped onions in it. onions must be made golden brown in colour as you can see, onions are now golden brown now we add mutton and mix it properly now in this meat, we add rest all ingredients after we have added all ingredients now, we mix them well all ingredients are now mixed properly now, keep the heat low close the lid and leave for 50 mins after 50 mins 60% meat is tender now and Masala also is absorbed well Now, to fry this mutton we add water and increase the heat of the stove as you can see that the mutton has been tendered well ghee has also come on surface and bones have seperated from mutton now, we will release gravy in mutton it is up to you how much water you want to add as gravy we kept Kasturi Methi to add flavour to the dish since we have added water we will add some salt now we will cover the lid for 15 mins As you can see Mutton Jahangir is ready now we will add Coriander leaves for flavour and turn off the stove This recipe took 1.5 hours to cook Its is an amazing royal recipe Please try and I request you all that if you like this recipe please like, share and subscribe. Thank You!!

6 thoughts on “Mutton Jahangir | Royal Mutton Curry Recipe of Agra Sultanate | Indian Cuisine | Ravi Sisodiya

  • Nice recipe Hukum….but kewda jal kab aur kitna dala ye nhi bataya aapney…and how much ginger garlic paste….aur shayad sabut lahsun bhi daala aapney….wo Kitna dalna hey….aapki recipes bahut Achi bas aap Pura explain karey Hukum…. Thanks!!

  • A new subscriber from the UK for you… I have been searching for authentic 'Royal' recipes and feel I have found the right place – thank you so much for providing detailed ingredient lists with all your video's – I don't understand what you are saying but I can work the rest out by watching what you do 🙂
    Look out for my comments as I explore your exciting catalogue of recipes

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