hi welcome back to my channel I hope you all have a lovely Christmas I'm happy new year and today I'm coming back with another means of the week I'm just going to show you three days before a Christmas period I'm merely out Christmas Day and Boxing Day meas and we validly have a quiet Christmas just our little family of seven and my mom and dad pop up another kind of relatives but for actually cooking on the day it's just us we don't go crazy and when I was actually watching people doing their Christmas shopping in Tesco and see all their piety hydrolyse I said oh my goodness what am I doing wrong because we kind of keep it like a normal Sunday dinner but anyway any questions make sure to pop them in the comments below I'll be doing some cook with me style videos this year because I know there's a few recipes that you saw requested and if you are new to the channel you can check out all the previous means of the week and list them in the comments down below by the description box down below but anyway me and Lee Happy New Year and I'm just gonna get cracking good tonight daddy is having oh and I'm NN with the kiddos so we're gonna do just kind of picky party food and we have got the tempura king prawn from Tesco's finest party ranch that's three per town at the minute we had something else the other day but we've got 12 dollar bonds and they are the cheese and smoky chorizo and cream cheese chive Meyers with salmon and these are our local butchers and their little cocktail stick at cocktail sausages and they have cranberry and something else in the market they are gorgeous and we're gonna have some crackers and cheese but don't know if I put the camera bird on tonight maybe just some brains smoked cheese peewee crackers for them and then I love this Triple D chubby so that is more or less what we're gonna have for tea tonight so I'll get that all please up for them so for Christmas me and day we have a joint of common and we're going to boil it up because it's smoked just to get the salt inside of it and we also have a turkey I'm gonna make this a sweet palm so I'm gonna use coca-cola and then just really put it in the pot with all my seasoning pieces so onion bay leaves the cloves of the main thing and this gives a lovely smell throughout the heist depending on which you want to do it for about an hour and a half until three hours and then take it out and let it cool before you put it in the oven then I'm gonna get started on my sausage meat meatloaf so I've got the sausage meat and I just fried up some finely diced onions I'm frying up then the sausage meat i season this quite lightly because it's already quite salty and then I'm letting the onions cool because obviously the next step is mixing it all together that is my bread that's been processed I've got eggs cider and a little secret ingredient that I never tell anyone once it's cooled down I then like to add it all together so you want to add your wet into the dry mix and I usually initially do this with a wooden spoon and you want to just go by I so mixing it through and then you're going to add as much side or or more breadcrumbs just to make the mix that you like I mix it by hand and this is the job that I used to always do as a kid so I actually love doing at Christmas but it makes quite a difference because you get everything really nice and combined then you want to put it into your little dishes that are well buttered I put one silicone on one become one I also have a little bit extra so I use this as my testing one and then I put it in the oven for about 40 minutes turkey wise it's really basic we just put streaky bacon all round it use butter inside under the skin and I like to put a lemon in the carcass on some season and rind it so they've been in the oven for about 40 minutes and then I put a skewer all through the little meatloaf this means you can add more moisture so you'll add more cider or whatever the alcohol you wanted to use and that you can also keep the crust on the top if you not the cider it tends to go that bit more kicking and drier and then as the hams been cooling now I've trimmed off the excess fat and I'm just adding some of the marinade this is mainly honey and mustard I don't go too overboard because it's already really nice and sweet from the cola that it was baked in and this will probably take just 30 to 40 minutes in the oven because it's something most of us cooking or adding so Christmas Eve I like to get the vegetables practice well so it's one last thing to do Christmas Day carrots and parsnips and potatoes paid for roasting the next day and I put it in a cooled basin of water then on to the desserts I'm just doing an easy banoffee pie and a bit of a twist on a trifle these are the kids fear of red food this is yummy Joey's and they absolutely love these so we're going to use that instead of the sponge I've got my frozen berries and then I love this raspberry Jean Prosecco mixer so it's a bit milder than your normal sherry and there is a little bit of alcohol in it so you get a bit of a kick but it's more like a cool a opposed to the sherry for the banoffee pie I just use a normal kick ten that spring forms so you can take the edges off and creme caramel already done before I knew that existed I used to actually use the condensed milk and boil it for 12 hours I like to go with the reissue of half the butter to the digestive biscuit quantity and then I start breaking down the fruit so a medium heat and then just gently prodding it with the wooden spoon and adding caster sugar and apple juice and then the Prosecco mixer then I melt the butter and mix the digestive biscuits on the heat mean why I start adding the cooled Leafs of gelatine and I usually about use about five or six and you want to just gently stir it until you see it start to kind of get a bit more solid meanwhile making sure not to burn the digestive biscuits on butter once I've taken off I let it cool and give it a gentle stir until you see it start to set I want to start with the base of the trifle and start layering up the jammy joeys and I just do these really roughly I love to have the cule on the top and the gelee and you'll see it just run down the sides and I think it looks prettier at the end what's all done I've my custard and let it cool and then I'm just gonna layer it on the top you could make a shortcut and just use shopbot custard if you want it I'm doing the crammed caramel on top of the chilled beers I put that in the fridge for about 30 minutes nice and really for Christmas Eve I just let those chill in the fridge there's very little preparation the next day I'll just add the toppings after a Christmas dinner and so it's all done and dusted then on actual Christmas morning all I've got to do is make a nice fresh turkey gravy and then I've got the potatoes boiling for before roasting and they're mashing my carrots and parsnips are in the oven with the glaze the mate has already been cut all up the night before and the stuffing for timing and to keep the meat really moist we like to make a parcel so I line up stuffing ham and turkey and put a little dribble of the gravy on the top part of it and then I put it in the oven for about 10 minutes before and it comes out lovely and this is just plated up like I said it's kind of a normal Sunday dinner for us we do go overboard and we don't bother with the starters because no one would eat the me and mate on the desserts so that is a Lay's the other one was mine and the children so we've got Dylan and Lola's i'muh for all the mix of meat or mashed potato or vegetables they love their broccoli and those potatoes and then the two little boys that's their portions so then onto those desserts have taken them out of the fridge I like to mix it with the marsh Caponi as well I think it gives a more substantial topping on top of the banoffee we're going to add some crushed up Maltesers as well but do you actually have people coming over so it's not all for us we know how easy that banoffee pie was but I like to put it on a fancy cake stand to make him a cracker man losing effort the trifle we've just made it a bit more Christmassy with some little toppings of gingerbread man and red and white sprinkles and we're good to go basically and that is us for Christmas Day so box a day we like to keep it really minimal alie takes charge I don't do any cook and just enjoy the kiss so we've got leftover sausage meat and bread crumbs and he's gonna make us a sausage room and basically it's just that mix and ready rolled puff pastry and popped in the oven and then we just really have cooled cuts and little bits and pieces so we've got playin white buttered bread and I think that's the best if you're wanting to make a turkey sandwich and he's made some homemade chips and obviously we've got those sausage rules he made and the kids love these tempura batter prawns and salad wise we've just got some cubed up cheese cucumber tomato and boiled egg cools and then we've got our turkey and our cook Cola ham and our slices of stuffing and I actually prefer the meat cooled the next day and we've got beiträge chili noodles and I've just dressed a pan little solid pesto pasta and a little nut mix that I make in December so that is our box and I hope you enjoyed make sure to subscribe if you'd like to see more and Happy New Year thanks for watching guys


  • Just discovered your channel I’m a family of 6 also from Northern Ireland lol. Where did you get your chutney?

  • Just found your channel whilst looking for family meal inspiration……5 children and you cook from scratch pretty much all the time…….you’re amazing! Please can you set another place for dinner…I’m coming over x

  • Where do u get your dinnerware? I recognize some as being Rachel Ray's brand, but what are the others? Do u have a video on that, if so, plz link me to it, if not, u should do one. I would really love to know?👍

  • Really, really wonderful! Looks like u put a lot of love into your food and family and it really shows. As always, the food looks divine!👍. Keep the meals coming! I sure am feeling inspired. Thank you! Stay blessed…

  • Have been binge watching your videos and I love these particular ones. Would love some recipe videos if possible for anything that has been in your meals for the week videos. May seem simple to you but we had basic freezer dinners growing up. I have a husband and a little boy who I want to be a good cook for – starting from basics! Xx

  • That gammon looked amazing. Your meals are always incredible, Ashley, how do you do it with 5 children? Share your secrets 😍 x

  • that all looks really yummy. thanks for some new ideas fed up cooking the same meals each week.

  • Looks incredible!!!! You really are a wonderful momma and wife 🙂
    So nice that your hubby did most of the cooking for you on boxing day so you could relax a bit too:-)

    Loved the idea of the sausage loaf!
    Going to have to try that!

    I'm Canadian and my momma has always done our stuffing in the turkey which there never seems to be many crispy bits! I love her meals don't get me wrong lol and I'll prob do it the exact same way one day when she wants to pass on the turkey torch lol but I bet I would LOVE this a ton since the whole top gets crispy lol that's the best part!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    I'm so happy I found your channel, your a breath of fresh air and your positivity is encouraging 🙂

    Take care 🙂

  • Haha just a quiet Christmas with my family of 7!!!! 7 how is that ever quiet! 😂 loves this ashley, happy new year xxx

  • I loved your Christmas cooking it’s your very own traditions in cooking etc that makes Christmas special hope you and your family have a fab new year 😘

  • Delicious food! Love watching you guys in the uk because there are slight variations between you & us in Australia & I love getting ideas for my family. Happy new year!

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