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  • 90 minutes in the oven? lol just make the fucking thing in a pot, takes 25 minutes tops. And that cheese at the end ruined it

  • I have been looking for an easy chicken and rice casserole – tried a couple, but both fell short.  This was simple, looks great and i love the addition of veggies and cheese.  Can add any to make "your own" as all recipes are adapted to suit your own tastes!  This is in the oven now.  ALLRECIPES has rarely let me down from baking to cooking.  Thanks!

  • people complaining about the (unquestionably high) sodium in the canned soups . . . you do understand that they go with 6 chicken breast halves and 2 cups of rice, right?  the recipe is aiming for approximately 6 servings which means, if you use campbell's (which claims 870 mg of sodium per 1/2 can), you are looking at 580 mg per serving (from the soups, more if you add seasoning salt).  not a "low sodium" meal, to be sure, but not exactly "put me in the ER" amount.  and that assumes you use the "regular" cream of chicken rather than the "healthy request" version (which claims 410 mg of sodium per 1/2 can).  so, please, use some sense and do the actual math before whining and complaining for the sake of doing so.

  • sounds good, if I precooked the chicken a bit, would it make for less cook time?  Or does it need it to cook the rice?

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