Most Unique Street Food in China | DEEP China Street Food Tour – XINJIANG

Most Unique Street Food in China | DEEP China Street Food Tour  – XINJIANG

It’s Trevor James I just got into Turpan, China In west Xinjiang province And today, we are going for a full on Uighur, Halal, Muslim Chinese Street Food experience I can’t wait Let’s go check it out When you arrive in Turpan It feels like a whole new world We took the long distance train to Xining on our great Silk Road journey And as soon as you step in You notice that the people are Uighur muslims And the food is different from the rest of China Just walking down the street is an adventure and an experience in itself Make sure to watch until the end Because this episode has a huge selection of Uighur street food And the most insane meat sanctuary jackpot at the end First up, we found a delicious Uighur breakfast joint Serving up some of the most delicious central Asian themed pilaf And huge chunks of mutton That’s the true joy of Foodrangin’ Finding new stuff Zhuafan, look at that We are getting some Nangua pumpkin Ok, let’s go in Oh yeah It looks like it’s in a chili oil Mmm, that’s good A lot of Liangcai, but I’m going to stick with this Look at all of this beautiful Uighur food we have here in Turpan I have been looking forward to trying Pilaf, Zhuafan, for so long And I have a huge chunk of mutton on there And it’s just soaked It looks quite oily But I can really smell, the fragrance, almost sweetness, from those carrots This looks like a butter tea almost And then over here This is liangban doufu Like cold salad style chili oil tofu And then some pumpkin baozi Nice plump pumpkin baozi Look at that Let’s go right in Pilaf, my first time The carrots! Those carrots are like sweet! They almost taste like candied And the rice It has an al dente chew to it It is perfect What an experience Now this is Naicha But it honestly smells like butter tea Lets try it out Fatty and buttery and oily and strong Honestly this is a heavy breakfast Super fatty butter tea, salty butter tea Oily and sweet and fatty Pilaf And baozi stuffed with pumpkin That was delicious That was unbelievable Heavy breakfast After breakfast we hit the street in search of some pre-lunch street snacks And found an amazing Uighur style lamb stuffed pocket baked right on the street in a coal oven Alright so we are just walking through a little market here We are going to see if there is anything good to eat Wow, look at these! Oh look at thee beauties Oh the color This is so beautiful Just walking by here And you see this oven baking these kao baozi Let’s try it out Look inside there! It’s like fatty lamb with a little bit of onion It’s quite peppery And this bread is super crispy and a little salty Nice street snack Walking through a little market and there is so much food around here to eat Lots to eat here After that gorgeous kao baozi We went foodrangin for lunch And found the must try Uighur banmian noodles At a little hole in the wall This is street side satisfaction Ok we are at a little banmian place And we are going to order up some Xinjiang- Good morning! Good morning That’s gorgeous We are going to sit down and get some banmian You can eat banmian all over china AKA noodles with no broth But here in Xinjiang, the hand pulled noodles are taken to the next level Made super thick And they pack a nice chewy texture That you are going to enjoy for sure They are pulled slowly And smacked down hard to loosen the dough up And here, you choose the ingredients And they are fried into a delicious sauce that is poured on top of your freshly pulled noodles They will blow you away Super simple, yet so filling and delicious So our noodles just arrived Hand pulled And this is the sauce that they have been frying up And they are going to pour it right over top of the noodles That is the pure beauty We just got the banmian Oh look at these beautiful hand pulled noodles with lamb, tomato, green bell peppers Oh guys, that will fill you right up Let’s just take a big slurp Oh yeah They are quite simple Just a light tomato flavor And actually a little smoky But the mutton flavor is all through there That is the best part Oh yeah, that smooth tomato flavor will bring you to life Such an experience That was an amazing banmian we found here at this little hole in the wall We are going to keep walking around because this city has so much to offer And try and find some more good stuff for the afternoon Alright so here is our hostel Super cool location It’s about 110 RMB per night right now And it’s really nice and old school Hello This is Ting’s favorite This is Ting’s favorite here Alright so we just got out of the hostel and had a little break from eating And now we are just walking down the street And I think just right up here there is a few stalls that serve Nang Xinjiang’s famous flatbread Just look at how deep the oven goes Oh yeah, that is awesome You can really just smell the sesame It smells like toasted sesame in this deep oven And it’s still hot You can see they put a stamp on it It’s like a swirl I’m not sure if that is different in each location But they also coat is in sesame OK so you gotta break it Oh, there it is And I will taste it The toasted sesame flavor is really good After that delicious nang bread We took a taxi around town to take in the sights before our huge mutton feast for dinner And found rows upon rows of grape vineyards So we just took a taxi to the outside of town We asked him to take us to some local areas And we just stopped on the side of the road Because I want to show you Exactly what turban is famous for, these grapes You come here in August and you’ll get super plump, juicy, grapes Right now it is April so it’s off season But I gotta say coming here any time of year, especially now in April in the off season Is super enjoyable and I’m blown away by this city Our taxi is just right up there And we are going to take it to go get some delicious meat for dinner We made our way to find some meat And we really found the jackpot Mutton heaven So we have been walking around exploring And got a local tip from the taxi driver to come eat here To have lots of meat Because meat is famous in Xinjiang It’s hard to get it in That is a skill We are going to have a nice big bowl of this But I’m really bad at this What we stumbled into was a true meat jackpot There were these huge big fat juicy lamb kebabs Covered in salt, cumin and garlic And pressed right into these grilled nang breads So the juices would seep in But the real jackpot was this huge oven packed full of lamb legs Ribs, and steaks All lightly seasoned in salt 10 minutes before they were ready to pull out of the oven People started gathering around and competing to get the first taste Look at that That is This is gorgeous Oh look at that! This is meat heaven! Gorgeous meat! This is the most insane meat fest Gorgeous I am so excited for this meat Look at how much meat is on there Everyone is just so excited to eat this This is lamb heaven I can’t believe my eyes right now Even the shop owner is taking photos it’s so magical Everyone is fighting for the meat now It’s insane Everyone is fighting for the meat I’m just waiting patiently I don’t want to… I’m left with the last That meat is so bulky We are going to get a leg now We got two ribs Oh there it is Gorgeous So I had to wait for everyone to get theres And now… Awesome!! We have it all here now guys This is like meat heaven Oh, look at this beautiful huge chunk of lamb on a bone And the yellow fat is just bursting from it And I have two spare ribs as well! Guys this is totally lamb heaven Lamb paradise It’s a mutton sanctuary And then over here I have 5 beautiful lamb kebabs Over top of the naan bread Which is also spiced with chilies and cumin And the lamb juices are soaking in to that bread I have a mixed lamb organ It’s called yangzasui, so there is the fat, lung, and liver I actually don’t know everything that is in there And there is stuffed intestine Intestine stuffed with rice I think that is going to be good We will see And then over here, we have mianpian tang Which is those pinched off noodle slices In a nice hearty, and healthy broth It looks like there is some legumes in there And you know what we are going to go for first right This beauty Look at that chunk of meat That looks – I just gotta get in there Wow! Oh, wow Guys, I’ve never tasted lamb like that It just explodes with juice And it’s quite salty And the fat is just bursting from it So that gives it a lot of flavor Apart from the mixed lamb organ salad This was a meal to remember Everything was fantastic And turban truly is a city you have to visit If you come, you will have the time of your life And eat some of the best food too So we have had an incredible day here in Turpan From all of the really friendly people we have met here on the streets To all of the super delicious food we have had It has been an incredible experience And a must visit destination here in China So please leave me a comment down below letting me know what you thought Click that thumbs up button And subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already Because there is a lot of fun and delicious street food videos coming up From our trip on the Silk Road Thanks a lot guys

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