Kitchri Keema – Laila's Home Cooking – Episode 112

Kitchri Keema - Laila's Home Cooking - Episode 112

hi guys welcome back to Leila's home cooking on today's episode I want to show you how I make my kitchen keema perfect for a weekend dinner it is simple easy delicious as always to make that we gonna need good basmati rice and in the same Bowl I have added red lentils and to my rice goes salt fused in a monistic few whole cardamoms both and then for some meat we're gonna need I'm using ground beef you can use lamb ground lamb if you don't eat beef that's not an issue some potatoes I have cut them into small pieces added some salt yellow food color again if you don't want to add food color in here you can add some turmeric powder we're gonna need a ginger-garlic paste I'm using frozen peas you can use any piece you have on Hale onion and you can grate them I have chops I mean to slice finely sliced and then for the spices I need salt turmeric powder cumin powder coriander powder pinch of nutmeg powder cardamom powder cloves powder and cinnamon powder we're also gonna need some oil my water is boiling for the rice I'm gonna add salt coat on them and cinnamon stick and I'm gonna cover this and let this boil and then I'm gonna put the rice as soon as the water started to boil and then over here my oil just add enough oil to your pan and we're gonna start frying the potatoes and now we're gonna fry the potatoes on medium heat for about seven minutes my all my water is boiling and your eyes now it's tears arise it's very important as you add your eyes it's good to steer it so their eyes they let it stick to each other one and then as you're turning it it's tearing it the rice will cook even better and faster and also it will cook well each grain of rice will cook properly and now I'm gonna let this rice cook until 75% and then I'm gonna drain this completely okay my potatoes is ready to remove I'm gonna transfer them back to the same Bowl and to the same oil I'm gonna fry my onion until golden brown okay my onion is brown enough I have removed some for later to garnishing on top of the rice and I also remove some oils so I'm just gonna leave just a little bit of oil not too much it's gonna be too oily or food and now I'm gonna add my ground meat and my heat is on medium now you're gonna use a spoon and try to break the meat and make sure they don't stay like too big chunk I'm also gonna add all my spices ginger-garlic paste give this a good mix and then let this cook until you will see the the meat will remove the water and then let it cook with its own water when the water dry then we'll move forward okay guys I have switch to a walk to a bigger pan this is what I'm gonna use to make my pitcher akima you can just one time use a bigger one or you can use the same pot that you boil the rice so that's up to you and now it's time to add the potatoes my beef was cooking for 12 minutes or over medium heat the water was dry and then I let it cook with just the oil itself and then the heat is still on medium I'm gonna add my green chillies which I forgot to mention we also need some fresh chopped coriander fresh chopped mint and we also need some saffron dissolve in water I'm gonna add a little bit of water and then let it cook we need 10 more minutes for everything to cook before the rice goes in and now I'm gonna add my coriander and mint add your piece at this point you can taste your salt if you think you need more salt you can add your salt and now let this cook for another two minutes okay guys I'm gonna a little bit more water this is about like 3/4 cup just so we can have a little bit of gravy we don't really need gravy but you know what I mean we don't need to take a ground beef with just potatoes we also need some liquid it's a like take a liquid we don't need it's not a sauce it's not a curry all right so now since I have add water I'm gonna give this like one minute should be enough and now you're gonna add your rice at this point you can shut your stove off and add your eyes or you can just reduce it to low because this is going to cook on low heat add all of your rice and now the little bit of fried onions that we saved earlier I'm gonna answer on top you can add more than that if you want to if your household doesn't mind eating fried onion then you may go ahead and add more than what I have added that's not an issue and then my friends that I have dissolved in water and now cover and let's just cook 10 to 15 minutes low heat and then I will show you how it looks like okay guys it's been 10 minutes and you guys can see everything is looking good now I want you to come close I want to show you the the bottom like the meat how it looks like my kitchen keema is ready to serve you can see the smoke and it's already on a serving tray to serve you can serve it as just make some salad like we eat with Brioni perfect meal for weekend dinner gives the full written recipe down below don't forget to Like and subscribe don't forget to ring the bell which is on the Left which is down here I will see you next time bye

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