How To: Make Vegan Brownies

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  • "They won't even know they're vegan"

    Except that you'll fucking tell them incessantly every fucking two seconds that "they're vegan".

    Tons of foods don't use any animal products, that doesn't make them "vegan", humans have been eating plant-based foods in their diets since the dawn of man. What determines whether or not something is "vegan" is not whether it contains animal products, it's whether you won't shut the fuck up for two seconds about it being vegan.

  • this to complicated ill go buy the ones u just add water or eggs to lmao im lazi… i tried to do a vegan recipie but fuck it…

  • People are great haha, totally going to make these for my holiday soirée, except I'm not telling anyone they're vegan😂

  • Can't anyone express themaelves without using the F word or foul language. It's disgusting and ignorant. This was an excellent video by someone who is a vegan and shares a good rercipe.

  • hey great recipe quick question though I'm going to try these but I'm not going to use any apple cider vinegar how do you think it would affect the rising process

  • She should of put in some whole chocolate chips in there it is the only thing that is missing from this recipe. Oh and does any one know if that was ground chia seeds or whole seeds plz let me know

  • Thanks I am going to try making this, hopefully I will find the vegan sugar when I go shopping at Tesco or Asda in a moment.:)

  • The fact that you believe every vegan recipe in the world just happens to not be as good texture-wise because it is vegan is really conceited on your part. Lets see why: you made gluten-free brownies (which is two different types of cooking in one, vegan isn't the same thing as gluten-free and gluten-free isn't the same thing as vegan, they're two completely different things), you are not a full time vegan so you haven't come even close to perfecting vegan baking through research and even years, and you were using just one method of baking a brownie, your less educated way. Just like any type of cooking or baking, research and respect is the best way to go. And yet you think because your so-so on texture (no-offense) vegan brownies crumble if not completely cool to the touch, it's because "it's vegan".

    No, it is because you made them that way. This video is offensive, subtle or not, and yes, that bothers me as a living and breathing vegan myself. Boo.

    Because the fact of the matter is you are assuming the quality (whether it be taste or texture, though you seemed to love the taste so that's great) of vegan food is lesser all from your own recipe on an entire subject of food and life. Just like any food ever, it can be done in a million different ways with different techniques, different ingredients and so on. So if they crumble and are lesser than your non-vegan and non-glutenfree brownies, it is not because "they are vegan", it's because it is the way you built your recipe. P.S, none of my totally normal vegan brownies, which are also not gluten-free, because again, it makes a difference, like in texture, have ever been crumbly. And I'm definitely not a professional, I just live as a vegan and understand what works best because I have actually put in all the time, work and most importantly research to know. And that is something you clearly didn't do.

    So all I'm saying is that next time you want to completely categorize a whole way of living and eating, because let's be honest that is essentially what you did, just remember, that's your opinion on your own recipe. Please do not include the rest of the vegan recipes in the world and just be honest and say that your gluten-free vegan brownies are crumbly because 'it's my recipe', not because "it's vegan". That is just pure ignorance.

  • In this recipe you call for 3/4c or 10oz sami-sweet chocolate. A cup has only 8 oz. Therefore, 3/4c of a cup would be 6 oz. Are we to use 6 or 10 oz.?

  • Wtf is the difference between vegan chocolate and regular chocolate. How many animals they kill making chocolate?


    3 tbsp water
    1 1/2 tsp chiaseeds
    1/2 cup coconut oil
    1 cup sugar
    3/4 cup glutenfree flour
    1/2 cup apple sauce
    1 1/2 cup almond flour
    1/2 tsp baking soda
    1/2 tsp salt
    3/4 cup vegan bitter sweet chocolate

    350 degrees

    Goooosh this took forever being fckn stoned
    Good n8ght

  • If slaughterhouses, egg hatcheries and dairy farms were smack dab in the middle of urban areas and had glass walls, people would go vegan. If it's out of sight, it's out of mind.

  • Why do all these vegan recipes have to be gluten free like seriously less than 3% of the population has a legitimate medical reason to avoid gluten

  • Can a vegan answer me
    Why is it bad to eat eggs? I get my eggs personally from a farmer that I know I've been to his farm and he only keeps chickens they are free range I said healthy and only used for eggs they are not abused or killed so in that casehow am I contributing to animal suffering?

  • Jesus fucking christ at these comments 😂 I don't care if you eat meat that's your decision but why so much hate?? All this girl did was make a vegan recipe. Most vegans don't comment hateful things on non vegan recipes so why do meat eaters think it's necessary? You're just making yourself look bad. My sister isn't a vegan and she willingly eats vegan food I make all the time! It's not gross because there's no animal products in it.

  • I'm not even a vegan, but y'all need to calm down… it's a damn brownie recipe, not a full-fledge PETA protest… she wasn't claiming anything or making non-vegans feel bad, let her eat her fuckin brownies in peace…

  • I don't think she even said she was vegan lol. She said she started making vegan brownies when vegans asked her to and she agreed.

  • I don't get what's not vegan about Sugar and Chocolate? If you're buying Real sugar and chocolate it's 100 percent plant based. You don't have to put the word vegan in front of everything to make it seem more important.

  • I loved the video + recipe just one question please: the pastry chef mentions 3/4 cup of chocolate and then gives a measurement in ounces but it doesn't match what is the correct amount? Thanks!

  • "Everyone should be able to eat what they want," well vegans chose to eat dirt so shut up and stick with it haha if you want brownies eat actual brownies

  • Looks like a fucking cowpie. You prefer chemicals instead of animal products. Look at ingredients list to see all manmade chemicals you are ingesting. Lol. I’ll stick to bacon and eggs with a slab of cheddar any day over your chemicals.

  • Bloody hell that looks stunning and it's a shame again that there's no smell o vision, gotta try this. Ta for the recipe =)

  • Thx for the recipe, it works really well and is tasty!!! We used 70% cocoa chocolate and thought it was a bit too bitter.i think 2 parts 70% cocoa chocolate and one part vegan milk chocolate would make the brownies taste even better!!!

  • *Gluten free vegan brownies. Thank you for making vegan recipes. Would def love to see more normalized vegan recipes ex: with wheat flour. It's a lil more affordable/easier to find for ppl far from health stores. Thanks! This was great.

  • I just wish people would stop saying stupid shit like "They won't even know they're vegan brownies." Yes they will. Yes they absolutely fucking will. Anyone whos ever had a brownie in their life will immediately know something is wrong. That doesn't mean they don't taste good. They could very well be delicious. But please stop blowing smoke saying they're the same. They're not even slightly close. They kind, sort of, resemble something that kind of, sort of, resembles brownies. At best. Not to mention there isn't a single vegan dish on earth, especially Baked vegan dish, that isn't drier than a desert. All of these dishes will choke you to death if you don't have a glass of something nearby.

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