Key & Peele – Yo' Mama Has Health Problems

Key & Peele - Yo' Mama Has Health Problems

mr. Lewis thank you for coming in with your associates I know this is hard to hear but we need to make some serious decisions about your mother's health let's be honest she is getting on in years oh yeah okay I see how it is I see how it is well yo mama so Oh her last name is a Soros no mr. Lewis it wasn't an insult I I was just saying that your mother's condition is deteriorating because she's getting older Oh see that's cold though that's a cold one okay okay I see how it is oh yeah yo mama so old in her history class they just wrote down what they was doing insult contest not only is your mother elderly but also her ability to walk is currently being affected by her weight Oh see okay it just got real no I'm not insulting her I'm trying to tell you yo mama is so fat wish you go to the movie theater bitch sitting next to every way [Applause] your mother needs to manage her weight or there can be some real problems so fat she need a latitude and longitude double to find her old ass [Applause] who's the doctor mr. Lewis I am and it's my job to make sure that your mother is getting the care that she needs we are talking about the woman who took care of you your whole life the least you can do is take care of her and her old age and take this seriously I'm sorry I'm sorry that I lost my temper no really doctor I guess I was just joking around because I know her condition is really serious and I don't know I guess humor is the only way I could really deal with it I just know that she says so many times she doesn't want anything invasive died Phil even I was not aware of that that that's interesting because she did not mention that to me in our previous conversation of course it was difficult to hear her with my dick in her mouth snap mr. Lewis oh snap now let's talk about the procedure you

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