Large Family Grocery Shopping Haul 👀SO MUCH JUNK FOOD | Jamerrill Stewart Grocery Haul

Large Family Grocery Shopping Haul 👀SO MUCH JUNK FOOD | Jamerrill Stewart Grocery Haul

– So I am back again today, friends, with the biggest junk food
grocery haul, apparently, a super mega Sharp Shopper grocery haul. Now, it is not Sharp Shopper’s fault that I bought tons of junk at their store. They have organic,
holistic, pure and holy, tons of healthy food there. Big bags of, I like to get
old fashioned oats there, and brown rice, and lots
of seasoning and such, but I also like to get tons
of grocery deals there. Now as you know, my
freezers are stocked full of tons of freezer meals,
especially dinners right now. I don’t have a lot of
breakfast freezer meals, and guess what? Before I went out to Utah in May, I did a super mega grocery haul. Now I’m getting ready to go to a women’s business conference
in D.C. for three days, I’m going to speak there. Naomi’s going with me, we’re going to have a great girls weekend. We gotta leave, like as soon
as I’m done with this video. She’s getting our suitcases
in the car as we speak. So I’m going to be gone for three days. I haven’t left the family
to go on a trip since May, so we’re in mid-October now, so I’m okay, but when I get back, I have
to work for two solid days, because my to do list is piling up, and I’ve gotten no work days in, but you know what no work days means? We have been having tons
of good homeschool days, so that’s what matters. But anywho, I told Travis, I said “Travis, when I
get back from this trip, I need to take two solid work days to bust through that scary list and then I should be back on track.” But let me show you this
Sharp Shopper grocery haul. And if you’re new here, Sharp Shopper is an awesome grocery outlet that is in Pennsylvania and Virginia and you just never know
what they will have, but I do usually, very rarely do they let
me down on yogurt deals. So what they had, and you’ll
see this is dated November 8th. Believe me, it’s gone already, I don’t even know why we’re
talking about it, ha ha. So it was $2.99 for the
case, and there’s 12 yogurts. Oh, come on. Interesting flavor, and I thought, well for that price, William
said “Oh I’ll try that”, and I said “Okay”, so I
bought two cases of this, and then I got six or seven cases of this Whips! Peaches and Cream. This was the only flavor of the Yoplait Greek
yogurt Whips that they had, but that’s fine. Fine, kids, have yourself a whole bunch of peaches and cream yogurt and like it. So seven, eight, nine,
nine cases of yogurt. The night momma’s leaving, this is what Zion is getting ready to roll through the oven. These were $3.99 each, I think that’s about an average price, but I don’t mind things that aren’t necessarily like
a huge deal if I’m there, because most things are a deal, so I grabbed these because I was there. They’ll probably have
three of these tonight, three of these tomorrow. Throw some carrot sticks
and apple sticks with it, we’re good. Then I really went after
some breakfast meals, because really even though
I’m leaving for three days, I’m gonna kinda not be here for five days, since when I get back
in the evening, I plan, we’ll have a chill out relax movie party, but then I’ll be working hard
the next two days as well. So I got some quick and
easy breakfast things. We got french toast
and sausage on a stick. These were, so you’ve
got 12 sticks, $4.99, I got three of these boxes, then everybody loves these. Now I will be doing a
breakfast freezer meals video with a very special fellow YouTuber. That’ll be coming out in a
few weeks, you will love it, and I will show you more of
my breakfast freezer meals. However, ’cause Momma’s hitting the road, I got four of these. There’s 20 total, so that’s 80, and so it came to about $24 dollars for 80 of these biscuit
sausage sandwiches. Now in May, I believe it was,
when I went to Sharp Shopper, I got these Angus steak
and cheese sliders. The kids and Travis love
them, so I bought two boxes, and they were all the rage, so
I bought them for this time. I’m sure they’ll be eating those a lot this weekend while I’m gone. Sorry, sausage overboard there. Then I got four boxes of their chocolatey chip
banana Eggo waffles, and it also breaks down to
the little waffle sticks. I got four boxes of these. Yeah, 32 waffle bars,
so it might actually, doing the math, might be
a box and a half or so for breakfast for the kids that are here. Several of the kids like rice cakes. We haven’t had them in a while,
and it just makes me think, oh my, we’re out of peanut butter. But anyway, so I got six
of these for 99 cents each, two boxes of animal crackers. Daniel put them in the cart. That was the thing, I forgot my camera. Can you believe it? It wasn’t with me at the store. Daniel put those in, it was so cute, and I thought, oh I wish I
could’ve got that on video, so Amelia picked out
these Hello Kitty gummies. The boys picked out the
ninja turtle gummies. These were $1.29 a box. Three things of turkey, but
I’m pretty sure I got four, so I’ll need someone to
go back and check the van. Big old thing of provolone,
this was $2.99 a pound. 11.96 pounds, $35.76. Travis will make a bazillion
cheese sticks out of those. I got those cream cheese
jalapeño poppers, yum. Got that box, it has a 42 to 52 count. Got it with Zion in mind. Other kids may like it, I don’t know, but he’s starting to like
spicier stuff like I do, so. I would eat those. Got three boxes of Nutri-Grain bars. These have been super
popular around here lately. Two boxes of the Easy Mac and cheese, two cases of these Nature Valley sweet and salty nut granola bars. They were $1.29, yeah. There’s
the price, $1.29 a box. I got 24 boxes of those,
then I got 24 boxes of chocolate brownie-licious
Chewy granola bars per Liam’s request, $1.49. Then just like all the cool
mom or all the bad mom, depending on how you swing
it, points, for these cereals. We got the Hostess powdered
donut cereals, $1.49 a box, and a big two bag box
of Oreo cereal, $2.99. You all know if you watch
my Sharp Shopper videos, I only get cereal every
six to eight weeks or so at Sharp Shopper, if that, so the kids, it’s gone, it’s gone. Remember the last video, it was gone. These sprinkled donut crunch
cereals were 99 cents, but today I got them for two for a dollar, so I got four of those. This was a really pricey haul, but I got a lot of good junky stuff. Lots of things that add up quick, though, like these Angus, these
were seven dollars each. These were six dollars each. Just adds up before you know it. All of it was $334 and some change. And now because everything
always makes sense that comes out on the
Jamerrill Stewart channel, here’s my junk food. Now buy my low carb and dairy
free freezer meal packs. Oh yes, I’m gonna tell you ’bout it, we’re singing this song and dance, because just for a few more days, you can buy all nine of my
large family freezer meal packs in my new super mega large
family freezer meal pack bundle collection, all
of those tongue twisters. Packs one through nine
are normally $14.99 each. They are all in a new
super mega ultimate bundle marked down 60%, so you can
get them for six bucks each. That sale lasts through
this coming Saturday, through October 19th at
11:59 p.m. Eastern time. You can take advantage of the super mega ultimate large
family freezer meal bundle. Don’t forget, if you don’t match me, if you’re not a large family,
all of my freezer meal packs four through nine now have a
bonus single recipe edition where if you don’t want to
make 25 to 45 freezer meals to fill your freezer for a month, you can just follow
the single recipe guide that has another grocery list,
another batch cooking guide, and hold your hands for making
about 10 to 12 freezer meals like a sensible person. You can be sensible, right? So be sure to click the first
link in the description below. I will also have a link to all of my other Sharp Shopper grocery hauls, I know you guys love those. I’ll chat with you in those comments, and I’ll see ya real soon
with another brand new video. We’re doing it, we’re back on at least a three
video a week schedule, yay.

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  • 😀 YAY for a limited time you can get my brand new large family freezer meal packs 7, 8, 9, and the entire freezer cooking bundle here for 60% OFF for a limited time! The brand new bundle includes all 9 large family freezer meal packs. Even if you don't have a large family, many of my freezer meal packs have a special BONUS "single recipe edition," which means instead of ending up with 25+ freezer meals, you could just make 10 or 12 like a normal person 🙂

    I hope you enjoy this large family grocery shopping haul! If you want to watch more grocery shopping haul videos, I have a ton on my channel!

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