see the world in that shot they live with no distractions and get away this is Bob we waited for hi guys and welcome back to another Mills of the week and you may have noticed I've been absent for a little while if you don't follow us on Instagram or if you didn't see the post I put on our community tab on this channel then last Friday we had to have our beloved such mo put to sleep he was not quite four years old and it was it was a really really hard time for us as you can imagine it was something he was born with we found out it was to do with his spine and the bit actually was amazed that he lived past birth he said he certainly shouldn't have made it past four eight weeks old and so to get into almost four and to be running and jumping and swimming the crazy dog I'm sure if you've watched our videos you will know but he was just it was like my soul mate or my soul dog I think if you don't have pets it may not if you don't have pets it might be hard to understand but I think if you know you know and sometimes I've had lots of lots of pets over my life and but I've never ever experienced the kind of bond that I have with him he was literally my shadow he would not leave my side and he just was a hundred percent devoted and unconditional and yeah it's left a huge hole in my heart and I just couldn't bring myself to a post or anyway I've decided that it's time to get back to YouTube I love doing it and when you do edit and create content and things you do find yourself completely immersed in it but you're just focused on that thing and it's really helped it like today putting together this video because it's just focused my mind anyway I'm gonna stop waffling and I will show you what we've had this is more than a week's worth and and it is just I've just picked up the camera and filmed there's a lot with baby just the boys specially towards the second half like last week's food because new things just haven't eaten or if we have we've just had like toast late at night or some nights we haven't even eaten anything so you know there's a lot in there but it's you'll see what I mean it's kind of mismatched and I have got some really good videos planned I've got a curry cook with me I've got corned beef hash cook with me and I've also got my birthday vlog which is a really nice family day out we went to a really beautiful little village and we're at the cream tea and we went out you know had the boys and that so I'm definitely gonna put those up our schedule at the moment is going to be going back to Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 p.m. we were doing Friday's as well but I have decided for now I think to cut back and just focus on twice a week if I've got a lot of content one week I may add in a Friday as well but the Deaf and 100% schedule is going to be Tuesday and Thursday so you can guarantee as you as always there is gonna be a video Tuesday Thursday there just may not always be one on a Friday I'm still here I'm still posting our next video will be Tuesday and I think that will be a cook with me or our family vlog I'm not sure which one if we get time over the weekend we might edit my birthday vlog and but if not it will be either the curry or the corned beef hash cook with me so if you're not subscribed after that six hour long speech then if please make sure you go subscribe would take a look at what we've eaten over the last few weeks and I'm glad to be back and thank you all so much for all your messages of support and I've had so many people reach out and explain that they know how we're feeling and just sending their love so we really really appreciate that let's take a look at some food so the boys have already had their dinner tonight they had leftover corned beef hash that they had the other day so I didn't bother filming now it's exactly same as what they've already had so that's all that gone I've just thrown together this corn and spinach and mushroom curry it is obviously corn pieces with mushrooms spinach passata and a gel Frazee like a packet in a Maggi mixes and that's all it is really and a bit of salt and pepper so this is mine and this is Steve's and we're not having mice or anything with it because it looks plenty as it is so that's what we've got for dinner tonight and this smells really really good actually it's Friday night the noise in the background is siren chewing a bone in case you're wonder what that grating is so I've done the boys some chili dogs so we've got the BOTS quest sausages underneath and then we've got some tinned chili con carne on top and then some grated cheese and I've also done them some pineapple I was going to do them up in chips but the pineapple Edie do since I thought they could have that instead so they're all the same and then Bailey and Jake will probably have another one when they finish this one and Oscar might just have another hot dog without the bun because as somebody pointed out the other day we all know horse cos not that keen on his bread so this is what the boys have got tonight right and Steve and I have got prawn salad so these are the cooked jumbo king prawns the Tesco finest ones that I bought in my latest food haul we've also decided at the last minute to add in some of the Bhakra sausages that the boys have had on their chili dogs earlier on we've got lettuce tomato cucumber onion there's some salad cream and I've just done the prawns in like a mary-rose sauce so basically just mayonnaise and some ketchup and then we've sprinkled black pepper salt and chili powder over the top so I've chosen to have my bread toasted Steve's had his not toasted and it's this spread from Tesco jalapeno chili and three cheese Blumer we've had this before and it's really really nice it's got three different cheeses and some cayenne pepper so this is Steve's and this is mine and this is our dinner for our Friday night so it is my birthday and we have take away I've not cooked this I'm not gonna pretend I have I'm having a night off and I can't remember we've got we've got Singapore chow mein chicken chow mein we've got crispy chili beef we've got some hot and spicy chicken wings there's some satay no not satay what was it hot and sesame chicken Steve's mine and then the boys have got some curry sauce chips as well and they've got some chicken balls so it's Bailey's then we've got Jake then we've got Oscars and we're going to have a load left over because there's tons there so that's our dinner for tonight so on Sunday night I made a completely from scratch lamb curry and I did it in the slow cooker I did film the whole recipe so that video will be coming up on this channel soon within the next week or so it was absolutely amazing it's a lot of ingredients and quite a lot of work but once you've done the prep and popped in the slow cooker it just made the house smell gorgeous all day and it was a big hit with everybody so I'll definitely be making it again even though it's probably one of the trickier recipes that I've done and yeah we just really really enjoyed this it's not have done the boys jacket potatoes they've got some beet roots and gherkins this is some thick chopped ham and some cottage cheese so this is Bailey's Jake's is the same and Oscar's got the same but he's got no cottage cheese and that's what they're having for their dinner tonight right so a bit of a random one for Steve and I tonight so we had leftover lamb curry but we both really fancied mashed potato and not right so I've literally put it in up and dishes put some mashed potato and some cheese on top and then we've popped in the microwave back I said really weird I'll put on these plates because absolutely boiling hot and it's also all spilling over the side so this is myself shepherd's pie cover anything doesn't look very appetizing bear smells really good and this is Steve's so that's all we're home for dinner tonight right so for dinner tonight I have done the boys tacos is Taco Tuesday so they've got the Tucker shells they've got some spicy salsa some lettuce some grated cheese and the taco mince and I just added some mixed peppers to that because I've also given them a soft wrap because a lot of the shells arrived broken and that's what the boys are having before their dinner 2 minute right and Steve and I have got some beef mince and cauliflower rice we've got some red chili some cause yet a few peppers and it's on top of a bed of spinach and it's seasoned with smoked paprika garlic onion soy sauce and what else mm-hmm it's on pepper so this is my one and this is Steve's and that's what we've got tonight so just for dinner tonight the boys have got pork sausages chips and baked beans classic childhood dinner I remember loving sausage chips and beans when I was a child but Steve and I have got salad because trying to be healthy so we've got lettuce tomato cucumber spring onion we've got the what were they called chicka Lata chicken sausages and then we've got some chili and garlic crucial sauce and some Franks wing sauce as well so that's Steve's one there that's mine these are the boys and that's tonight's dinner tonight we have got spaghetti bolognaise I've made it with a pork mince and some pasta shells today so this is Bailey's just got some grated cheese on top Jakes and this one is Oscar's so for tonight's dinner I have done the boys the homemade KFC fake away zinger burgers so they've got some chicken breast I've used this time in brioche buns and the chicken breast is coated in hot and spicy Doritos they've got cheddar slices on top there's lettuce and ketchup in there so that one is Bailey's they've also got some potato pops this one is Jakes I'm not sure they're gonna make two each because these are absolutely massive but they can always be saved in the fridge for lunch tomorrow and then Oscar's got his deconstructive without his bread so that's what they've got for dinner tonight and if you fancy making this go and check out the fake away cook with me I will leave it link down below in the description box so for dinner tonight I have done the boys hashbrowns with some heck chicken sausages and some carrots with gravy this is Bailey's this one is Jake's and this is Oscar's so for dinner tonight I've done the boys like a salad e-type they're nice really really warm and muggy here today so they have got some boiled new potatoes a little bit of cottage cheese cucumber tuna mayo lettuce and mini sausages so this one is Bailey's Jake's got the same he's also got some cherry tomatoes and Oscar's got the same – the cottage cheese so that's what the boys are having tonight because yeah they wanted something cool and easy typica so for tonight's dinner I have made a pasta with chicken breast broccoli and obviously pasta using a tin of Campbell's condensed soup for the sauce and then I'm just gonna add some grated cheese on top so it oscars this one is Jakes and this one is Bailey's alright so for dinner tonight I've made the boys a Thai green chicken stir-fry chow mein e style thing so basically it's a Thai chicken sauce with some chicken and stir fry veg and then I've added some cooked egg noodles and some soy sauce so this one is Bailey's I think there's a spring onion green beans peppers carrots and baked corn in there so got Bailey's your son is Jake's and then Oscar didn't want that so I just pulled him out some of the sausage and bacon creamy potato baked from the freezer there's a cook with me up on this channel I will link it down below for this one lots of you have already tried it and it's really good and just tasted it and it's really good even though it's been frozen for over a week now so yeah definitely gonna be making this one again so yes well the boys have got tonight so Steve and I've got the same tired chicken curry stir-fry kit but I've added some fragrant couscous with roasted vegetables to it and again some soy sauce and some fresh chili so this is mine and this is Steve's and it smells really really good it's our fragrant just cuz we got it in our Tesco food hall instead of cauliflower rice is like substitution so it's not really what we wanted but it's got chickpeas and all sorts in it so yeah that's what we've got for our dinner tonight so that's it guys I hope you've enjoyed that video like I said sorry for being so absent for a little while just needed to take some time and again thank everybody who sent a message or contacted me through email or private messages on Instagram I really appreciate it and it helped so so much to read all your messages and your support so I will be back on Tuesday with our next video have a good weekend guys

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  • I am so so sorry about your little dog..being a french bull dog owner myself I can understand your sadness ..they really are such a massive part of your life ..take care xxx

  • Aww sorry to hear this R.I.P and I totally agree with what you said you know you know! Because I have a little doggie myself who is 4 years old and she is my shadow and I couldn't be with out her at all! X

  • Sending my sincere condolences. I know the unconditional love of a family pet, I too had my soul mate pass recently. 💔

  • Oh honey my heart goes out to you and all your boys. Absolutely devastating. Sending all my love to you xxx

  • Sending hugs to you all we have a Shih tzu who is nearly 14, we love her dearly, dogs are are babies as well as our children, lots of love Foulger Family xxx

  • I’m so sorry you had to put your pup to sleep. We recently had to put our Kate dog to sleep. She was 14 and perfect. Our hearts still hurt.

  • I'm saddened for you losing satchmo he was a loving best friend I know the pain your feeling I lost my dog 4 year's ago and I still feel the pain if losing her 😔 I hope you can feel better soon 🙏

  • My heart breaks for you, it’s the hardest thing in the world. You’re being so brave even getting back into a routine so soon! ❤️

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. Dogs are so much part of your family and it really hurts when you lose them matter what the circumstances are. My little dog is going to be 19 years old in October this year

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