KIDS vs. FOOD #15  – SUSHI

♪ (French music) ♪ – (Finebros) So today you’re
gonna be reacting to this. – Oh gosh. Sushi. – Sushi! It’s sushi!!! – I love sushi. – I had this before. It’s tasty. – I don’t really like fish. – (Finebros) What do you see?
– I see rice. I see guacamole. – Crab meat and I think that’s avocado. – It’s a California roll. And a California roll is the only
kind of sushi I’ve ever had. – (Finebros) We have five
different kinds of sushi for you to try today. – That’s gonna be fun. – Oh my gosh, I know exactly
what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna show me this sushi, and then you’re gonna bring
in some weird-tasting sushi that no one ever wants to eat. – Um… um… You’re not gonna give me rolls? – There’s an emoji for this. – Now, I do not know
what this red stuff is, so that’s the only fright that I have. – Mm. Crescent roll. – One, two, three. The only thing good
about this is the rice. – (grunts softly) (mouth full) I’ll chew on this. Ach! The rice is sticky! – It tastes like saltwater and chicken. – Ah… (spits) Ah-hah-hah! The pain, the pain! – (Finebros) You just tried
maguro, or tuna sushi. – Ewww. I really don’t like tuna. – (intrigued) Oh, it’s tuna fish. I kinda liked it. – It doesn’t taste like
the regular tuna that I eat– like, the one that’s all brown
and looks like cat food. – (Finebros) Okay, here’s your next piece. – Oh, what’s that? People’s logic these days,
having silver fish. – That’s the skin of the fish. No! – Slimy. (retches) Smells bad. – (disgusted) Oh! – You know what? I’m done
with this, these chopsticks. I can’t really describe it,
but it’s just really good. – Oh my gosh. (takes deep breath) Uh-uh. – Eh. I’m not taking another bite. – What is this? – (Finebros) That was a piece of saba,
which is mackerel sushi. – Oh. I’ve never heard of mackerel before. – I don’t know what a mackerel is. – Too salty! It’s just making
a bag of salt chewy. – Oh, this one has fish eggs. – This isn’t fish. This is eggs. – I feel like I’m eating Orbeez. – Is this eyeballs? (stifled) Water. (wheezes) – (groans and coughs) – This is actually really good. – That tastes disgusting! Ew! – It tastes really salty. – Tastes like the worst fish
in the whole entire world. – (Finebros) In Japan,
they call this kind of sushi ikura, which is salmon eggs.
– Oh. (queasily) Oh gosh. Pretty sure it’s evil. – That’s disgusting. I like salmon,
but who eats their eggs? – It’s not like any ordinary sushi. These people have gone creative. – (Finebros) Ready for your next piece? – I shall slay the beast! I shall not slay the beast. – It looks like raw chicken. – What is this? Like, octopus? – Is that a tentacle? – This is definitely cooked eel. – This looks like eel. – (groans quietly) (gags) Mm-mm. Mm-mm. This tastes disgusting. – It’s cooked fish. I like that. I liked it. – Here goes nothing. Uh… [inaudible]. Yeah. I bet you this is eel. – Now, this is definitely eel. – (Finebros) Are you ready
to see what you ate? – Okay. – Ew!!! Is that an eel? – These look nothing alike. – (Finebros) You just tried
unagi, which is eel. – (laughs silently) I just know this taste
’cause I’ve eaten eel a lot. – I ate an eel. I don’t think
I’ve ever seen anyone eat an eel. – How can something look
so bad but taste so good? – (Finebros) Now for the last piece. – Yeah, that’s why I want my eyes closed. – That’s a fish tongue. I don’t want to eat that. – Of course the final one
has to be the most weirdest. – Ew! It’s all gummy and squishy. – It feels slimy. Oh, I don’t want to try this. – It just looks weird, and I am
not comfortable eating it. – Why am I doing this?
I must be out of my mind! – (retches) Ohhh. – (mumbling inquisitively) (mumbling disapprovingly) – Mm-mm. I thought this was actually gonna be good. – (Finebros) Look at what you ate. – Aah! What is this? – (Finebros) It’s a sea urchin.
– I can’t believe I ate this! – A sea urchin? Really? – (whispers) Awesome. – Oh whoa, it moved! I feel scared. – How did Ariel ever live with you? – (Finebros) So which of these
do you recommend? – The cooked eel. – The mackerel.
It’s probably the best one. – Fish eggs. – Mackerel. – The tuna one. It tasted good. – I recommend none of these. – The fish eggs one, because I’ve already had it,
and it was actually pretty good. If you do like it, high five. – Thanks for watching us eat
raw fish on the React channel. – What food should we eat next?
Tell us in the comments. – Don’t forget to subscribe. We have tons of new shows every week. – Konichiwa! – Bye, guys! I still don’t get
why people like sushi so much. ♪ (French music ends) ♪

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