Key & Peele – Soul Food

Key & Peele - Soul Food

so glad we could bring this project to this neighborhood so rich history I grew up in a neighborhood like this oh yeah like this all right welcome to mama sugar banks y'all ready dog yeah can I have a chicken-fried steak with gravy and a cola I will have the baked beef short ribs with collard greens and throw down some that cornbread all right thank you know what hold up a second I'm also going to have some of them collard greens and cornbread as well but hook a brother up with some of them hot all right why am I trying to front scratch all that give me some okra and some fried red snapper and girl you know I want some chitlins all right y'all got ham hocks well that's what I want I want to play the ham hocks deep-fried blackened and served on a bed of mustard greens pig feet I want some pig feet and four pounds of grits Oh ain't no what else give me a little Dixie cup full of lard all right I just remember what I want a bowl of mosquitoes none of them tiny ones either give me them big mother to find down at the swamps sister could you please hook a brother up with a rusty bucket full of fish heads wrapped and razor wire dunk your teeth dunk your teeth straight out a donkey's mouth you know what any animal tooth will do I want you to stick it in some honey blaze fry with fat back and serve it in an old tin coffee can forget everything I said up to this point right now bring me some dandelion greens a cow hip and a dog face wrap that whole mess in an old Ebony magazine and serve it to me in a shoebox okay I want a platter of stork ankles an old cellar door a possum spine and a human foot you want a human foot mm-hmm I got just one question for y'all you want gravy on that cellar door oh yeah oh yeah yeah you got a great builder yeah something going without gravy it's not food

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