Late Night BREAKFAST FREEZER MEALS – 12 Hour Freezer Cooking Until 3 a.m. LIKE A BOSS 🤪🤪🤪

Late Night BREAKFAST FREEZER MEALS – 12 Hour Freezer Cooking Until 3 a.m. LIKE A BOSS  🤪🤪🤪

(acoustic intro music) – Hey, hey, hey, look
at us, we are back today with another super mega large
family freezer cooking day, I am doing a ton of
breakfast freezer meals. I am out and I feel it in life, I need to just stock up on
breakfast freezer meals, I need to do a bunch
of lunch freezer meals, snacks, and a whole lot
of dinner freezer meals. But today, it is, let’s
see, give you the run down, it’s about quarter to three, kids are outside playing now, I am going to just do
as many freezer meals as I possibly can. On my white board I have all of my breakfast freezer meals listed and I will read those
to you here in a moment and tell you what my plan is how to get this going I love using my large
family freezer meal packs, those are based off my
freezer meal recipes I’ve been doing for years and they just organize all of this so even if I don’t have my wits about me, I can just follow my plan. Follow my own plan. But I’m doing several new recipes and so you got to watch me dig through how I’m going to share with you that I’m bulk cooking all these recipes. They’re not necessarily new to me, but they’re new for a freezer cooking day. All that to say, today’s large family
breakfast freezer meals video is in collaboration with none other than my friend Amy Maryon. Amy is a mama of ten, she’s got elementary age kids, all the way through launched,
grown adulty married kids. So, big age span there, just like we have going on our at house. Amy loves doing big batch cooking. She does a ton of freezer meals, tons of large family meal prep, lots of discount grocery shopping. I know one day, when Amy and I meet, we are gonna be like
peanut butter and jelly, and it’s gonna be fantastic. For now, we talk on the internet. We e-mail, we share, but I know, she’s my best friend in real life. That’s how we all feel, right? I’m your best friend,
you’re my best friend, Amy’s my best friend,
we’re all friends together. So when you are done
watching how my day unfolds, again, it’s quarter to three, I hope we’re not cleaning up at quarter to three in the morning we shall see, anyway, when you are done watching what goes down in my kitchen, go over to Amy’s channel and watch her large family
breakfast freezer meals video. Going down, I don’t know how much she has made or is making, I don’t know what it’s going to look like at the end of the day for me, but I know it’s going to be a lot. So watch mine, watch hers. Go subscribe to Amy if
you haven’t already. We had all the large family
freezer cooking going down. If I get done half of this, I will feel accomplished. Because like I say, there’s
some new things here, and I’ve got to take pictures of them, and it can get complicated. But anyway, I hope to do a whole bunch of mixed stewart muffins, also sausage and egg bagels, I want to do several pans of country egg and potato breakfast bake, I want to do a bunch of sausage, egg and cheese breakfast pockets, these are kind of like hot pockets, but I’m going to do some and stuff them with
sausage, egg, and cheese, and some, stuff them with
bacon, egg, and cheese, you can do homemade dough for that, mama ain’t playin’ that right now, bought a whole bunch of Great Value brand and Pillsbury brand croissant
dough, already done. So now we’re going to
stuff them, yes we are. We’re gonna do a bunch of
Western breakfast burritos, and bacon egg and cheese
breakfast burritos. Then we’re going to roll into, we’re gonna do classic french toast, we’re gonna do white
chocolate chip waffles. We’re gonna do butterscotch pancakes. Hoping to do classic of each, and also some cinnamon spice waffles, also I want to make a ton, gallons and gallons, of
homemade sausage gravy, and also a ton of
homemade freezer biscuits. It’s going to go down. It’s going to go great, it’s gonna be fantastic, let’s gt prep work started now. First thing I think should happen, is we need to get bulk
cooking meat and eggs. So let’s get all this sausage going. (lid banging) (cap pops) (spray can spraying) Travis just did a big Wal-Mart grocery pick up order for me, so my sausage and all of that, everything is defrosted
and ready to be cooked up. So we got two, four,
six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen. So I am going to cook up sixteen pounds of this sausage. Okay, so we got our, might as well say, near
20 pounds of sausage here, and I am going to cook batch cook this up in this love IKEA pot that we talk about often over here, right? We should be able to get a good amount of this cooking in this pot. And then I will move on to something else. Now, what is really nice with my big batch cooking guides that we put together, that are in my large
family freezer meal packs, People are like Jamerrill, why do you do those packs? Well, those packs take all the math, and all the organization out, see, right now all this
cooking I’m doing today, I think I just, I might
end up whining, okay, this is what this freezer
cooking makeup could be. In which Jamerrill whines that she has to cook all day without a big batch cooking guide. That’s what’s happening. I don’t have my big batch cooking guide. And so I am here, with all of these big recipes, and I am trying to cook
them all now on one day, and I feel blind now, since I’ve come out with those products, I feel like I’m cooking blindly. ’cause the big batch cooking guide and all the recipes in those packs it really holds my hand in making large quantities
of freezer meals at one time, takes all
the thought process out. So you, I guess we could say this is kind of a behind the scenes video, later, many of these new to me sharing all the internet recipes these will be, I don’t know, in large family freezer
meals pack 26 or something, I only have the first nine packs out now, one day, you will be able to make all 40, 50, or 623 meals
and have the guide, but this is the work I
have to put into it first to bring it all together. Okay, enough of that line. Oh boy, thank you. Zion is feeding me grilled cheese while I cook and I appreciate that. I’m going to add about
two cups of water to this. So I just turned the heat
down a little bit, yeah. So that’s that. (pots banging) (relaxing music) Okay, so, I’m doing up, kinds of bacon, you can see we got, camping table out in the
middle of the big kitchen for more counter room, Zion’s over here, he’s going to do six or seven loads of cinnamomi french toast for us, Travis and the other kids, they are actually
running out to Lowe’s now to get a little list of things we need. With this bacon, many times when I do bacon
in the oven for my family, cooking on these racks, and then I twist it. However, I’m sitting here try to prep multiple pounds of bacon, and I’m like, you know what, it doesn’t have to be pretty. I’m just batch cooking it up like that. Save us some time, get us some more bacon in
these breakfast freezer meals, yes I name it. Okay, so now I’m going to get things going to do a gazillion scrambled eggs, I really need in
different bakes, burritos. A good trick is, (kitchen timer beeps) if you can cook all your scrambled eggs in a roaster oven, at this time, it’s like mama don’t have time for that, That would have been a great thing I needed to get going. It’s great whenever you can do prep work before you jump into your cooking. If you don’t have prep work done, like to truly, to truly do this, I like to take a list, and some time, and a day, or a few hours, and just go down all the prep things. And then jump in. That don’t always happen though, and this is just to jump
in, we’re doing this, we’re prepping and going all at once. (upbeat music) Here we go! Whoo, Lots of steam going on there. Ten dozen scrambled eggs, it is possible, had to do it in shifts, but now it’s done, yay, lots of recipes these eggs are going into. We’re not going for
perfect bacon strips here. I just want it cooked. So we’re going to get some
more bacon going here, I am actually going to watch some of Amy Maryon’s large family
freezer meal cooking videos, if you go over to Amy’s channel, you click the video tabs, and then you sort it by most popular. You will see, I mean, she’s, if you love big batch
cooking, girlfriend here, she’s got her videos are like 45 minutes to an hour and a half, easy, and lots of people watch them. So I’m going to watch her
highest view video ever, it’s called “My Biggest Large Family “Once a Month Freezer Meals Video Ever” So, I think at some point I had watched 39 minutes of it. I’m going to start it over and watch it now, at least while I’m working on this bacon. And that’s what I do a lot of times when I’m filming these videos, or just cooking in general. I’ll put another mama, another
YouTube mama’s video on. (acoustic music) I’m wrapping, but I’m also
jumping into some assembly. I need to get a bunch of onions cut ’cause a lot of the things I’m making between the burritos and
the bakes need some onions. With the country egg and
potato bakes I’m doing, it’s similar to those breakfast bowls that you may have seen out and about, lots of options out there, only this is an entire bake, so you can put it in a bowl if you like. You can chop up potatoes, and prep yourself five,
ten pounds of potatoes. You can also buy the little
hashbrown cube potatoes. And we’re going to mix up our onions and our scrambled eggs and sausage and potatoes and cheese, yes. And then wrap it up and freeze it I’m actually probably going
to save one for tomorrow, but I’m going to do it in the
nine by 13 pan, many of them. Those will be a ton of
breakfast for my family just with those alone. (smoke detector beeping) That’s the sound of mom setting off the smoke detectors when I opened the oven from bacon. Always good sign, means
good cooking going down. (relaxing music) Zion has taken out, and he’s done seven loads of french toast, which I think is about 150 or so slices. He’s got them all packed up, put them in our freezer stash. (relaxing music) So here is how the country egg
and potato bakes turned out, I need a little remote, right? Perfect, fully functioning brain mom. I could have taken these frozen potatoes and baked them first, then put them in my mix, and then froze them. I didn’t, I mixed it all up, and I was like, Jamerrill,
what are you doing? Once I was done, once
I was done, of course, I had this foresight. Anyway, so I baked one of them, turned out fantastic, tastes fantastic. The potatoes are fully done, the only difference is
they’re not a dark brown, but it still tastes good. If we could have taste testing. So I’m going to freeze them like this. And so here’s what it looks like baked. There’s my breakfast bowl. The idea is this is like
the breakfast bowls, only you bake it in a pan and then you can put it in a bowl. So Zion is yet again
having mercy on his mother. He’s being my happy helper. He’s wrapping things up for me, he just got those egg and
potato bakes out there, what I am doing now, is my little meat masher, mash, really, these are as amazing
as you hear rumors of. I am using it now to chop up my bacon. And I’m going to go ahead and put some plastic wrap on this. They’ll be breakfast tomorrow. Tomorrow we have Friendsgiving with three or four or five other families. Gonna be so much fun. It’s our, some Thanksgiving themed foods, and then some wild and crazy things, like chocolate milk and mini bagels. We also got pumpkin pie for him, for them to join turkeys and everything. So, lots of good things going on. Okay, let me set this over here. Need to cool just for a few more minutes. And then, I won’t forget with these, (mumbles) meal prep things I’m doing too, I’m gonna do some Western
style breakfast burritos. Let me look at my recipes. That’s several different things. Prepping, cooking, being done, Zion’s over there, still
doing a bajillion pancakes, anyway, I’m gonna get
these shredded hash browns going in my pans on the stove in a little bit of oil. And try to just keep an eyeball on those while I work on doing these
homemade breakfast hot pockets. I’m just taking a minute to clean up here a little bit. This is how easy it is, for doing the cleanup, to doing the bacon in the oven with the parchment paper. Just gonna throw all of this mess out. So I love using my cast iron pan. I’ve used it for years, it’s extra large. I’ve busted this stove top with it, and I just paid almost 400
dollars for this new stove top. So I’m just not using it right now. There will come a point where I start using it, and I will probably forget, and I will probably end
up with another stove top, but, oh, so frustrating when that happens, so I’m just not gonna use it during this cooking time. Okay, we got one pan done. The other pan, I gave it a good scrub, I don’t want to look at it anymore for a little bit, I’m going to get this pan cooking. Now I just looked over
those on my stove tops, so, just kind of doing a quick
little check in, wipe up. And mamas will ask me
about cleaning up as I go, and some share they get in a great system of cleaning up as they go, for me it just depends on what kind of meals I’m making, and the cooking groove I get in. And I like the tip that
Amy gave in her video again that I was watching earlier, this is the Amy fan club time, She was talking about how it really is helpful if you can get your meat done the day before, and that’s
what I was talking about with like if you can have a prep day before your assembly day, mama, that’s the way to do it. Again, doesn’t always coordinate that way. Sometimes I’ll think I’ll have it, and something else will come up, and I’ll say, well that’s okay, ’cause I’ll just do it
all on my cooking day. Or if on your one cooking day, you could get your meat going, your slow cookers, your
pressure cookers in the ove, in the morning, that
would be great as well. But, if you don’t you can just be like me, do it all at your cooking
time if you have to. It really all works
out the same in the end it’s just however it works best for you. My big egg and potato
breakfast bake that I did worked out perfect because I have people who still need to eat. So I’m gonna throw those in some bowls. Yes, we will have breakfast for dinner. Mmkay, so here we go. Breakfast bowls for the win for dinner. Okay, so there are a ton of great recipes that you can do using croissant rolls, I have the Great Value brand, I have the Pillsbury brand, they both work the same, there are lots of great recipes out there where you can do your home made dough and make your rolls that way. I am a lazy mom, and so I do it that way. Of course, we all have different races during different seasons. Travis, even though it’s late, he did bring me home an iced coffee. So, I knew I’d be burning
the midnight oil now. When I have these freezer cooking times, and I got to stay up late, I’ll be up late, you know I’ll be up late for this. I look at what we have
planned the next day. So tomorrow Is Friendsgiving. I mean, there’ll be at least 20 kids. Yeah, it’ll be lots of fun. We don’t have to be there until noon. I have one kiddo who has
piano tomorrow morning, Travis will take them, the rest of the kiddos and I, we will sleep in. I’m using two of these triangles, and I’m going to press them together. And then try to do our
filling and roll them. I’m going to go ahead and bake these and then let them cool. And so, with these that I’m doing, as long as I don’t get too
jammed up with my oven, the trials of only having one oven, if I get too jammed up, then some of them I will
prep and I will freeze, and I will mark, they need to
be baked in the oven first. (relaxing music) I’m gonna call it quits
on these potatoes here. Get another bag going. (relaxing music) Here it is, our first back, homemade breakfast hot pocket thingies, that is their official
name, going in the oven. So here’s an update on
Zion’s pancake mountain. He did seven loaves, I told you about 150
slices of french toast, and now he is working out the griddle, making a ton of pancakes for us. I had two beverages going, pretty serious. (relaxing music) This time, third bag of potatoes here. Might have lost this bag, I got pretty into making my little breakfast
pockets over there. I think we can salvage them! It’ll be Jamerrill’s
disaster cooking show, right? (relaxing music) Mhm, mhm, mhm, mhm. Yep, they look amazing. So on the can it says to cook them at 375 for nine to 12 minutes
or until golden brown, if you are doing the eight
individual triangles. I’m basically doing two,
four, big rectangles. And when I checked them after 15 minutes, they were still not golden brown. I put them back on for another 10. I don’t think this is too dark, but if you wanted to check on yours maybe after five, yeah, so, but yay. (inspiring music) So I think my breakfast
pockets here are growing, they’ve been turning out fantastic, and I’m going to make some, sorry, I’m just throwing my
trash in the trash pile there, making some Travis size, some ultra Stewart size, plus, I want to move on from
the breakfast pockets here, and have your breakfast burritos next. Mmk, so I wanted to check in with the glossy white board here, and see what there is to see. So, these six cans of crescent rolls, they’re just gonna go in my fridge, ’cause I got to get the burritos a rolling if I want to do them. (relaxing music) Okay, so now I want to do my, I’ve got about 20 of these bacon, egg, and
cheese breakfast burritos, now I want to do those
Western breakfast burritos. But look at how much eggs I have left. And it’s almost midnight, mamas not cooking
scrambled eggs at midnight. I think I have enough that I can mix in with these eggs, I’m just gonna go ahead
and mix in the sausage, this is about two pounds of sausage, I’m gonna throw in a couple cups here, of our onion variety, and then, going to mix in all those
hash browns that we cooked. About six pounds of hash browns. I got to go get another bag of cheese. And I also have some cans of green chilies I was going to put in. So, total in this bowl, I have about a dozen scrambled eggs, two pounds of cooked and drained sausage, six cups of onions, six cups of pre-cooked hash browns, now, like I said, I’m going to go get my
green chilies and my cheese, add those in, be really good. Okay, only problem is, I have to get out my can opener, which you know if I start
talking bad about it now, it’ll try to prove to me that it works, and that it deserves to still have a job. Two cans of green chilies,
eight ounces total. Now, eyeballing this bowl, I will love to have four of these, but all I can find is two. Trying to say, when we
want to measure properly, one of my handfuls is
about a cup of cheese. It’s part of the chamber
of eyeballing school. Okay, so now we have a nice big bowl, for our Western breakfast burritos. (relaxing music) Back to the white board, ’cause crossing things off makes me feel like I’m getting stuff done. So we got our Western breakfast burritos, our bacon, egg, and
cheese breakfast burritos, we made a total of 60 of those. We did 50 total of the breakfast pockets. Okay, so, picked up a
little bit, made some room, now I’m going to work on the part I like least with
doing much freezer meals, is the wrapping it and
getting it in the freezer. I can cook the food, I
can assemble the meals, but then it’s always like, oh man, whoa now I need a bunch of
time to package it all up. So, Zion is still going
to town on those waffles, And I got to wrap my own burritos now. So I’m going to wrap them in
some plastic and some foil, actually, should have done foil first, let me see if I can salvage this. So, I’m going to get my
little assembly line going, gonna wrap up these 60 breakfast burritos, and then the 50 breakfast pockets. (upbeat music) Okay, so it’s the old 2:20 AM, 2:20 AM! A reality check, so let’s
check out what’s going on. I feel like not much, but yet, we did get some stuff done. If you’re new here, this
is the time in the video where I say, well friend,
we sure got a lot done, there was a lot more I wanted to do. I just jump off the cliff, and think it’s all gonna work out, it’s all gonna work out,
it’s all gonna be fine. So, I got four pans of the country, egg, and potato bake done. I made 50 sausage, egg, and cheese, and bacon, egg, and
cheese breakfast pockets. I made 60 Western breakfast burritos, and bacon, egg, and
cheese breakfast burritos. And that’s all I got done with my life! Mhm, been freezer cooking 11 hours. So, there was a lot of prep work in that, I prepped for some things
that I haven’t gotten done, so I made a whole bunch of sausage, and, yeah, that’s there. That will be going in the refrigerator. And I have everything to
make the McStewart muffins, and the sausage and cheese bagels, I’m going to yawn, but because of that, and
I will be sleeping in, but we do need to leave
here totally ready to go, by 11 at the latest, 10 would be ideal, to get to our Friendsgiving party. So, calling it quits for now, and then Zion made 150 slices
of classic french toast, and about 60 white chocolate chip waffles, and 60 butter scotch pancakes, so total by my large family
freezer meal calculations, this is about 30 large
family freezer meals, that we will sprinkle over about 6 weeks. This is my deer in the headlights look after a long freezer cooking time. I know Amy Maryon’s video
that I watched earlier while I was here doing all this prep work and freezer cooking, she started, I think she said she got
up at 4:30 in the morning, but she had started I think by seven, and she just pushed hard
throughout the whole day. And she got in a good 10,
12 hour freezer cooking day. I started a little after two, and here I am, 12 hours later, like, okay, I’m done now. So I always feel like I
need a good 10 or 12 hours whenever I have these
freezer cooking days, freezer cooking is a big hot mess, but freezer cooking is also something I really enjoy doing. If I have a ton of stuff
cooked up in my freezers, I would use it. I think just last week or the week before, so I’m filming this, it’s November 2019, last week or the week before
I pulled something out and it was from May, and so whenever I do a
bunch of freezer cooking, sometimes things get used up
in that first month or two, sometimes it’s three, four, six months before we use it. And even before we see the freezer, here’s some of the aftermath, but yeah, I’m going to bed. Going to bed, it’ll be here tomorrow. I’m not going to worry about earning too many superhero
mom points tonight, that’s for sure. Okay, so here you go, the fruit of my labor, and Zion’s labor, this evening, tons of freezer meals, in their bags, yes, we will
definitely be using these over the next four to six weeks or so, yay, freezer meals. Okay, absolutely,
Jamerrill must go to bed. 2:49, mhm, mhm, six, seven hours sleep, whatever we can get. So don’t forget to go over
and check out Amy’s videos, see how much she got cooked up, I’m sure it’s a ton, I will chat with you in
those comments below, coming up next, freezer cooking wise, is gonna be a large family freezer cooking tons of lunches and snacks to
fill the freezer with those, and, yeah, the best is yet to come, right? So I will chat with you
in those comments below, buh-bye. (relaxing outro music)

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  • I know you like chopping but for those that don’t frozen pre chopped seasoning blend, onions, and peppers are amazing. I don’t have to chop or worry about stuff going bad.

  • I've just began freezer cooking for 2 – simple things like shepard's pie and lasagne but it's already made life so much easier, thank you so much for the inspiration!

  • You are the cutest momma. I am a fortunate momma of 5 and don’t have picky eaters. I’m always curious to know if any of yours are. Do you mark the sausage rolls and bacon rolls ? Ps… the use of cheese in your videos makes me smile …. cheese is gold.

  • I love watching you when I'm cooking too, I feel like I'm in the chicken with a friend. Everything looks delicious, the pocket thingies looked very appetizing.

  • I found Amys channel a few weeks back and I have been binge watching from the beginning. I sort of giggled when you mentioned her "biggest freezer meal ever" video as I just watched that one 2 days ago.
    If you watch her vids, she has a great idea when batch cooking bacon. Throw in electric roaster and let it go….then she tosses it in her food processor to make bacon bits. I think that is priceless when batch cooking.

  • Amy is wonderful! I have been subscribed to her channel since it began and yours too! Amy also gives free homeschooling complete grades on her vlog. I printed so much from her plus you can by them on amazon already printed per grade. Her channel and yours is a Blessing 🙏 Great video Jamerrill and you are a super Mama 😘❤

  • My precious 6 year old DS said “she sure is busy”!

    Even though I have no desire to freezer cook, I really enjoy watching you ❤️ I’m canning turkey broth for my crew right now and have your channel playing as I do so.

  • All that food looks great. Your hair looks great too and that little kitten with the stubby tail is adorable. I don't know why you are so tired at the end though…it only took you 42 minutes to make all that! 🙂

  • I think I would prefer to do one a day in bulk, eat/freeze that days labor. Repeat for week to stock up freezer. But then again, I haven't many mouths to feed and care for. God bless you Momma!

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