Maamoul Cookies Recipe – Middle Eastern Desserts – Heghineh Cooking Show

29 thoughts on “Maamoul Cookies Recipe – Middle Eastern Desserts – Heghineh Cooking Show

  • В преддверии праздника очень актуально было найти Ваш рецепт маамуль. Выглядет супер. Буду пробовать. Вы живёте в Ливане?

  • Unfortunately I live in a small town and ingredients are very difficult to find, but I try always to find good recipies like this one. Thank you for sharing your knowledge 😊😙

  • I AM SO THANKFUL I JUST FOUND YOUR CHANNEL!!! Your recipe looks AMAZING!! I have many Arabic friends who always bring some treats when they come to visit, and I feel bad that when I visit them I do not bring such yummy treats! I LOVE TO COOK FOODS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, but now I live in a small town with no international grocery store! I am always nervous to try some one else's recipes because I can not afford to throw ingredients away if the recipe is not good! I don't like to waste food anyways, but waste money is just as bad lol. I love the way you speak clearly, confident, and with a sweet tone to your voice. I AM VERY EXCITED TO SUBSCRIBE AND WATCH ALL YOUR VIDEOS! THANK YOU, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, AND MAY YOU AND YOUR FAMILY BE VERY BLESSED!

  • I make ka'ak & mamoul for Easter, but, I kneed the dates with a bit of oil, cinnamon and orange blossom water, The dough also contains mahlab and mastka.

  • Those cookies I definitely want to try. We do not have dates sold that way here. I guess I could make my own date paste or mixture in the food processor. Love all your videos!! Thank you!!

  • I absolutely love you videos!!! I love Armenian and middle eastern cuisine so thank you!!!! Your son is super cute too! Also, you have such a great figure 🙂

  • My Lebanese friend made this a few times for me. I tried the one from the store but it's just not the same

  • I've made these a long time ago AND I invested in the old fashioned wooden molds (I too have too many kitchen toys!) I'd like to try your recipe for the dough next time, it sounds tastier. I did mix my date filling with orange zest and I think it added a nice dimension to the sweetness of the dates.

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