How to Replace a Kitchen Sink and Faucet

30 thoughts on “How to Replace a Kitchen Sink and Faucet

  • This is a how too video

    How to get the customer to chip in and help. They cut the video a little short what you did not see was the lady homeowner carrying his tools out to the truck. Nice job I learned a lot

  • how do you adapt new faucets with half inch pex to 3/8 inch hoses on the new faucet .All new faucets come with 3/8th inch hoses and the cold works fine but the hot one just keeps leaking no matter what I do to the adapter that lowes sold me .I tried the adapter without a washer and with a washer but it continues to leak .Sometimes it takes a couple of days other times only after i use the dish washer .I am at my wits end with this thing

  • Hey what happen to my old comment ? wanted to check and see how far the comments section has degenerated 🤣

  • The hardest part about installing sinks is following whatever dumb ass installed it before you 5, 10, 20, or even 40 years ago (old apartment complex). The worst problem was leaks due to the overflow section of a bath sink rusting so after fixing a small problem like a bad p-trap and resolving the pipedream like drainage you have now disturbed the connection to the bottom of the sink causing it to leak. Tightening it wont work because the soft metal now gives to pressure, bends and breaks. Now you need a new sink. 1 out of every 3 sinks fought me. Glued in or tacked on in mysterious ways that only gave to sheer force while trying to protect the countertop. Don't bother reusing the old faucet they stopped making parts for it years ago and besides its welded onto the sink with rust. Okay, new sink put it now routing the drain to the non-adjustable glued in trap arm. Custom connection, pray you didn't break anything else by fixing this problem, look at your monstrosity and cringe while you test it for leaks. Apologize to the resident for it taking so long to order parts, listen to their complaints on the company, rinse, repeat.

  • The sink seems like a down grade if that other one is cast iron. I have a faucet like that one and I think the person installed it wrong because it sucks. It's impossible to turn and the hose has to be pushed back up some of the time. Really considering going back to a 2 handle faucet. Just bought a new basin and it's wonderful! Time to start a mini remodel.

  • Instead of straight across disposal drain pipe, you should angle down disposal pipe to the drainage system to avoid standing water in the disposal and rust build up. Teflon tape on all connections is always a good idea..don't see any here. Plus assemble the baskets drains, faucets and any other accessory before installing the sink. Much easier and less crouching.

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