Last week's grocery haul | A new grocery pick up & the meal plan

Last week's grocery haul | A new grocery pick up & the meal plan

you guys I am exhausted it has been absolutely crazy we are down to the wire and almost out of here so this time I decided to try something a little new something that was close to home and I can't say that I was super impressed hey guys here here from Fifty Shades of mom back to share another grocery haul and a meal plan with you guys and today I decided to do another grocery pickup service but I decided to do it with one of my local grocery stores so I received a card stock in the mail for $10 off your first pickup purchase at my local Food Lion we are like painting and finishing up here and it is down to the wire it's almost time to take our pictures and get ready to post the house for the sale and so I really didn't even feel like driving all the way to Walmart so I decided to do Food Lion and I can't say that I was super impressed some things were different and if you have a food line and you've had a different experience comment down below let me know but here as they're going along and they're shopping if they come across something that is different and it's a substitution they send you a text which I thought was great but when you click on it there was no page that could be open so I didn't really have a chance to accept the substitution deny it or anything and then when we got there they just put everything in my cart he didn't explain anything to me until I received an email with my checked out bill I never got the $10 off that came on that cardstock and then they substituted blueberries and the mini peppers but both of them were more expensive and I paid the more expensive price so ended up being like $15 more than what I should have paid so I called the store and they told me that it's John corporate so they couldn't even refundable up with my name on it in the safe that I have to go back and pick up so it was just a different kind of experience in service and something tells me I will be back next week to my Walmart grocery pick up because it's certainly a lot more reliable than what happened here today but I did only spend about after I bought a rebates $6.50 back in ibotta and you can use that with food lines pickup so that was the only bonus there about 80 bucks not so bad so let me take you down to the counter I'll show you what I got at food Lyons pickup and then we'll get into the meal plan okay guys so here is a quick overview of what I got for around $80 at Food Lion so one of my favorite things about shopping in a regular grocery store as opposed to Walmart and stuff is that you can shop a specific tab like organic and just look and find things that you don't normally find in your regular store especially when things like exclusive to Food Lion and it's just their brand so I found some stuff that were pretty reasonably priced that my kids never tried they have tried the cocoa bunnies before but we are out of cereal Jake doesn't like this kind I'll have to get him his regular malt-o-meal cereal the next time I go back to Walmart this Food Lion doesn't have it but the kids do you like the cocoa bunnies so I got them that and then this never seen I haven't ordered from brand list in a long time but these are like organic Oreos so I figured I would try that for the kids there's only 20 cookies in here so though that was pretty good for just you know portioning them out in our snack bin but we've never tried them and one of the things those kids the kids loved was those like twists that I used to get from Walmart all the time that was and I bought a rebate and the once the rebate ended I stopped getting them because they were like $6 but this looks exactly the same and these were like three bucks so this is the raspberry and blueberry organic fruit twist so kind of like a fruit snack and a stick so I got that because the kids love their fruity kind of gummies Jeff and then since I didn't go to Walmart to get the big boxes of popcorn like those movie theater boxes I got Jake the organic natural flavor microwave popcorn those three bags as far as produce is concerned I got a cucumber some organic bananas I got one Kiwi for like a parfait thing that I'm doing for apples for Mason three tomatoes you guys look at this show that they were offering me let's say it was only $0.99 but I mean really I pay like 73 cents at Walmart for a huge giant bunch so I've been kind of deprived of my cilantro these last two weeks and I wanted to make a good salsa that's why I had a jalapeno I still have some red onion left over from last week and I want to make a pico de gallo to go with our chicken roll-ups but that didn't end up happening so here was one of the substitutions and this is the organic sweet peppers now see those little tiny yellow ones I only used a four of them to cook it in on tonight and look at this big it's pretty much empty there's only five little peppers so only nine little peppers came in this bag for five and change which I thought was just completely crazy which is why I ended up saying something because that was nuts so definitely missing my walmart for my peppers actually missing BJ's more like I need to do that big trip out there got some of the glazed pecans obviously missing Trader Joe's and those candied pecans are like such a snack for me I love them portioned out or on my salad so when I saw they had like a glazed pecan there I just picked that up and then I got some organic apple juice for my I hope she likes that one because we usually get the Honey Crisp apple from Walmart or BJ's and she's pretty particular about her apple juice but we shall see I got a fresh Express vacancies or kit for a pasta night one night actually I can't wait to show you guys in the meal plan what they are having and then what I am having as far as dinner that night I've got some raspberries here were that blueberries substitution that they gave me and then here were the buy drinks so this was super exciting because this was an I bought a rebate it was sixty cents off each one and these were on sale for a dollar 49 so I thought that was pretty good for the price that I got them so I got two of the blueberry which happens to be my favorite and then I got one of the Clementine that's the one Nicole recommended for me to try next and then I got a pomegranate so I'm excited about those I've been just craving something else other than plain old water which is what I'm drinking right now I got the kids these juicy juice splashes organic we need some juice boxes again I'm looking forward to going back to Trader Joe's I really like their lemonade ones they're super good so anxious to get back to their for that but we'll do that in the meantime got some Jimmy Dean sausage for some breakfast meal prep like keep putting that off every week it's crazy and then these kill bird sausages holy cow you guys so this was an I bought a rebate so that was exciting but I haven't seen these in a really really long time they only sell them in my food line I don't do a lot of shopping there but these Gilberts are like a no antibiotics kind of sausage they are so amazing they're chicken sausage and this is a new one that is for summertime and it's called Aloha and it has pineapple ginger and brown sugar inside oh my goodness that's gonna be so delicious when we do kebabs on the BBQ I think that's gonna be amazing so I'm excited about that picked up some bacon got some yogurt for the kids I got no cheese you guys this Chen I don't have a whole lot left over but I think I'm gonna try Aldi for a couple of things I'm out of some ground beef I only spent 80 bucks I try and spend around 125 so I have a little bit of budget room if I especially if I don't go to Trader Joe's and BJ's so I think I'm gonna run to all these try and get some ground beef and get some blocked cheese's they're Food Lion was way too expensive so I pretty much got what I thought was within reasonable price you know this is really exciting so they make their own chips in-house you know that I get Jake his chips every single week and I bought these store made chips around Christmastime they had like red and green ones he thought they were so delicious he was like mom these are like the same ones that the Mexican restaurant has so he really liked these so when I saw these on the app in the chip section I was like oh my goodness Jake's gonna love that so I haven't even showed him but he's going to be super excited got some good nights for me and that's kind of what provoked me to go today because we were down to the very last one and Walmart was really not at my timeframe today so Food Lion it was got the car balance mission tortillas we've already broken into those with those peppers I made my chicken roll-ups got a thing of heavy whipping cream got a thing of sour cream got some homemaker premium orange juice for the kiddos got wine a loaf of Italian bread for steak sandwich this week I'm gonna do something a little bit different with mine which I'll talk to you guys about again when we do the meal plan this was completely free on ibotta I was the only free rebate that my food lion had but this is lizanne II and it's a family-owned sweet tea company brand-new a small batch brewed and again it was completely free so I picked that up for Jacob and then there you guys is my almond breeze unsweetened chocolate milk so do you see any other milk in this haul no we still have a little over a gallon left from last week and so I'm gonna try that and let's see how it goes crossing my fingers I'm excited Daryl needed some coffee creamer and I think that is I think that's it for the groceries that I paid for and then since this was the first time I ever use the Food Lion to go they gave away one of those little gift bags just like like Walmart did and stuff so I got this little Food Lion to go like cup I don't really think this is the greatest made I think I can get a better one from the Dollar Tree but everything else was pretty good like a loofah totally could use that a tide pod which is good again fireworks which is great haven't you seen fireworks in forever fruit snacks for the kiddos they love that a rice krispies treat they'll love that as well and then this I'll probably give to Jake I don't think the kids would like the sour jammers they're not really into that kind of thing rock and blue raspberry is right up Jake's alley but that's what I got for free I don't know if I mentioned sour cream but if I didn't I got that and that is it so let's get into the meal plan okay guys so here's the meal plan for Monday June the 24th until Sunday June the 30th so on Monday we hide BLTs I did mine on those flat out wraps so so good I love that I did some hard-boiled eggs and the instant pot did like a crudite like some cut-up vegetables and did the dill and so I have the ranch dressing oh my goodness so good then we still have those little bags of chips from that chip pack that I got last week Tuesday we did chicken roll-ups and you guys that was really fun to do is that was the first thing I've done out of my cookbook that I've tried to change and make low-carb so it was really enjoyable to see that I can still have the things that I love and I've always cooked but still do them in a healthier version so we did that on the mission wraps with some fresh pico de gallo that I mean and then we had those restaurant chips and everybody was super happy with that so I'm a little disappointed about the steak sandwich situation I ended up not eating it and did pick a little couple of pieces of steak when I was cooking out of the pan but I didn't actually have really any dinner this night I ended up just having a yogurt and calling it a day because I was hoping for more peppers like I lost in that pepper situation and I was kind of hoping to cut a bunch of them and I was going to roast them a little bit and then put that steak and stuff on top of everything what the cheese and do it like that and I could have done at my smart bun but I was like frustrated about the pepper situation and so I was kind of being a baby because I really had the craving for like that's just pepper like steak thing and so I ended up not eating anything but a yogurt but everybody else loved the normal steak sandwich I did the potato pancakes those are the boxed Jewish kind that I get from the international section whenever I either go to Publix or home to New York we really really love them they're so delicious and then we just did that with broccoli and then on a Thursday we did a breakfast for dinner so I caught up watermelon for the kiddos and then I did a bunch of meal prep so I still had keto pancakes in the freezer for myself so that I had but then I had a half a loaf of the big thick challah bread so I made french toast and then I had I'm trying to clean out my pantry like I don't want to move with all this food and so I had some of the Trader Joe's pancake mix and some still of the Kodiak mix so I made a double batch of pancakes and we had some of those and I froze them and then we did have some omelettes and that's what I had I just dumped whatever veggies had into my eggs and they were so so good tonight we're doing a low-carb chicken parm I'm really really excited about that it's a new recipe I've always done chicken parm like fried with breading and stuff and so this is just really sauteed in a pan with garlic and oil and then you still top it with your own sauce and cheese and I think that should be fine so I'm excited to try that and then we're gonna do a ground beef Hido cheese steak a casserole I'll link that below from Pinterest and then I'm going to do some french fries I have like some potatoes that I need to use up and Darrell's gonna do it like the way that they do it at Five Guys so we're gonna have that on the side and then Mexican Street corn because you guys I've been trying to film that for you because everybody keeps asking and every time we go to make it rains I can't grill it or something happens so fingers crossed that I can do that tomorrow and then I'm really excited about the alfredo that we're making on Sunday so I actually have a meal prep video that I filmed right before I went home for Easter and then came home and started doing low carb and I contemplated sharing it because I didn't know if that was kind of going with whatever I wanted to go with but in it is Swedish meatballs and alfredo sauce and the alfredo is keto or at least a low carb like there's you know good alfredo sauce so I think I'm going to still share the recipe anyways because the Swedish meatballs is for anybody who you know doesn't want to do that so I'm going to do my alfredo that eventually you guys are going to see in that meal prep video and everybody else is going to have it over pasta and we're gonna do the leftover salad but I'm gonna steam some cauliflower and shrimp and like put the alfredo over the bowl of cauliflower and shrimp I'm really the only one who eats the shrimp so I thought that that sounded pretty good and different and I all still sounds like something yummy that I would enjoy and not feel like I'm missing the pasta so that is it guys afford this week's a meal plan in grocery haul if you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a big thumbs up and I'll see you guys in the next one bye guys

16 thoughts on “Last week's grocery haul | A new grocery pick up & the meal plan

  • I was wondering about the Food Lion pickup. We have one close by but I have been scared to try. We do Harris Teeter pickup, because it is close to my husband's work and even though they are expensive and we have to pay a subscription, it is really good if I get the sales it is actually great prices. The produce and meat are so good. So if chicken is on sale I get a ton of that and freeze, next week ground beef, etc. They also do give the name brand for the same price if they are out of the store brand. People think I am nuts for shopping there but it works out good.

  • Sorry about the bad experience at Food Lion. Your meal plan looks super yummy though and Girl you are looking great!!!! Hope your mom is doing a little better and can’t wait to hear where your moving to?

  • Sorry for the bad experience at your local store!!! We do not have that store in this area. Great meal plan!!! I want to wish y'all a Happy 4th of July…which is tomorrow!!!! I hope y'all stop to enjoy stuff and not work to hard. I can't wait to see where your life journey is taking y'all!!! Take care & stay well my friend!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  • I am going to attempt Keto in October/November after I have my baby. (I’m due October29th) but I wanted to say I’ve always thought you was pretty but you look AMAZING in person. I’m sorry when we met at the dollar tree I could hardly speak, I was just sooo happy to have met you.

  • Don't know if you've tried instacart delivery but that could be a convenient option for you. They deliever to your door and you accept/ deny substitutions in the app!

  • Would love to know how the Almond Breeze Chocolate Milk tastes … I need something every once in awhile while I try to get the sweet craving under control. You sound so much like me, I totally get the frustration over the steak sandwich, when i am craving or thinking about something and then I don't get it or it's not right when I do get it, I usually just don't eat, or I'll have an apple, you're not a baby, you're just human and when we are making changes, every once in awhile we need to have something that satisfies a craving. Sounds like a great meal plan … keep up the good work with all your changes, making small ones here and hoping it will get easier. Thanks Kiera …

  • Thanks for a great sharing in spite of your unfortunate shopping pick up. You menu looked great. I wish I could pop in for dinner. In the meantime I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers hoping this whole move will be quick and easy. I am looking forward to your next video until then please take care and God bless!

  • Oh man, that sounded like a crappy shopping experience 🤦‍♀️ your meal plan sounds so yum x

  • Was it through instacart? I used that service on long island for best market and i had the same experience. Terrible company

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