How to Make Space-Saving Freezer Thai Curry – Hot Thai Kitchen

How to Make Space-Saving Freezer Thai Curry – Hot Thai Kitchen

Sawaddee Ka, welcome to Hot Thai
Kitchen so as many of you know I am now very very pregnant and ready to pop this
baby out anytime now so at home we’ve been doing a lot of freezer meals in
preparation for that now freezing your meals is useful whether or
not you’re pregnant it’s always handy to have some meals ready to reheat in the
freezer right so today I thought I would share with you my method of freezing a
Thai curry in a way that reheats really well and saves a lot of space in your
freezer because probably like many of you the freezer is constantly full and
if there’s anything you can do to like reduce the bulk even better right so
today’s not so much a recipe as it is a tricks and tips methods that you can
apply to any of my curry recipe let’s get started so to be clear this video is
not just how to freeze a Thai curry because anyone can throw curry in the
bag and throw it in the freezer right but this video is more how to make a
curry for the specific purpose of freezing it so that it will reheat well
and not take up as much space okay so I’ve got some coconut milk here that I’m
gonna reduce until it’s very very thick alright so the coconut milk is super
thick now I’m going to add my curry paste and this curry paste could be
anything red, green, yellow, panang, massaman whatever you want I’m just gonna do my
classic red and then saute this in the coconut milk now you’re gonna see a lot
of curry recipes out there that just tell you to sautee the curry paste in
some vegetable oil and then add coconut milk which you can do but remember when
you do that you lose out on this concentrated coconut flavor that we now
have from reducing this coconut milk and sauteing the paste in the coconut oil
and concentrating flavor is what it’s all about when you’re trying to freeze a
curry without taking up too much space so now you can see the coconut oil is
separating out from the paste it’s basically frying this paste
really really aromatic now I’m gonna add the rest of my
coconut milk and this is one thing that I do differently from when I make just a
regular curry normally after I saute the paste I add the meat I add the coconut
milk and they let everything cook but what I’m doing now is I wanna reduce
this amount of coconut milk first to about half its original volume so that
when I freeze it it takes up even less space and then when I go to reheat it I
just add a little more water so we’ll let that go 7 to 10 minutes should do it
okay so as you can see it is super thick now looks way too thick for a Thai curry
so I’m gonna season this first though before we add our meat with some fish
sauce and some palm sugar and of course at this point depending on the recipe
whatever seasoning that you need to add you can add right now now in terms of
herbs the only herbs that you should add at this point our sturdy sturdy herbs
like kaffir lime leaves which I am going to add right now so delicate things like
Thai basil so I’m just gonna give this a rough tear and drop them in Thai basil
cilantro anything like that will turn to complete mush in the freezer you do not
want to add that until the end okay but if your lime leaves they freeze very
very well now my chicken goes in so I always use chicken dark meat when I
freeze curry because as you probably had experienced chicken breast overcooked
very easily and it’s not nice when it’s overcooked it’s dry it’s not good when
you freeze a curry you’ve got to reheat it and all that stuff the chances of you
overcook breast white meat is very very high okay so now I’m gonna turn this
down a little and let it simmer let the chicken cook for 20 minutes that’s how
long this size chicken thigh takes to become fork tender and by the way for
our patreon members with access to the bonus show after the show today we’re
gonna talk about what other things do i fries regularly that makes my cooking
much easier if you want to know how to become a patreon member I’ll put the
link in the description box below so It’s been 20 minutes the chicken is
perfectly cooked it’s fork-tender and as you can see it’s a lot more liquidy now
than it was when it first went in and that’s all juice from the chicken this
is why we needed to reduce that sauce first to really thick before we add the
chicken because once you add the chicken you can’t just keep cooking it forever
because the chickens gonna overcook at some point right so now let’s talk
vegetables for me personally when I freeze curry I don’t like to add
vegetables because 1) it adds bulk 2) vegetables only take a couple of minutes
to cook anyway and you’re gonna need to reheat it for a couple minutes so it’s
just easier for me to just throw it in at the end but more importantly
vegetables generally do not freeze well so if your particular about the
vegetables being al dente, firm, not too mushy freezing is not gonna work
for you because when it thaws it will inevitably be mushy so that’s just my
preference but if you want to make this so that it’s just ready to go in the
microwave and it’s done you can add vegetables let me give you a few advice
on choosing vegetables that’ll thaw better than others I’ve got a few
examples here for you so rule of thumb is the more water
content the vegetable has the worse they will thaw so things like zucchini
cucumber tomatoes like cherry tomatoes those will not freeze well okay you want
vegetables that don’t have a lot of liquid and then they will thaw better so
I’ve had success with bell peppers will come out pretty good cauliflower will
come out still intact but it won’t be firm so it’ll be completely soft so just
keep that in mind broccoli same thing it’ll come out whole but it’ll be soft
the only thing that freeze is incredibly well like it comes out almost exactly
the way it went in is bamboo shoots which happens to also be a very popular
curry vegetable so if you want freezing bamboo shoots is one of the best things
you can do peas would also work quite well but
basically non watery vegetable is your rule of thumb all right
let’s now freeze this curry I like to use freezer bags for
this is a serving for for this recipe that I will give you as a serving for
four and I like to split it into two because there’s only two people in my
family so the freezer bags if you are on the streets of Thailand you see street
vendors who always pack food and curry in plastic bags what you do you flip it
out like this it’s a little harder with the zipper top but that’ll do two things
that’ll keep the mouth open so it’s easier for you to spoon things in and
also it keeps this part clean so you don’t mess that up and now it’s all
greasy isn’t whatever so I like to do that for my bags so I distribute the
meat first so I can it’s easy for me to tell whether they’re evenly split up and
don’t be alarmed by all this oily stuff on the top that’s just coconut oil that
separates and it Thai curries are supposed to look like that it actually
is a desired characteristic for curries to have a layer of coconut oil on top
good thing also about these freezer bags is you can put the curry in piping hot
it’ll be totally fine and then I always like to drop these right away in a bowl
of cold water yet another benefit of using bags because now they’ll cool
really quickly which is important for food safety you want you want food to
cool quickly and heat up quickly you don’t want it lingering at lukewarm
temperature for too long and then once it’s cool enough we’ll stick it in the
freezer so I’ve got my curry cooled I’ve labelled it I’ve noted to myself that
this needs diluting so I don’t forget and think why is this thing so spicy and
salty and when you freeze it make sure you lay it flat on a plate so that it
will be as thin as possible it’ll thaw as quickly as possible so now this goes
into the freezer and then when that’s frozen I’ll show you how to reheat it so
here is our curry nice and frozen and I’ll just show you how quickly this
comes together obviously if this is ready to eat for you you can just nuke
it add a little bit of water obviously because this was concentrated and then
you’re done but I want to show you how I do it
with some extra finishing touch case so to get this out of the back
easily I just dip it in hot water here so a nice dip in the hot bath and this
is just hot tap water you don’t need to boil water or anything so while that’s
chilling or the opposite of chilling I am going to heat up some water and this
could be chicken stock as well if you have it would be even better so now the
water is boiling whoa look how fast that thought and I just need at this point
for it to be able to slide out of the bag I don’t need this to completely thaw
because obviously we’re still going to heat it up in the pot just enough so
that I can plop it into this pot get everything out because this is
concentrated curries we want every last drop okay so now I’m just gonna let this
cook until everything is thaws I still have this solid block here so now I’m
gonna add my vegetables which in my case I’m gonna do some bell peppers just for
some nice pops of color Oh slow that down a bit and some bamboo shoots cuz I
had it to show you you might as well just add them and the belt the bamboo
shoots already cooked so you’re just getting them hot the bell peppers will
take as long as you want them to take really if you like them soft a few
minutes if you like them still for just one minute will do it oh look at that
and by the way if you’ve seen my curry videos you know that most of the time
red curry green curry yellow curry it’s a lot brothy ER than you might think it
should because that’s how Thai curries tend to be so it’s not like a super
thick gloopy Indian curry so Thai curries are more like like a soup so
this is perfect consistency right here it’s coming back to a simmer I’m gonna
finish it off with any fresh herbs that you like Thai basil stir that in I’m
gonna just turn it off and use the residual heat to wilt and infuse all the
flavors and that is it in just a few minutes you’ve got a beautiful curry
ready to go assuming you’ve got some rice ready and by the way you can
also fries rice if you want to make it just like one quick packet so you can
freeze a portion of rice along with your curry so you can pull them both out
together and just microwave the rice woohoo okay look mmm so beautiful clean
out the edges for a nice presentation now I’m just gonna taste this just so
you know even though this isn’t about this particular recipe just so you know
I can tell you what it’s like after frozen perfect I wouldn’t know if nobody
said anything that this was a frozen curry particularly because we added our
vegetables at the end and as you can see it went super fast now having said that
if you wanted to freeze the bamboo shoots they will come out fine
if you want it to freeze the bell peppers they will also come out fine but
they will not be a little bit crunchy as they still are right now so it’s a
choice that you make the chicken once it’s been thawed I find that it is a
little bit more soft than it was before it went in but again if you didn’t say
anything I would have just thought that it was slow cooked chicken that’s super
fork-tender at this point so which is why using buy meat is a good choice
because it’s something that we would normally stew and brace anyway right so
I hope that was useful information for you if you’ve got other tips for
freezing anything you can share with all of us in the comments below I would love
to hear from you I will have sort of more detailed instructions written on
the website as always on hot Thai Kitchen comm and if you freeze your
curry send me a photo on Facebook Twitter or Instagram if you haven’t
subscribed to the show make sure you do so you don’t miss an episode and click
the bell icon as well so you get notification when it goes to the video
thank you as always for watching and I will see you next time for your next
delicious Thai meal

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  • HELLO LOVELY VIEWERS! Important Note:

    If you have questions about this recipe, you can post it here for the community to answer. But if you want to ask me, please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or my website (all links are in the description above). If you leave questions in the comments I may not see them due to the large volume of comments I receive across the hundreds of videos on this channel.

    Also, before sending on any questions be sure to read the written recipe on the website as I often add extra tips and notes not covered in the video.

    Thank you for watching!

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