#howtocookbeefsoup #TheSageFamily COOKING BEEF SOUP/ NILAGANG BAKA

#howtocookbeefsoup #TheSageFamily  COOKING BEEF SOUP/ NILAGANG BAKA

see you later the ingredients of our
Nelligan baka or beef stew we have the onion and three Serrano’s pepper we have
beef guys and we have sweet potato instead of having a potatoes we we had
the sweet potato because my husband is diabetic so this is just optional
there’s a horn of ears of corn rather and there’s cabbage green beans and a
green onion skies and you can put some bad chai
as substitute of this cabbage and also you can add the celery but it’s up to
you guys it’s only optional anyway and that’s it for our ingredients you don’t still take your – no reason to
have to go to the hospital the third-degree burns yes that’s why
every time I talk I talk things don’t go over there okay that’s it for now guys
the align our gonna put the sweet potato the guys there you go so this is our 100% grass-fed beef so
your maybe short ribs short ribs you may be thinking that why did I put the ribs
after 30 minutes on the signs it cost like well because it’s going to take
another hour for this stuff out of the car yes so we’ve got that for 8 minutes
of it then mmm before we put that what else are we put
in there boy now know any of this there’s later when this one is half so
this is our okay we’re going to put cabbage face there’s the cabbage just some small pieces more basic white
third that is that it meaning now we will add the corn the other why really an it takes us two hours to walk
through so are you gonna add all this now – you can’t have you weren’t all and
enough there you go guys throw the beans are still frozen we’ll be back what is a new knife a
brother you don’t want a pepper corns guys so we grind – but okay and then Radek of analogue on Baca guys so that’s
it for today thank you and bye for now

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