Martian pizza and other creative cookery with Mars500

Martian pizza and other creative cookery with Mars500

and now I didn't God look like who's there easy one year ago on the start of June 2010 we are entering those modules and we didn't eat them for one year and we still have 155 days to go but it's nothing compared to the 365 that we just did so it could be a lot of different dishes first I want to clarify that this is not a real pizza this is a simulation of a pizza place a simulation of a trip to Mars but since we don't have any more ingredients here and the bakery is closed at this time some of these like toast breads that have onion and the sort of look like a pizza sort of tastes like it's a channel and they smell very good if you don't have it from the from the video but you have to cook it the whole space ship will be smelly like pizza yeah but already sweet pepper and tomato and all those nice things smells very good we have pizza with fish we have vegetables and our new invention pizza with bamboo that's a little Chinese pizza International Pizza experience I know how it looks on the video that smells very good it's an experiment the culinary experience just chocolate biscuits a lot of good things like that to celebrate our first year here in the modules what are you doing dig a hole and we're preparing the Martian balls we've got the recipe on Mars and now we were using it and bringing it back for so what are they made of like this is made of lava rock come to Lara a la Rock Oh tomorrow which I don't know what is it's sort of Russian powder and this is just melted chocolate bars with the secret ingredients and and that is necessary for today we were so ever in one year inside the model

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  • @david25luvit

    Humans are social beings and tend to not function well in isolated surroundings. Simulating a voyage means we can have estimates for behavioural parameters, and prepare the crew that will go much better.

  • Space messes with your taste buds, I doubt those would be as good on an actual voyage. Also, where did they get the fresh veggies, greenhouse?

  • @shadowq2 they are also doing experiments, both social and scientific. Nothing as cutting edge as inventing teflon, but they are testing equipment and the limits of the human being.They also simulated a walk on mars 🙂

  • simulation pizza, just like simulation to mars…. lol things we couldn't say a few years ago 😀 I love pizza and I love mars500 ! 😀

  • @Ferrariman601 i hope you know that a journey to mars is a journey without comeback so the astronauts would live in total isolation for the rest of their lives

  • So they are just living there ? Or are they doing also experiments and things? ONLY living is not such a big thing. Or we will send people to Mars that wont do anything there?

  • What does this have to do with E.S. A….the space program? I'm very disappointed!!!
    Must've been desperate to post something……

  • This is really a fascinating experiment! I'm absolutely amazed to see just how well the crew appears to be coping with such prolonged isolation, and that they are still working well together.

    It looks like humans are ready for Mars, now our technology has to get there.

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