Joel Klatt on reports the Browns will take Baker Mayfield in the 2018 NFL Draft | THE HERD

23 thoughts on “Joel Klatt on reports the Browns will take Baker Mayfield in the 2018 NFL Draft | THE HERD

  • Odell Beckham has joined the Cleveland Browns and hes joining Baker Mayfields team. Tells you everything.

  • Lamar won now Josh Allen won now Baker won now Darnold can win with help Rosen a bust colin is so wrong

  • "Rosen and Darnold are win now QBs" – both QBs, combined: 7 wins.

    Baker, who didn't touch the field until game 3: 7 wins

  • I'm not drafting someone who run from police. Go look at the story, he wasn't even in trouble . 27 TDs as a rookie with a very young team. Darnold and Allen might be good. Baker is good.

  • Cowherd's "expert" opinion plus his conviction that he is better than Dorsey in assessing talents is the reason why he is creating a narrative to save whatever is left of his credibility. Unfortunately, he is sinking deeper into the hole he dug himself in. He is so irritatingly ridiculous.

  • I really, really like Cowherd, but he must not have watched much of Mayfield at OU. The guy raises the performance of everyone on the team when he plays. He's a natural born leader. Before Mayfield, the Browns were a joke. With Mayfield, they are instantly relevant and legit.

  • I love this Case Keenum comparison – Case Keenum can not even tie Bakers shoes. – and what is even funnier is that NOW you say Baker is a better version of Case Keenum LOL

  • Real talk: Lamar Jackson is not an NFL quarterback. In my opinion his absolute ceiling is something like Michael Vick which would be exciting and electrifying, but I dont think he'll actually be that good. I could be totally wrong, but to me hes just never going to be a guy who can win with his arm. I dont hate the Ravens taking a flyer on him but dont expect Jackson to ever be in the conversation ad a top 10 QB in the NFL.

  • Joel klatt and Cowherd are bad qb in college that's why they teamed up to badmouth Mayfield to be drafted 1 in the 2018 draft by Cleveland.

  • Yeah, confusing. Colin was trashing this kid constantly before the draft. Now he's a fan, he sees the greatest of the DORSEY.

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