Madina | Food & Travel Guide | Indian & Pakistani Together | Ziyarats of Medina Munawarrah

Madina | Food & Travel Guide | Indian & Pakistani Together |  Ziyarats of Medina Munawarrah

Assalam Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak And today we’re going to the City of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) That is Medina Right now I am at the Mosque of Quba And this is the Qiblatayn Mosque Where we are right now is the field of Battle of the Trench Here we have the Uhud mountain Right now we are enroute to the plain of Badr And here we have a well We have now reached the field of Badr This mosque here was the Prophet’s tent during the battle And in the front we have the battlefield of Badr I will try my best that in this journey I provide as much information as I can So that travelling to Medina can become easier for others We’ll explore how this journey goes for us God willingly you all will like it So Let’s Go to Medina! #Chalain So now we have landed to the Medina Airport As we enter Medina one experiences A sudden peace and calm in their nature All airports are very hectic for people Everyone’s in a rush, there’s too much noise But in Medina, even the airport gives a sense of peace! Now we have left the airport and are in a bus Niaz Bhai is driving our bus, he’s from Lucknow We are from Karachi and this is the beauty that India and Pakistan are both together in Medina Where are you from in Lucknow? I am from Raibareli So people from Lucknow will be watching Do you wanna say something to them? Assalam Alaikum everyone watching! Right now I am in the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina And as soon as you Step foot on Medina’s soil, one feels like They have found solace and shelter As if someone has given you protection from all harm And that person certainly is the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Upon Him) Due to whom this place is filled with God’s love and mercy As for food, people come here from around the world So we can find a variety of cuisines here from everywhere! All kinds of food here are spectacular Usually we have Fried Chicken, Shawarma Pakistani/Indian cuisine etc. are available here But I will suggest that You don’t look around for food too much Because the more you travel, the more energy will be wasted And the mosque is also quite huge So going too far for food will waste a lot of time I’ll suggest that you get food from around the hotel that you stay in The hotels have their own restaurants as well You can eat from there too Whenever you come to Medina Please take care of the fact that You need to have a lot of patience There are gates on all 4 sides of the Mosque And these gates are all numbered Right in front of the gate no. 7 is Baab-us-Salaam And baab-us-salaam is from where you can Go to the Prophet’s (PBUH) resting place Around the mosque there are many monuments where Once can travel, there’s a Quran Exhibition Museum You can go see that as well So the hotel we’re staying is called Dar-al-Eiman Taibah Hotel And from here we’ll enter the Mosque from Gate no. 15 From gate number 15 to gate number 26 The hotels are Very close to the Baab-un-Nisa (Women’s Gate) If you book a hotel here Then the ladies will be easily able to Access the mosque As the mosque will not be too far And the men’s area will be away from their entrance If you book a hotel on the opposite end then the women Will have to cross the whole mosque to reach their gate Which will be quite difficult for them Especially for women with disabilities etc Or ones who cannot walk that long So if such people are with you Try to book a hotel behind gate 15 and 26 As it will make your travelling a lot easier So the hotel in Medina that we’re staying at has breakfast buffet And it is very delicious let’s go and see what else they have So many types of salads are present here, A variety of hummus is present as well Here we have Olives, and a great healthy option for breakfast ‘Couscous’ Many Arabian dishes are present here, chickpeas and beef sausages Scrambled egg is here, boiled egg too ‘Falafel’ ‘Oriental Mixed Fried’ These are vegetables So beneath the hotels there are many shops all around And one can find gift items etc. easily here Which can be brought home as souvenirs and gifts for relatives and friends So everywhere around the markets These souvenirs and gift items such as prayer beads, and other items are found which can be brought home Assalam Alaikum Falak Sher Bhai! How are you? We are going today For sightseeing around Medina and Falak Sher Bhai is taking us Are you from Pakistan? Yes Which City? Layyah Here we have the Quba Mosque right in front of us Right now I am inside the Quba Mosque and it is highly regarded in Islam Because here, the rewards of two rakahs Is equal to the rewards of an Umrah The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever purifies himself in his house, then comes to the mosque of Quba and prays in it, he will have a reward like the Umrah pilgrimage.” So if you come to Medina, after ablution in the hotel, Do visit the Quba Mosque and offer 2 rakahs and get the rewards of a whole Umrah! This here is the Quba mosque and in the foreground The shades that you all can see Is a small bazar And you can shop for souvenir here as well The place we are at right now Is the place where the Battle of Trench took place This mosque here is also known due to the Battle This where the battle happened The small mosque in front of us was the tent of Caliph Umar (R.A) And right in front of the mosque we are at where the road is nowadays, was the trench This is what we’re told, and, This, right infront of us, was the tent of Bibi Fatima (S.A) And that place on the mountain that we can see That was the tent of Caliph ‘Ali (R.A) This is the Qiblatayn Mosque And this was the direction of the first Qiblah – Jerusalem The Prophet (PBUH) received a revelation And he was told by God To turn his face towards Mecca during prayer The change was a whole 180 degrees Which means that Palestine, Jerusalem and Kaaba in Mecca were totally opposite in directions Right now I am at the Mount of Uhud This place behind me is where the 70 martyrs of the Battle of Uhud are buried The Prophet’s uncle Hamzah and other companions are buried here This mountain that we can see is the place Where the Prophet assigned some companions to stay during the battle and they were martyred after leaving the post against the Prophet’s orders The Prophet (PBUH) told about this mount that I love the Uhud mountain and The Uhud mountain loves me Uhud mountain is one of the mountains from Paradise Here we have food for everyone in the Mosque This arrangement starts after the Asr prayer Yogurt, Bread, Dates etc are given just to please God without any differentiation What food items do we have? We have chicken, mutton naan etc All Pakistani cuisine? Yes Where are you from? I am from India Wow an Indian on a Pakistani restaurant! Where are you from in India? Kolkata Oh okay! We have tikkas etc. here as well We are enroute to the Plain of Badr right now and here we have a well The history of this well is that the Prophet, along with his companions was going to the Battle of Badr and the water supply was very short but, the water from this well was not sweet So the Prophet PBUH put his saliva into the well And the water in the well became sweet This well is running to this day and people come here and drink the water from this well Here pipes are running And on the other side there is a tap We have cans for the water here Here we have the whole line up of taps Here we have water for ablution and drinking This water is really great! Here we have Rizwan Bhai who came especially from Jeddah to take us to Badr And now here at the well, we are eating corns! How far is the plain of Badr? 70-80 kilometres Here we have the corn as well! Here we have a small shop as well that sells dry fruits So the people coming to see the well Can get some snacks as well This the tomb of the Martyrs of the Battle of Badr They have closed the tomb now, so We have a small ladder here And using this ladder, we will See the tomb We have now reached the Plain of Badr This mosque here was the tent of the Prophet (PBUH) And right in front of it was the battefield Just imagine for a while that it’s the month of Ramadan Everyone’s fasting, in scorching heat no preparations of battle whatsoever If anything, there’s just faith in Allah and this, is the battlefield of Badr This whole plain was the battlefield and the tomb of the martyrs is a bit far so, the common thought is that when the companions went a bit ahead into the enemies’ side, they would have been martyred there Because the Prophet’s tent is on this side and people say that the date trees here are from where angels appeared to help the Muslims in the battle And, coming here is a really great opportunity for us And I try that through my camera I show around Medina to the people who cannot come here and give out information Here we have stopped to eat, The food is finally here Half of it is Madbi, the other half is Mandi If you have Mandi in Medina, Saudi Arabia then you would obviously get the original mandi Great! Here we have the Jannat-ul-Baqi’ where the Ahlulbayt, Companions and the Prophet’s Wives are buried The gate to al-Baqi’ opens for a while after the Fajr and Asr prayers So you can visit the graves during that time and pray as well So here, our trip to Medina has ended I tried during this short trip to show as many sights and information as possible Somethings I showed to you all, others I wasn’t able to Before coming here, do research a lot You will find a lot of stuff on Google Maps as well And read a bit of history too So that while visiting you have as much information as possible Hope you liked the video, please like, share and remember me in your prayers as I did too! We’ll meet InshaAllah in another video Allah Hafiz! Assalam Alaikum How are you? What’s your name? Mehmood Elahi Mehmood Bhai are you from Pakistan? Yes MashaAllah, you guys are the real heroes for us It is a great honor to serve at the house of the Prophet (PBUH) and you guys are doing it how do you feel about it? really great! Which city are you from? Swabi remember us in your prayers because… we’ll leave Medina, but you’ll stay here…

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