Kozhippidi – a Malabar cuisine

Kozhippidi - a Malabar cuisine

Corie pity ingredients paints made of quarter kg parboiled rice turmeric powder and cumin seed cardamom cinnamon stick peppercorn cumin sea ginger garlic paste green chilli curry leaves tomato chopped large onion sliced red chili powder coriander powder turmeric powder cumin seed powder coconut paste coconut oil salt and chicken method of preparation steamed bits of rice soaked the parboiled rice for 2 hours and grind it by adding quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder and 2 pinches of cumin seed and by adding small amount of water make thick dough and then roll out thin cocoon-like bits about 1/2 inch in length place them on an oiled piece of plantain leaf and then steamed for ten minutes sprinkle water on them to avoid sticking each other chicken preparation hate some coconut oil in a pan add cardamom cumin seed cinnamon and pepper stir well now add to this crushed garlic and ginger put some curry leaves followed by chopped onions stir well add some crushed bean chili continued to stir you now add salt and stir well you put into this mix some pieces of tomato you next add powder turmeric red chilli coriander and cumin seed you stir the ingredients well into this add pieces of boneless chicken and mixed them well even now add some salt and the required amount of water leave it to cook for some more time take out the steamed rice bits and sprinkle some water now it is time to check the chicken preparation and some coconut based and still well allow some time for the chicken preparation to get well cooked you may add some garam masala stir gently and add the steamed rice bits serve the dish heart and savor its unique flavor you

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  • Excellent dish ! very well presentation Its a new recipe to me.I will try it.Where can will we get this stimmer in marcket ?Thank you.

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