How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets | This Old House

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets | This Old House

before we paint anything is very important to decrease all the surfaces that we're going to paint to spray some of the cleaner on to a clean cloth and scrub the surface to remove all of the grease and oil so that the paint will stick really well to the surface using a palm sander we sand the surface with a hundred grit paper to abrade the surface and give it some tooth so that the primer Whittle here to it really well for the mouldings I fold the sandpaper over and use the crease to get into the edge where this panel and the moldings come together that's great it's always a good idea to dust off the surface then use a tack cloth to get any remaining dust off of it you want to do is dip the brush and tap it on the side of the both hot liner yeah both sides that's right and then bring the brush to your surface starting up at the edge of the panels you want to work in two steps get the paint on there first for coverage and then smooth it out to make it look nice and catch any drips or runs that's great let me show you how to paint the field of the panel thank you I dip the brush tap it on both sides and bring it to the surface and just get the product on there for coverage notice I put the brush into the corner to make sure that we get the bristles right into those edges now that I have the coverage with a fairly dry brush I lay it off and smooth even strokes at first I do the moldings and then I'll smooth out the face of the panel you can see I start in the corners and bring with long smooth brushstrokes from one corner down to the other bring it out of the corner and feather off as you come to the middle of the panel and after you're done with the panel you move on to the frame of the door also known as the rails and Stiles and again you work in two steps apply the paint for coverage and then smooth it out to make it look nice you'll notice that I prop the door up so I can more easily do the edges now we're ready to do the back you've got a couple hooks that you put into the door that's right we'll use these to hang the door while we're paint in the back so you get yourself a little ingenious station over here two ladders two two by fours on the top and in a whole series of hooks here I presume the hang doors while they dry and in two more right here that's right so this will be a painting stick we'll use hang the door from these hooks while we paint the back after that we'll move it over to a drying area we have this little trick you put a screw in here in one of the screw holes from the hinge can use that as a little handle so the door doesn't swing back and forth while you brush it you want to paint the back just like the front so you'd paint all around the edges of the the panel just like you're doing looks good so time for the drying rack that's right and you've got the hooks here are these on the top of the door yes we put them on the top of the door for the upper cabinets that way they are into what we call the blind side I can't see them I pine in on the lower cabinets you probably put the hooks in the bottom that's right all right so we've got about 15 more doors to do right that's right and we're gonna have one on a prime coat two coats of paint and two coats of water-based polyurethane okay that is a lot of work left you

33 thoughts on “How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets | This Old House

  • A Sprayer does a professional job if this guy came to my home and didnt set up to spray it id kindly tell him to get the F… out of my house because he isnt a pro.

  • That paint sure looked pretty lame if you ask me. Much better paint if you simply spray it. Cabinet doors should be sprayed.

  • I mean union carpenter and everything that you're doing you're doing correct other people do things a little differently but you know what you're doing it right and like I said it comes with wood it can be masonary it can be building a house if I can build and do anything Pavers at all I'm Paul one call does it all and that's all it goes but yeah very nice job

  • It DIDN'T appear that the 1st gentleman really wanted to allow the lady to try and learn for herself, he COMPLETELY TOOK OVER….NOT a good teacher!!!

  • too many brushed on coats will just keep building brush marks until it looks like thin tree branches or veins on that smooth surface they started with , such an amatuers instruction video Spray them, everyone can now buy a cheap HVLP turbine sprayer

  • Can't you let one side dry, then turn it over and paint the back?
    Seems a lot easier than shagging around with hooks and screws ladders and 2x4s…

  • Anyone who has white painted kitchen cabinets,KNOWS HOW DIRTY THEY LOOK WITH ANY LITTLE SPOT ON THEM.NOT TO MENTION TAKING BEUTIFUL WOOD, AND RUINING IT.Some ones trend of white. Wood LASTS, and if finished well LASTS 100% BETTER THAN WHITE PAINT.

  • lol. He sounds like one of those Family Guy Italian Americans who don't give a shit and do everything rushed and sloppy.

  • No grain filler? Assuming those are oak cabinets, wouldn't the oak's grain still show through the finish, even after the paint any poly coats?

  • hi great video, I'm planning to paint my old piano, I want to paint it black with a mirror shine finish, any tips.

  • Hello. Anyone have good ideas about house trim?? I have reddish trim around windows and baseboards. From old owners. I don't like the color at all. It's not shiny at all so I don't believe is was varnished.. Oil base primer to start??? Thanks

  • some stupid comments in here..maybe you guys/gals have your own show on remodeling? OR have ran your own business doing such? IF SO please share with us your perfection.

  • I am not sure why you would want to paint over good/pretty wood cabinet in your kitchen. My kitchen cabinet was already painted yellow when I purchased a house years ago. It was not pretty and wish they never paint it. It would be too messy to remove all old paints, the best optional is to install new cabinet. Perhaps it's better to re-stain than paint over. What do you think?

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