How to Install the Plumbing for a Kitchen Sink | This Old House

How to Install the Plumbing for a Kitchen Sink | This Old House

all right now the essence of a compression connection is to use the knot and the ferrule and the nut is right here and the brass ring is called a ferrule the way this connection works is that the nut goes down over the pipe the ferrule goes next and then we have to be sure to put the pipe all the way into the fitting now once that's in and we tighten up this nut it's going to deform that ferrule so tight against the copper pipe that it's a watertight seal and one thing I always like to do is just a little touch a pipe dope on that ferrule and then we tighten up with two wrenches I'm using two adjustable open end wrenches and there are no teeth on it that means there'll be no marks and I can hold back against the fitting all right so those are all made now with the shut offs in place once you run down and put the water back onto the house I'm on it all right the water's back on now what well time to install the faucet and it is really quite the faucet you've selected it has a spout like any kitchen faucet does has a control unit here to select hot or cold but this one actually has a solenoid as well connected to a battery and that means when you touch the spout it goes on you touch it again it goes off but it still starts with the same basic connection that is installing the spout all right just hold it in place while I tighten it up please we just tighten up that nut but no pipe dope on a plastic connection and now the cold here's the anatomy of our drainage for this island sink we have two bowls so there are two baskets trainers the water is going to comes down through this tail piece on this side with a branch cut to connect to the dishwasher on this side the water comes down to this tea into a trap into our drain and we'll have the vent right here but it starts by putting a little bit of putty on these basket strands so once you open up right there all right so take a little bit and just warm it up in your hands make it into a long snake and just wrap it right around then when you get it long enough good you snake-charming you how's that perfect all right right hand Bowl coming down snug it up and I'm going to pass you these pliers big enough just snug it up don't over tighten just give it a good snug place all right putty squeezing out I think that's tight enough all right to make our final drain connections it starts by installing this tail piece up against the bottom of the basket strainer that helps to establish where our traps going to reside so it sits right here and now I need to make sure that this pipe is at the right height to go to the trap and I've already cut that and when I glue it I have to be sure I get this at the right angle I only have one shot at it so I'm going to measure one more piece right here and we can glue it all together I think we're done on the tone yep there we go super alright so now we can glue it we're using ABS this black plastic it's a little different for me we you normally use PVC one thing about it is doesn't have a separate cleaner it only has the glue so now I'm going to just push that together and hold it all right just turn our valve in all right David just need to measure this last horizontal piece this all right well I'm cutting this brass piece with a cutter slightly larger than my normal one makes a beautiful cut there we go now our very last connection is this and that's the connection for the dishwasher will snug it up with this stainless steel clamp we have made all of our connections new shut off go into our dishwasher hot faucet cold faucet cold – ice maker here's our discharge from our dishwasher all-new drain system here with a trap and a proper vent time to turn the water back on looks great Richard here we go it's hot cold all right David won't you do the honors here goes good one is on I want to try that touch feature this is a hell tastic you

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  • I love these videos but I believe that every DIY youtube video should have a disclaimer reading: if you are new to DIY and you are planning to install the plumbing for your entire kitchen by yourself, even though this video is 4 mins you should expect and plan to spend the entire day doing what they did in 4 mins 🙂

  • Why not have a transformer option instead of batteries for the touch control? Most sinks have electrical underneath for a disposal and/or dishwasher. Seems like a simple transformer setup would be the better option.

  • Thank you for a helpful video and thank very much for saying "Height" correctly!!! I live in Maine and it kills me when I hear people pronounce it "Heigth"

  • Why in the hell would you install brass pipes, pointless, more expensive and has like almost no upside compared to pvc

  • I am in a bit of a dilemma, I need to replace an 1.5 in. brass nipple on my bathroom finished wall for a handheld shower. Which is the best way to tighten this little nub and make sure is secure? Don't want to ruin the threads also, although there is nothing to grab onto.

  • I like Mr. Rains' style – neat/clean, organized. And I understand what to do … now to explain it to my husband! Nice job. Best of the many videos I've watched today on the subject.

  • With that "proper vent" you're going to get sewer gases coming up through the pipe. The traps only protecting the sink.

  • We had our kitchen counters replaced including the sink and we had to re-plumb it entirely. The only difference between this one and ours is we only had a single hole for the faucet and a garbage disposal on one side.

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