Korean Airlines Business Class FOOD REVIEW! WORST Food Menu New York to Manila

Korean Airlines Business Class FOOD REVIEW! WORST Food Menu New York to Manila

good morning I could hear to win howling in my hotel room and I was freezing all night even with the temperature even with a heater blasting it's about six o'clock in the morning I'm gonna head to the airport but before then there's there's a guilty pleasure I wanna partake in I loved Barbies have a happiness so long this open I like 6:30 in the morning good breakfast choice I got a double rolls beef and I just put my thumb in horsey sauce think my brain is frozen this is the smokehouse fried onions brisket I love restaurants that served our fully menu whenever and of course they're currently fries that's the best let's notice this brisket sandwich is like almost more fried onions than beef all right Arby's roast beef may look really chemically enhanced but I still taste good this is perfect because right now tried the best I can get out of airports a big sandwich weirdly delicious mystery meat perfect represent Strumica next time I'm outside it's gonna be 90 degrees more extreme to the other this time my applying Korean air business class of course I'm going to review all the food everything on board for you guys and I think my Korea is getting better because every time I go to the counter and say hello in Korean they all think I'm Korean which I am 8.4% so food in the first class and business class lounges for Korean Airlines pretty much the same some chips little sandwiches this is why you eat before you come to the airport here it is I think Korean hair is like one of the only major Eastern Asian airlines where the business class seats are right next to each other so it's gonna be slight inconvenience if you need to go to the restroom if you're sitting like by the window and it's not nearly as much privacy as the other airlines also again everyone I met as speaking to me in Korean does that mean Jackie Chan looks Korean lots of leg space the screen is pretty big you've got a bunch of compartments a window little nooks over here I love these disagreeable appetizer crap nice salad with prosciutto rolls in the melon for like food on Korean Airlines really never changed I had this before and they always offered a bibimbap in the building Bob is the same whether you're in business class first class economy is the same dish so you can't really go wrong with that but I had that so many times as I flew this airline I'm going for the Tenderloin for the main course dinner I can choose between the bulgogi roasted chicken or with on widows definitely the bulgogi and for snacks that you can order whenever you want they have romney and the fresh cookie not a huge selection but I remember this being really really really good they're so nice here and the flight attendant asked if she could if she had permission of waking me up if I'm asleep when they're serving the meal so I told her yeah tropic picture of ice water if you have to wake me up for food and I got pretty lucky today not a lot of people are in the business class here so this means easy toilet access nice smoky flavor to it I think almost as I came up a charcoal grill thank you this is a pretty appetizers first time I had a ham and fruit combo was in Florence Italy definitely this is a really refreshing appetizer good amount of meat to balance out the vegetables and this was just so pretty you seem is fairly tender that's not a bad positioning for airplane for you sauce is good lots of rosemary flavor it's slightly tough but way more tender than I thought it was very peppery only thing is you know nice tasting a piece of steak like you you really shouldn't associate with that horrible things like broccoli potatoes are okay not extremely flavorful kiss I don't make potato with not enough salt really how bad deserts pretty hello brownie with matcha inside Wow this cake is drier than this steak oh that is hard to eat I'm really really dense they might need a whole pot of tea tea just cake always get the ice cream always did the ice cream there should be a life lesson to us all I have a cool little bar lounge area here and make cocktails for ya and in my case they're gonna make some mocktails for me throw sandwiches snacks raspberry tea lights was not do something like this but you can levitate a little drink little sandwich egg sandwich you're not better this is the first flight at being on that has a little lobby area where he just kind of chill out is really nice because sometimes just want to sit down but not at your seat thank dr. Kirsch it's bombing time I know this is packaged ramen but this bread actually looks pretty good noodles with a little bit of dry fish jalapeno chili peppers and some funshine pickles radish freshly baked cookies this looks better than what I had at lunch tastes like basic Sheen ramen but as spicy as comforting feels good in my stomach fish is like doesn't see that fish but definitely enjoy this more than my statement bunch of really good good morning evening it's about midnight in New York in its morning time in Korea which is where I'm making a piss top so I guess this is breakfast slash dinner beef bulgogi mushrooms spinach but I actually went out of this dish after I ordered a and the flight attendant came by and asked I go order a deposition because apparently too many people order this dish but luckily still one left at one hour to get to my connection play literally everyone I'm running into thinks I'm Korean when I say like I don't understand in English they seem pretty upset maybe they think I'm a Korean person which is like failed at his heritage which I 8.4% am I was kind of worried because I don't have one hour between my connections but I was out of security in like ten minutes if this was Japan I'd be waiting in this long line with basically everybody else was transferring from all over the globe and I'm standing in line for about an hour so this airports really quick probably the second most beautiful airport outside of Singapore's Changi it's just clean and calm peaceful and tranquil and there's live music every time I'm here in the back one thing about Korean hair it really doesn't have many movies the entire US catalogs about 30 movies I know if I should watch crazy radiation for the 20 at the time searches great movie by the way I gotta tell us something about this airline I'm not a artsy first I don't notice stuff like color and design but just call me pretty cold I can't let her me on this play where's that even bop again Chinese style seafood in the Korean beef bone soup I had this my through with the last time as well it's good yeah okay I'll do it yeah thank you so much samih looks really wet like it's leaking thinking part of this is from the lemon but it there's a lot of liquid here just isn't good she will go there advertiser to be thing is I'm already not really into Wallisch foods so that's why this is looking particularly intimidating does the sieve stir-fried seafood veggies noodles and black bean sauce personally I love anything inviting some flavors not bad Calamari's little rubberband esc' hope this helps that helps a lot this actually tastes halfway decent now with the spicy paste noodles can I say one of those dishes where the box one may be the best thing in this place I think then the Bob or the oxtail soup live in LA butter in this I mean it's okay doesn't taste bad it's also not really good either never go wrong with this welcome to Manila pretty soon this jacket is going to become ridiculously obsolete Wow that nice so security hotels are kind of cool crazy here you have to check the trunk they sleep under the cars there's the gate – just a regular hotel just a regular Marriott okay nine in the back feel like I'm back at the airport oh wow look at this fresh mangoes two of them that's actually exactly what I want right now room is pretty big nice-looking bed you guys think less of me for taking this back to the US so when I stay on the toes over there and they don't want for slippers I have slippers that that's smart right ooh gorgeous bathroom in my house you will find drawer with about 50 sewing kits cuz you never know when you lose a button I love it when I have like a little room of solitude for when you go poof this is very important showers nice this is a really really really nice hotel but I think I have a balcony you guys can't see this because the GoPro can't handle those low light was overlooking a golf course alright I did not realize it was so late the 11:30 I I thought I would get here by 10:00 by the 11:30 at night the smartest thing is just to go to bed just to summarize my Korean business class review the service of Korean airline is unparalleled it's right up there with Singapore Airlines Japan airline and a is some of the best service you will ever find 10 out of 10 on that but the wake business class is situated it's kind of annoying if you're sitting in a window seat to try to go to the bathroom because there's no obstacle free access to the bathroom you're gonna be bothering your neighbor not a lot of privacy you're literally sitting right next to your neighbor there's not even a pull-up screen to kind of separate you guys if you want to fly business class you're looking for a lot of privacy this will probably not be the airline for you also food I feel like this airline is probably one of the weakest when it comes to that it's the same given Bob in the same oxtail soup that's been on the menu for forever I mean they're really tasty but the menu really does not change besides the breakfast lunch and dinner cuz snacks were the foods you can order anytime you want the selection is just very underwhelming Singapore Airlines open-air lion a has a much wider selection than Korean airline I left a little lobby area where you can show that's definitely a plus but overall food I have to give them about a 6 out of 10 the good thing about and besides the service is that you do have a ton of legroom I mean a lot of airlines that kind of triangulates you so your feets kind of like almost in a mummified position but here is why it is comfortable I got some good sleep on the flight so a service and comfort is all you're looking for on a business class flight this is a great airline for you honestly the service on most of these major Asian airlines are pretty good so I think after this experience if I had to list out my favorite business class airlines that I've flown on I'll have to say number one Singapore number two a na and number three J al and those are my top three honestly there they're priced pretty similar and when it comes to food I think my favorite is yeah I still Singapore airline because Singapore airline has booked a cook which is amazing get a cheese your meals especially made for you before you board the plane and it actually tastes incredible anyway that's my review of Korean airline this class I'm gonna go to bed 11:30 here I got a long day tomorrow I've got a week here in the Philippines a lot of amazing food so so excited thank you guys so much for watching this video

21 thoughts on “Korean Airlines Business Class FOOD REVIEW! WORST Food Menu New York to Manila

  • Ahhh I totally freaked out when I saw which hotel you were staying at! I stayed at the same Marriott last time I was in Manila! The buffet is underwhelming over there but the rooftop pool is nice if you decide to check it out! It’s not a big pool but definitely a nice place to chill!

  • arbys is so freaking good. i’ve been eating there since a child but i had the chicken sandwich for the first time a couple days ago and it was one of the best chicken sandwiches i’ve had from a fast food restaurant.

  • You can now fly Philippine Airlines from JFK to MNL.. Try it out to experience the Filipino Hospitality and Good Food. 🇵🇭

  • Just stopped working at Arby's. Now I see videos with Arby's in it and gag because I learned to hate it

  • Korean airport nice clean, robot rolls past you. O'hare get stabbed by a crackhead while trying to enter airport. What a beautiful world.

  • FYI The Business class on Korean air can be staggered seating if you fly on the 747-8, 787 or 777 aircraft. Just need to check plane type before booking. Otherwise I normally find their food excellent.

  • For the price in business (you don't pay it, right), go to a real Michelin restaurant…will be cheaper and better quality!!!!!!!!!

  • I know it's bad for me to watch your vids at 3am because it makes me so damn hungry but I can't also cook at the same time cause heaven knows that I'll wake up my mom but here I am sitting in the front of my laptop watching your videos.

  • You were on the oldest business seats. KE's new J seats are very nice and very competitive to other airlines. That said, you are right about the food. KE has not changed their menu for like a decade now. I think this is partially because Korean cuisine is simplistic and does't allow a lot of room for creativity. Bibimbap is bibimbap and the most it will change is what type of veggie will get thrown in. In fact, I think airlines love Korean routes because bibimbap cost almost nothing to make and it even a great cop out for business class.

  • Great video Mikey! Hahaha, Sriracha & hot sauces always help with spicy things up. It’s interesting watching this review on Korean Air’s catering because I’ve only seen how much work is put into preparing everything, but never did the food tasting. Thanks for the review. 🙂

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