see the world in that shot they live with no distractions and get away this is Bob we waited for good morning everyone and welcome back to our channel before I start out a food haul today I just want to say a big happy fourth of July to everybody watching in America or all our American friends how you all celebrating and having a fantastic time so I've got another food haul for you today and I've been to Tesco no I'm lying again I haven't been to Tesco I've had it delivered because I'm lazy at the moment and I'm loving the fact that I don't have to tray around the shops fighting with people getting trolley bashed I just really like in ordering it from the comfort of my own home it still seems to be coming in under budget even though this is a huge haul I couldn't even fit it all on the normal table I use so I got loads and loads of stuff and I still spent 20 pounds less then right my maximum budget which is really good so if you're not already subscribed I'd like you to go and subscribe now because I was looking at my analytics the other day and 50% of you that watched these videos aren't actually subscribed so if you're not subscribed please go subscribe I do weekly food halls meals of the week cook with me family vlogs we vlog our holidays we are going to flow it up in August for three weeks and we're going to vlog in that and I'm gonna be doing some pack with me and all that kind of thing so go and subscribe because 50% of you that on is not good enough anyway let's take a look at wife bought and then I will tell you how much I spent and show you a meal plan for next week right so I start off with the fresh bitch you have to apologize before I start I'll have to mention the siren has her bone in the background so that so you can hear Naurang she loves to do it when I'm filming so we've got some Jersey boiled potatoes this is just a really small bag but I think they're 45 P at the moment I'm gonna be doing like a chicken salad with some potato salad a lot some British white potatoes for jackets I decided to go for the test coat grade rather than the son trail farm or whatever their own make is red Mir farms because I kept getting ones that were really Brown and squashy I did ring up actually last week and they refunded the grapes because they were so bad also last week some of my sausages had already been open like the packet was open so funded those as well so it's really simply just ring up and tell them what's wrong and they put the money straight back into account which is really good so I thought it's no point keep ordering the same ones I've ordered days this time I've got some wife and I home apricots these are 45 pay at the moment to lots of baby thumbs motto some spring onions some of the roads theme from small tangy apples I got some mushrooms – lots of romaine lettuce she's really gonna do lots of romaine heartless is they didn't a large pineapples for a pound again I got two cucumbers and some ripen at home bananas wanted to light the fridge bits I've got some more of these milord bliss cheese cake inspired yogurts you get four and they're normally two-pound and they don't offer at the moment for a pound these are the salted caramel and the boys absolutely love them and they're not massive either so they're quite nice like just for an after-dinner treat so – lots of those and I thought I'd try these or get these for the boys to try these are lime inspired like I don't know they have a biscuit a bit like a key lime pie kinda thing so I thought we try some of those I got some fish graders Oscar really likes these in his pack learning I've got some fish fingers these are the hearty food Co ones we always buy these I think they're like 69p they go really really well in fish with the sandwiches I got some hash browns some potato pops and I think there's also some croquet potatoes back there which are basically like mashed potato wrapped in like a crispy potato coating these are really cheap as well they're like 1690 I think and bladder so we were running low on all our potato II kind of things got – lots of hula-hoop puffs they won't offer a pound at the moment for six then coming back down here I got some low-fat cottage cheese for salads I got some pork mince I've got two of these these are the 5% fat pork mince and they're 25 percent off so they were really good price I got some wafer thin roast chicken for packed lunches some pork lunch and me I'm a king but Bailey loves that in his sandwiches and also some of these chicken roll that's like four packed lunches and things I've got another clover like this is a pound at the moment I've got some corn pieces they were doing three four five pound so I got to lots of the vegetarian steak strips we've never tried these before but I really feel like I might make a stir-fry with the Barenaked noodles and some spring onions and courgettes and mushrooms and chili and all that kind of thing so I've got two of those and my other thing was just some corn pieces I absolutely love these and I thought that was really good value three bags for five pound got a smoked gammon joint I'm probably going to do either a roast dinner with this or if it's really hot which it has been here yeah this week then I'll do it cold like with salad and pickle and you know like gherkins and beetroot and things to lots of chicken breast portions I've got a big bag of ice because we're making a lot of smoothies at the moment and it's so much easier just to buy a big bag rather than keep trying to fill up the little ice bags I bought I've got some heck chicken Italia sausages these a 2 pound at the moment instead of I think 3 pounds 50 or something thought to pound was quite good for those I've got some more of these butcher's choice pork sausages these are brilliant they're 91 P and yeah granted they're not like your fancy best high quality full of me ingredient sausages but if you cook these and then put them in the fridge they're so good like I pop them in the boys Pat lunch with a tub of ketchup we went to the beach the other day so I just put a load in a sandwich bag and there's sort of no mess or fuss or anything and if the kids are hungry I'll feel like it's better than them reaching for like a chocolate bar or something I don't have a sausage you know so I just think they're really good values I got some more color flour rice Steve and I absolutely love it stuff got a similar front splash stroke capri-sun I did say in my last hole about freezing them like the night before and putting them in your kids lunchbox if you do do that I have had complaints from all three children it's kind of forgot their lunch boxes are insulated so by the time they got to lunchtime they were actually still frozen so they ended up like Jake cut the top off of his and poured out and turned it into a big slushy mess and I don't know so if you're going to I've started to actually put them in the fridge instead they're freeze I thought it was a good idea but obviously they've got super insulated lunch boxes so it wasn't that clever I got some semi skimmed milk some more balsamic vinegar because we were out of that this is only a pound as well which is really reasonable I've got some more Barenaked noodles I have done a review of these in a cook with me we really really like them for a very very low calorie and low carb you can't really go wrong I mean hundred grams is 12 calories and I think there's a 250 grams basically drained and it's only 12 calories per 100 grams drained so crazy it's just really really good as well not horrible I got to lots of squash there double-strength I've got an always lemon and pineapple and an apple I got some boiling the bad long grain rice I got some a jar of pasta bake I think this is this is the creamy tomato and herb pasta bake sauce I also got four tins of John West tuna chunks in Brian this was on offer for three pound fifty instead of five pound I got four tins of baked beans I've got a tin of cream of chicken condensed soup I often use this with pasta broccoli and some cooked chicken just to make a really quick and easy dinner and it's really really tasty I've got two lots of the stand and stuffed taco kits again these are an offer I feel like that's all I ever say but I do try to buy stuff if it's not offer because I probably would have spent double if I didn't look at the bargains anyway I think these were 2 for 5 pound and they're really expensive I think there are three pound 80 or something each so I thought that was quite a good deal and the boys love the little soft bones they're just a bit of fun and some a little bit different thick bag of pasta we don't have any at all I've got two of the garlic food gets to go with the they're gonna go with pasta bake and these are like 36 P so much pop those in the freezer I got some hotly sugar-free journey just to make up because I'm a big kid and I absolutely love jelly I got some chocolate chip brioche rolls for lunches or like breakfast time some gherkins and some sweet pickled crinkle-cut beetroot boys are obsessed with pickles got some Cotton's of orange juice as well for a change in their lunch and then non-food items over here I've got another one of these Glade berry pop I actually paid I think one pound 30 whereas in vnm it's a pound so not a huge difference really but really really nice smell and you don't sort of get sick of it I got Steve a deodorant this is the best one that he likes a Lynx I didn't buy these in Tesco so they're not part the Tesco shop but these are amazing bought them yesterday in Lidl and they are the Vaseline intensive care spray moisturizer Coco Radian and it is so good because use just a spray and it makes moisturizing after you've been out in the Sun or got out the bath so much easier just spray it on give it a quick rub over and it smells amazing so these are normally I think six pound each and little are doing them for two pounds 75 so I've got two of those but I think boots and that do do them half price sometimes but as it's summer they're like not doing it so I've got two of those in little back to Tesco I got a three of the method limited edition pink pomelo multi-surface cleaner this is my favorite favorite smell and they were doing three bottles for six pound so I've got three because it does say it's limited edition and I also really like the bottle so when I finish this this is what I've got in my kitchen at the moment I've emptied it out and I've actually put a cheaper spray in it that I like the smell of because I just think it's really pretty sort of gold it looks nice sitting on the side rather than some of your sprays so I got three of those for six pound and I also got some of this blue total hygiene shine toilet gel this was a pound and you can't hurt having nice smelling stuff when you've got boys in the house so that is not everything because I couldn't fit it all on the table so over here is the kind of a crunchy breakfast to eat kind of bits so I've got some of these Velveeta breakfast biscuits I got cocoa and fruit and the multigrain these are really nice with like a fig and they were reduced I think they're one-pound 25 for obviously you get five packs of four biscuit which is really good are you enjoying that is that nice Ren you got your bone siren is that nice hello is that nice she's like leave me alone I'm busy I got some of these fizzy watermelon slices I've got some fizzy bubbles on potholes you get three for a pound these are good for movie night or me because these are not one of my favorite sweets I've got some rich tea biscuits because jake has taken to making himself cups of tea now it's just got to the age where he wants to drink tea and he always says can have a biscuit so I thought the least sugary of unhealthy ones are probably rich tea so I don't mind if he has one of those once a day with his cup of tea 15 free range eggs I've got some fruit out bakes these were a pound I got some Cadbury break bars again a pound some twin wafer snappy fingers basically KitKat's and also some Yorkie biscuits we get seven seven bars per pound and they are only small but they're quite handing it for when the boys come in from school or something they could just have one of those what sound does hitch chips for the standard staff night I thought that might be a nice little side with some lettuce and tomato and cucumber bits as well some rice cakes Oscar absolutely loves salt and vinegar rice cakes and then I also bought some toilet bowls so knowing toilet rolls and all of that came to just over 100 pounds so I think that's really really good value what I'll do now I will take you through our meal plan for the coming week all right so here is our meal plan for next week and as always we go from Thursday which is today so tonight I'm going to make an a pasta bake and I'm gonna use the garlic bread with that I might put some tuna or chicken in the pasta bake tomorrow is Friday so I'm going to do the boys fish fingers I've got some mini wraps upstairs awesome let's see did rolls so I might doing about fish finger sandwiches with some hash browns and Steve and I are going to have the corn steak strips in a stir fry and the weekend I'm going to do the gamin join if the way the change is a little bit or we fancy I might do that as a roast dinner or maybe mashed potato and gravy and vegetables if not we'll do that with light salad dbits and then on the other day we're going to have jacket potatoes we have tuna cheese cottage cheese salad and that kind of thing on Monday I'm going to do some chicken breast I'm probably going to marinate that in some tandoori spices and I'm gonna serve that with some salad and the new potatoes Tuesday is going to be Taco Tuesday and then on Wednesday I'm leaving it clear for leftovers or anything that we fancy and also Steve and I will be having our own versions of these meals own life the tacos we will probably just have minutes with cauliflower rice and vegetables and some spices and with the chicken salad we'll just run out the potatoes because we're still trying to cut back on our carbs so that is our meal plan for next week so that's it for this week I hope you've enjoyed this video if you have you know what to do go and leave me a thumbs up and subscribe if you're not subscribed go and subscribe because half of you aren't so I expect when I look at the analytics for this next video it'll be a hundred percent of you that watching have subscribed and you've been told anyway guys I will be back with you very soon for another video have a lovely lovely weekend


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  • Do you cook the sausages in the morning before school for the kids packed lunches or do you do it the night before? X

  • Thank you Vicky. We're cooking and we're going to do fireworks later.. hope you're all having a good day too,and hope ya'll have a great weekend too.

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