Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video, we’re going to be filming an extreme declutter and deep clean of our kitchen. I
have a beautiful assistant as well helping me out today. We’ve had this kitchen for a
year, a year and a half? Nearly an year. Yeah, nearly a year. And we’ve never like
had a clear out or taken everything out the drawers since we’ve had it. So it is long
overdue, so we’re just going to take everything out. I’m also going to show you our storage
solutions as well. We’re going to clean the fridge, we’re going to do it all. So I hope
you liked this video. If you do, give it a thumbs up, and if you’re new, I’d love for
you to subscribe because I post cleaning content all the time and I would love to help motivate
you guys to clean as well. Yes. Are you ready? So we’ve decided to start out on the right
hand side of the kitchen. This is our pantry. We don’t have a separate pantry in this house,
so when we designed the kitchen, we made sure we had this tall cupboard that you could pull
out, store all of our cereals, cans and jars in. But it has definitely got quite messy,
so we’re going to pull everything out. We’re doing this in a Marie Kondo way of organizing,
which is get everything out, assess what you have, and then put it all back.
This cracks me up. This was Matt finding the chocolate at the very top. He loves chocolate
so much, so I had to slow that down and show it to you guys. But we tend to keep it right
at the top so the boys can’t reach it. But sometimes, they honestly use the cupboards
as ladders. But anyway, now that everything’s out, we’re going to hoover all of the little
crumbs, and it was quite difficult to wipe the back of there. So I asked Matt to do it
with his really long arms. Matt is also going to wipe down all of the
shelves because there were quite a few crumbs, fingerprints, and even at some Nutella on
the door. But now that we’ve wiped it and cleaned it, we’re just going to go through
everything, check the use by dates, amalgamate some of the products together. For instance,
we had two rices, so we put it into one rice, and pasta as well. And then we’re also going
to group the food together and decide how we’re going to put it all back.
For a few of the smaller items, I’m going to group them in these baskets from Poundland.
So I think they were two baskets for one pound, and I’m going to put the chocolate bars in
there. These are the chocolate bars I would use if they needed a pack lunch or if they
wanted pudding at home. I try to steer clear of sweets as much as possible, but it’s great
to have these around. And then yes, I’m just going to carry on sorting everything out and
then put it all back. So as you can see, we’ve moved on to the fridge
now and it wasn’t that long ago that I deep-cleaned the fridge. I made an entire video about it.
So if you want to see that, I will link that in the description and here on the top right
as well. But last time we cleaned it, I also invested in these fridge liners, which I’ve
really liked using. Not only are they really fun colors, but they’re great because they
catch any spills or mess. So rather than fully taking out the shelves every time you clean
your fridge, you can just take out the liners and just wipe down the shelves. It’s a lot
easier for me. To dry these, I’ve actually hung them on the
line because it was such a beautiful day. And then we’re also going to clean out all
of the drawers and just give everything a good wipe. This one was particularly messy,
it had a bit of a spillage in it, so we’re going to wipe that down. I’m using my method
nontoxic cleaner for this just because I think it’s nice to use that, especially in areas
when you’re putting food into it and then you’re going to eat that food as well. But
yeah, considering I didn’t wash it that long ago, it was actually quite messy. There was
a bit of mold at the back. I don’t know if you can see that going there, but yeah, I’m
going to give everything a really good wipe and then put everything back.
While we were cleaning, we had the music on and I kept trying to catch Matt dancing on
camera. I know you, [inaudible 00:05:01]. It would’ve been so good, though. You dancing.
Yeah, it’s definitely a lot more fun cleaning with Matt. He was juggling, dancing, cracking
jokes and all sorts, but now back to work. We’re going to put everything back and we
didn’t have much wastage at all from the fridge. That is one reason why it’s great to meal
plan because if you have a plan, then you won’t be chucking so much stuff out each week.
But now we’re going to put it back. I put the preservatives on the door because that
is where there is the most temperature fluctuation. We put dairy somewhere in the middle, all
the veg and fruit go in the drawer at the bottom. But if you want to see exactly why
I’ve put things in places I have, again, it’s in that cleaning fridge video.
But that is it. It’s all clean. I think we definitely need to go grocery shopping because
it is a little bit bare, but we are at the end of the week now. So yes, this is. It is
definitely an improvement, and I’ve got little storage solutions like this. I will link them
down below. I got these on Amazon. We have so much cheese, we all love cheese, so that
kind of holds it. Next up we’re going to tackle this cupboard
here, which holds our spices at the top. I know I should probably get the insert for
this drawer to hold the spices, but I feel like I would lose a little bit of room if
I did that. Below that we have the boys’ snack drawer, which they can access, and then also
some random of bowls and cooking things at the bottom. So again, we’re just going to
take everything out, give it a good wipe and then put it all back in some sort of order.
I hope that song wasn’t too crazy for you, but I love that song and I love putting it
into speed cleans. But now we’re going to tackle our breakfast larder. Well, that’s
what we call this area anyway. When we designed the kitchen, we really wanted to have a space
that was for breakfast and that we could also then hide away all of the appliances. So this
area here houses our toaster, Nutri Ninja microwave, all of our bread and that kind
of thing, but it’s definitely got a bit messy, so we’re going to wipe everything down. I’m
also going to clean out the microwave really quickly. I do do this quite often so it’s
not bad at all. And then we’re also going to empty out our toaster trays.
I can’t really remember the last time I did this, but it wasn’t too horrendous. You can
see which side we use more, though. And then we’re also going to clear out our bread bin.
I got this from Next, I believe, and I really like it. And then I’m also going to go through
the books that we had because there are a few in there, like this one, that are not
cookbooks and I don’t really know how they crept into the kitchen, but we’re now going
to sort that out and then put everything back before we tackle our cutlery drawer.
Now the cutlery drawer is all clean, we’re going to
move onto the drawer that is just below that, which holds all of our bowls, plates and cutting
boards. I also put a drawer liner in this. I originally did that because I knew we’d
be putting plates into it and I didn’t want for them to bang, but it’s also really handy
now. We can just take it out, get all of the crumbs off of it, and just put it back in.
So we’re going to put this in some sort of order again and we also got rid of a few random
bits. We have so many kids bowls, but we do use them every day still for cereal and for
snacks, so that does look a lot better. Then, the very bottom one is where we keep
all of our pots and pans and strainers and stuff. Again, I put a liner in that as well,
so yeah, we’re just going to kind of give it a wipe out again and put it all back. I
feel like that drawer works really well the way that it was, so we’re just going to put
everything back in the same sort of order. Now onto the cupboard that I’ve probably been
dreading the most. This corner cupboard has just become so random. It has place mats,
cookies, clingfilm, platters, baking trays. It’s just really random, so we’re going to
get everything out, try and sort it through it. Try and put things in other places. And
now that we’ve cleaned out our garage, we could even put some stuff in there as well.
This one also needed a little bit of hoovering and wiping out as well.
Now onto some of our overhead cupboards. This little one here is where we keep our coffee
and tea and it was built around our stairs. That is why it’s a funny shape, but I’m just
going to take everything out and then wipe it down as well because there is some bits
of sweetener and coffee granules and it is quite dusty, but I also wanted to show you
this little shelf that I got for within it. Because it doesn’t have a shelf built in,
I bought this one on Amazon because before this everything was kind of stacked up on
each other, so it’s been really great, and space saving.
Now onto our cups. There are some cups at the very top that straightaway I was like,
“We never use them.” I thought those Santa cups were going to be for drinks, but it turns
out I think they’re actually for burning oil or candles or something. So anyway, I’m finally
going to get rid of them. I’m actually donating them to the school because they do this crockery
smash thing at the summer fair. Anyway, we’re taking everything out, wiping it all down,
and then putting it all back in some kind of order, and we have decided to donate a
few mugs. We just collect so many of them and then, as I said, give a few to the school
as well. Looks like we’re missing … No, we [inaudible 00:13:22] that stuff, so. [inaudible 00:13:24]. Yeah. Now onto this cupboard, which is where I keep
everything for baking, but looking at it, it’s not all baking anymore. I can see soap,
paper towel, and other things as well. So I’m going to take it all out and I actually
ended up putting quite a few things into the garage. If you haven’t seen our garage transformation
video, I will link it in the description and here as well. But now I have a place where
I can put hand soap and cleaning products. So I put a lot of stuff in there.
Then I’m going to wipe it out. There’s Chia seeds dried onto there somehow and also Golden
Syrup was really stuck as well. And then I’m going to sort it through our baking goods.
We have so much sugar, I couldn’t believe we have literally every type of sugar you
could ever have. But I bought these little baskets from Ikea. They’re kind of metal and
they’re really sturdy, so I’m putting all of the sugar into that. And then other baking
goods like coconuts, nuts, food coloring and everything else in that. And then also I’m
having one for cookie cutters because we seem to have a lot of those as well, which are
great for not only cookies, but Play-Doh as well. But that one is all done and it feels
so much cleaner now. Now onto this one, which is pretty bare anyway,
but this is where I keep oils, soy sauce and things for cooking because it’s right next
to the hub. I also just found these little place mats and I was getting all nostalgic.
The boys used to always sit and read these and read the letters and I haven’t had them
out for ages, so I’m definitely going to put them out again for the boys. Give everything
a wipe, and then I love this lazy Susan. I think that’s what it’s called, or a carousel.
I got this on Amazon. I will link it below. I know so many of you guys have bought it.
Initially, I put it into a home video and so many of you were like, “We love it.”
You just have to be careful when you get these, that will definitely fit your cupboard. You
have to actually measure and just make sure. But this one is great and it holds so much.
We have our vinegar, our oil, lemon, stock cubes, all of that. And as I’m cooking, I
can just twist it around and grab what I need. But that is that cupboard all done. And this
one only took about 10 minutes to organize, but now this one is really random.
There are wineglasses, coffee, tea medicine, salt, so much stuff. I do have a first aid
kit in our utility room, which is specifically for medicine. So I don’t really know how it’s
all crept into the kitchen, but I’m going to take everything out, put things back where
they need to go, give everything a wipe. And we also ended up washing some of the wineglasses
because they were really dusty. We don’t actually drink at home. Matt. But yeah, we’re going
to wipe that down. And then, at this point, I was at the stage where I was like, “Why
did I start this?” Anyway, we’re just going to put the coffee
and tea back and now this cupboard is so very empty. There’s lots of space in it. And now
we’re finally onto the last, over the head cupboard. All we keep in here is the boys’
lunchboxes and sweets at the very top. So I’m just going to take everything out, give
it all a wipe down. We don’t tend to buy sweets, but this is all like sweetie cones they get
from parties, for bribery basically. And Matt was going through all of the sweets, and he
took to another level. He’s ridiculous. Yes, but anyway, we’re going to sort through
it and check out any sweets I don’t think we’ll probably give the boys or that is probably
a bit old, and then put it all back in some kind of order. And that is that cupboard looking
a lot cleaner. We seem to have so much more space now, so I could put some new things
in here. But now I’m going to move on to this other corner cupboard, which is where I keep
all of the boys’ cups, things for a pack lunch. They’re yum boxes and stuff like that.
I put most of the cups in these little baskets from Poundland, and I find that works really
well because otherwise they just fall all over the place. But anyway, while I sort through
this and clean it, I’m going to play a song because I feel like you’re probably sick of
my voice now. I’ve been talking so much. I also recently cleared out under our sink,
so this is looking really clean and tidy, but the shelves under here are great. I found
them on Amazon and you can put them around any pipes. But this is where I keep all of
our dishwasher tablets, cleaning products from day-to-day, as well as our tea towels
and the cloths that I use for cleaning. And there’s some wipes, rubber gloves, all of
that stuff. But now I’m going to move onto the drawers in our kitchen. These seem to
just accumulate so much stuff. I think when I’m quickly tidying it up, it’s so easy to
just chuck things into these drawers. So again, I’m going to take everything out, find new
homes for things. There was a lot of makeup in this drawer that I could put in my makeup
bag and then yeah, clean everything out and then put it back in some kind of order.
Now that we’ve had to clear out, I actually ended up putting two of the drawers into one.
So now I have space here, which is where I’m going to put all of these random utensils
that weren’t fitting well in our cutlery drawer. I put them here originally, but this is a
perfect place for our potato masher, which always blocks the cutlery drawer, and whisk
and things like that. Then, in this very bottom drawer, this is where we keep our plastic
bags and you may have seen on my Instagram stories that I fold our plastic bags into
these little triangles because I find that when I do follow them into these little triangles,
I ended up putting them into my handbag and always having a bag on me. So it’s a great
little way to do it. So I’ll just show you how I do it here. Basically,
you just flatten out a plastic bag, fold it across once, and then fold it again. So you’ve
got like this really long rectangle and then you just fold up in triangles, and then put
the end into the triangles. It’s really quick and easy to do. I know some people commented,
“Oh you got a lot of time to do that,” but honestly it takes minutes. It’s so space-saving
and it’s better for the environment because then you’re actually going to use these, you’re
going to happen in your handbag. But yeah, that’s all gone down to that.
And then Matt is going to empty the bins and we’re also going to clear that out. Give everything
a wipe, wipe the bins out. We do actually do this quite often so it wasn’t too horrendous.
But in the little cupboard on top of the bins is where we keep all of our bags. We also
have some Ziploc bags and stuff like that, so that all needed to come out and be hoovered
out and just cleaned up. And the last thing we’re going to do is get
all of the cupboards a wipe down, especially the hotspots like the handles. We’re also
going to wipe down the surfaces and hoover as well.
Right, so we did it. The kitchen is all clean and it only took us about three hours. So
if you were on your own, it probably would take a whole school day while your kids are
at school, but it looks amazing and I’m so glad that we did it. Did you enjoy it? It’s amazing. Such an amazing bonding experience. Matt was like, “What you want to do is …” You’re
giving me typically … Anyway, thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you in
my next one. Bye.


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