Meal Prepping For the Whole Family | Struggle Meals

Meal Prepping For the Whole Family | Struggle Meals

here it is the thing you've all been asking for the blueprint for a whole week's meals for a family of four I'm talking breakfast lunch and dinner 21 meals in total 84 servings so the key here is one really big shop a Sunday meal prep a Wednesday mini meal prep and making sure we use every single thing spent only 140 $7.93 you guys have asked a lot for a blueprint for something like this here it is life can be a struggle but a good meal doesn't have to be we can make creative nutritious and inventive dishes that will break the bank well through the struggle meals there's a couple things that we have to do to make sure that this works across the whole week the first is planning out in advance this way we know we're going to use all the groceries across multiple recipes then we've got to prep our own ingredients if someone else is cooking for you you losing money and we've got to make sure that we have no waste so we can repurpose leftovers and to completely reimagine dishes you'll never get bored of it Sunday we meal prep to make things easier throughout the week so we take some time right now part of the cost savings comes from doing the work yourself first I'm gonna braise the brisket for Sunday night dinner and the leftovers we're gonna stretch across to other meals while that's in the oven cook a pot of beans boil a dozen eggs and then immediately drop them into a nice bag and let's also cook a pot of rice it only takes a few minutes to get all this going and you have a huge head start on the week I tossed some potatoes and carrots in the brisket for the last hour of cooking and now I've got a full meal for something like that so that's it I've got dinner on the table for tonight I've got meals prepped for the next few days let's work on some breakfasts so we're gonna have overnight oats for breakfast and this is a perfect opportunity to get the dry ingredients for multiple breakfasts ready now so I've got three containers here and I am making breakfast for three different days four servings each these are the rolled oats that I'm using here I got these in the bulk section they're totally plain I'm flavouring them today with cinnamon and sugar brown sugars got a little more depth than the ultra refined stuff all right here comes some cinnamon cinnamon sugar see what's going on here mix this around the night before I want to eat these that's when I'm gonna soak them that's when they're gonna become the overnight notes right now they're completely dormant this is the one I'm gonna have tomorrow morning so let's get some yogurt and let's get some milk almond milk would work great coconut milk soy milk so now imagine if I had done that with the other ones I'd have super soggy oats three days down the line when I have this for breakfast mmm not yet oats okay so these are gonna hang out in the fridge the oats overnight are gonna absorb all that yogurt and milk they're gonna become more plump and then I'm just gonna add fresh fruit that's it it's a quick easy nutritious breakfast that I don't have to think too much about the last part of the meal prep is that I made these peanut butter banana muffins and they are gonna be our breakfast alternates between the overnight oats so imagine we got the rolled oats muffins oats muffins oats muffins french toast these with a little bit of fruit in the morning it's like perfect okay so we've prepped our brisket our eggs are beans our rice and all of our breakfasts Sunday meal prep is done we're ready for the week use leftover brisket for sandwiches for lunch on Monday and then you can make a slaw real quick and if you make a double slaw then we can use it in other dishes use some of the beans for a big batch chili from Monday night dinner and then add in some of the rice and add in some of your leftover slaw dinner for Tuesday lunch we're having egg salad remember all those eggs we boiled on Sunday start using them on Tuesday we're gonna use up the rest of the brisket for a fajita dinner and we'll use that leftover rice also it's a perfect way to use it up with a different flavor profile it's Wednesday we're gonna make a veggie burger we're gonna use our leftover chili here and the rest of our rice and those are the two main ingredients for the perfect patty so here is the rest of our chili if it's looking like it's got a lot of moisture you're gonna want to drain that off as best you can Moisture in a veggie burger is good up to a point but you also want it to bind together and that's why the leftover rice is really a perfect accompaniment because it's like a natural little sponge let's get some breadcrumbs in here this really binds the whole thing together and an egg and finally some cheddar cheese here's a simple veggie burger blueprint if you want to make your own you just need a bean you need a grain and you need a binder work it out okay so we got our egg in here and this is really gonna be the moment where we see if we need more dryness or more binder I'm gonna put some more breadcrumbs they're still pretty wet not only our veggie burgers delicious but this is a really nice way to use some leftovers so that you don't feel bored with them you know so they taste a little bit different so keep in mind about what you're using if your leftovers had a bunch of seasoning mine did I'm not gonna add any salt but if you're just using like regular cooked plain beans you're gonna want a season so these are formed a quick little trip to the freezer is gonna help solidify them so that when I work them with a spatula they stay as veggie burger patties that is after all what we made I'm hypnotized by this week's grocery bill the freezer helps sort of make them a little more sloggy so they will stay together but you still have to be delicate so we have to let us sleep on the bottom here and this creates a little impermeable barrier so that our veggie burger all the juices from it don't get through to the bottom and make this bun soggy and inoperable there's nothing I hate more than an inoperable hamburger so because these are so delicate really the key is to leave them alone put them on really gently let them do their thing take a peek flip it over don't futz too much though gorgeous really really gorgeous not only is cheese a delicious dairy product that I love very very much but it's acting as a glue here as it melts over top it will keep it together it's like lots of different binders working it's the breadcrumb working with the egg working with the cheese on the inside and the cheese on the top gotta love it let's get a gorgeous center cut piece of tomato beautiful and this can sit right on top of the lettuce ah who knew that a chili bean dinner could be turned into a delicious and nutritious veggie burger which is looking pretty fantastic right now looking pretty good there's just moisture dripping out the bottom absolutely delicious mmm we have a delicious veggie burger here that was crafted out of the transformation of leftovers I'm talking about our chili I'm talking about our rice so much better in this new vehicle don't you think let's see what other dishes we can transform our leftovers into

38 thoughts on “Meal Prepping For the Whole Family | Struggle Meals

  • You could also use that gravy from the brisket to make rice and gravy. Just add a bit of cornstarch to thicken it up if it’s too watery. I love brisket and that one looked amazing!

  • shop list whole Oats from bulk section,Cinnamon and brown sugar ( pantry  items) Cheese ( only cheese I saw was orange American slices on veggie burger) Baking powder( for muffins) Onions Canned tomatoes Peanut butter Chicken thighs

    Brisket  Beef broth? 1/2 gallon Milk Eggs (showed an 18 pack?) Pasta 

    Fresh fruit (showed banana and strawberries apples qt plain Yogurt Bread Rolls for veggie burger Lettuce Fresh veggies( showed broccoli onions red pepper cauliflower tomatoes carrots 2 large russet potatoes)red cabbage Beans? Dried Barley

    For the egg salad use the free mayo packs? Bread crumbs (pantry item)

  • Frankie you’re great man but I think the editors did you a disservice. They didn’t show what you plated w the dinner on Tuesday. Brisket, rice w (?) side in the middle that looked like shredded cheese. No display of the ingredients of the veg chili. They rushed this video it’s making you look bad. They played us all for views. You didn’t display how to soak the beans. As someone who really respects you and food and the love for turning ingredients into a magical delicious experience. The editor must not love food, this vid is weak compared your usual stuff.

  • Good. Very good. Maybe a few of these. Different dishes. I'll be interested to see more. Thank you for this.

  • Some cooked meals when stored for a certain number of days spoils and I am a bit worried with the beans. When is it good to cook the beans and how long should it be kept in the ref? And the oats, you only have to soak but some oats needs cooking. How much budget you should alot for a week's food consumption?

  • you put so much thought into these videos Frankie 💜
    it really shows. thank u for being so awesome & consistent

  • continue this please, one meal is good but family and week prep is much more difficult and also the most efficient

  • This video went way too fast for me… I know struggle meals don't always have explicit recipes, but this one had so many criss-crossing threads and ingredients that I would've really liked a more organized breakdown of what is used where and how. Those muffins in particular, I could really use a recipe for them. What happened to the brisket stock, too? The video didn't even say what kind of stock, or put it on the shopping list, and also didn't explain what happened to all the onions and carrots afterwards. You served it with potatoes and carrots that you said were thrown in the pan at the end of cooking, but that's not in the footage, and they look roasted. What goes in the chili, and what goes in the egg salad? What volume of eggs and oats and cheese does this meal plan need? I'm sure I can figure most of this stuff out by studying the video and getting some estimates from other recipes, but it just seems unnecessary to not just document it in the video or at least the description. I'm hoping some of it gets cleared up in the second part. The video is still entertaining, but it doesn't seem very helpful.

  • i can make all for about $75 a week, and have egg/spinach and toast for breakfast, sandwiches, and wraps for lunches for the week, and a few ingredients with pantry items (that i buy once a month) and we have the dinners.

  • I Love this Channel it helps me so much My Family are always creeping round for a meal…😃😃😃

  • Lol $150 is like $600 per month on Groceries. How big is this family or where is food this expensive. We are a family of 3 and I spend about that per month in Florida on food.

  • It's a bit expensive for my budget I'm struggling remember hahah, but, then again that's 3 meals a day and that's not a bad price. If ya can afford it, go for it.

  • I'm so happy you did this!!!
    There's only 2 of us so this will last for two weeks, 147.00 for 2 weeks not bad!!!
    Thank you for the blueprint!!!
    Where's the rest of the week?

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