How to Install a Touchless Kitchen Faucet | Ask This Old House

How to Install a Touchless Kitchen Faucet | Ask This Old House

Richard thanks for coming glad to be here now your email said something about a kitchen faucet this must be it this is it all right so what's cooking what's going on well if you turn it on there you'll see that we've got a leak the water comes up and out through the bottom of the faucet there's there from the spa yeah uh-huh then it runs down goes down the hose drips on the floor it's a major problem I mean I could probably repair that well no the real issue is my wife doesn't like this faucet she'd like a replacement I've heard that before yeah see it's not terribly aesthetically pleasing it's a little bit small the sprayer it doesn't exactly reach all the way over here to find a little bit exactly doesn't match so you have a new styling did your wife have a new style in mind she does she would like something a little bit bigger maybe matches the room a little bit better I'm a single handle with a single control yeah all right well I bet you we can find you new faucet excellent but let's start by getting rid of the old now there are two shutoffs hot and cold underneath turn them clockwise as one and hots on the left okay so water is off now I need to break those connections underneath the sink now there are connections at the very top for the hot and the cold right here and the nut serves up pretty far so a traditional plier like this it's really difficult to get up inside there so what they make is a special tool called a basin wrench the wrench has a spring-loaded jaw and it can either loosen or tighten I can flip the jar over this way so now to loosen it get it on here this is the perfect tool for this that's the same on the other side when I get this last nut off the faucet itself will be released from the sink I'm gonna push up this spray hose you see it right there yeah now loosen the bottom big black nut from the spray head get it you should see a little c-clip on the side you see it yeah there it is a little retainer clip just pry that out with a small screwdriver or something okay it's coming off alright you got the clip out flips out just pull the base off of the hose pull straight up it's off no I'll take the hose down here and dump out the remaining water it's all yours and I'll pull that faucet straight up and I take the hose good alright Chris here is the new faucet what do you think that's fantastic more important what do you think the committee's gonna say my wife will love it good single over control right here look at this a pullout spray hose right here that's integral to that spout they make a nice plate good and heavy to cover up the unused holes right there okay now that the sprayer is on the faucet what do we do about this fourth oh they make a perfect soap dispenser right here gonna be handy for hand soap or dishwashing liquid all right but this faucet has got a lot to it see these little black dots right here yeah these are motion sensors is actually a hands-free faucet let me show you how it works so your old faucet was pretty straightforward it had a hot line and a cold line from those shut offs came up to the faucet when you open the handles here it would mix right here go through the spout or down through the spray hose well there's a lot more going on with this faucet between the faucet and the shut-off valves we're going to install this it's a control box here's the connections that go down to the hot and post shutoff valves and this actually acts as a junction box and a bypass and the connections are so simple push put connections they're all numerically coded there's one this is three and there's two so in normal mode this is just a junction box hot and cold come right to here and now we come up to this control point now that you say I want hot I want cold but the water doesn't go right out through the spray hose it actually would come back through this third line this return line right here and it would pass right through this control box down through this hose now there's one more hose connection to make and that's this one and this carries up to that pulldown spray hose right so that's normal motor you dizzy yet it's a little confusing hot and cold right here up to the handle control back down through all the way back around to the spray hose but there's also this the hands-free so once we plug this in and we have a battery pack to power it now when you swipe your hand by the motion sensor it'll bring on the water through this pull down spray hose so how do you control the temperature well actually you set the temperature right here and that would control the mix right at this point and then would leave through this hose to go right through the spray house we want to have a watertight seal between the faucet and the sink we don't want anything get down like it did before so here's our plate now in the old days we would have used plumber's putty right here to make a seal but nowadays they have a gasket pre-made with a nice soft rubber seal right here they also make one for that single hole mount as well so we'll put that right here I'm going to go underneath I want you to pass these hoses okay right down through that hole okay all right our connections down here start you with this support bar and that slides all the way up right there okay next is this mounting washer and that's designed to let the tubes and the data cable stay out of the way and go right over that shank right there and then there's a nut this is a tight spot which normally we would always try to use our basin wrench but the faucet actually comes with a special wrench made just for this reason that'll fit up and make that nut tight okay is that straight right now everything looked good up there Chris looks good okay good so that's tightened up so now once you pass me the top portion of the soap dispenser down through the hole all right Chris just pass me that spray hose hose down through the spot would you there you go okay now grab that control box and why don't you jump down here and get it mounted on the side of our cabinet okay a cabinet big mafia a little tight in here isn't it while you down there let's make up the power and data connections so on the spray hose right here that's attached to the spray head they provide a weight they give a mark to tell you where to put in a snap connector and now you can see with the weight it will help to pull that spray head right up into the spoke all right what is coming on he comes the hot cold okay so water is back on batteries are in Chris don't you give it a try just wave your hands anywhere all right so that sensor will stay on until you come back in that's so you could fill a coffee pot or something like that but put your hands underneath the spout you're not cool that is an excellent that's your shut-off you want to go on Retro you can go hot cold the old-fashioned way but I think you'll do it the other way you

20 thoughts on “How to Install a Touchless Kitchen Faucet | Ask This Old House

  • Have no idea why people are still using football shaped shut off valves, I went throught entire house replaced them with quarter turn valves work great not having to worry bout them frezzing up & leaking & as touchless faucets just more to go wrong..

  • That faucet is like putting $3,000 worth of wheels/tires on an old junky Buick worth $1500 lol. Faucet is WAY nicer than the rest of the ugly kitchen. Although some white paint and knobs on the cabinets would help A LOT and not be all that expensive to do.

  • ill stick with a standard faucet with hose that comes down. no need for the motion crap. i understand in a public restroom but in your home you shouldn't need this.

  • Wow I’m so thankful that you included the wiring (so to speak) of the control box. It got me real confused the other day, when I was reading about touchless kitchen faucet on this healthykitchen101 kitchen website. One question though, is that if the faucet is in touchless mode, you can only change the water temp on the box which is in the under-cabinet? That sounds kind of exhausting, doesn’t it? Hope I’m wrong about this. Anyway, thanks for the video. You’re a live-saver.

  • YIKES! A fair amount of overly complicated components just waiting to break down. But I get it. I call it gimmick marketing. Different and not necessarily better.

  • Hi, Richard. Love the videos. Very detailed, and only a little bit awkward at the beginning lol. I notice you use the rubber gasket instead of plumber putty. Is it okay to use putty or silicone to seal the cover plate? I’ve been reading all about how to install a pulldown kitchen faucet on the internet. Been on reddit, plumbingforums, healthykitchen101, terrylove… you name it. And what I’ve got is just mixed opinion on this whole thing. I’m kinda confused now. Can you help? Thanks in advance.

  • Hey Richard, I'm Richard too. I'm a Jamaican living in Jamaica and I love this skill so I went ahead and did level one (basic plumbing) with the city and guilds. Now I'm certified and still want to continue until I get my diploma but I have to put in some work in the meantime to pay for those classes. So I get a few jobs here and there but most of the time I have to watch your videos to resolve the problems because I am not familiar with most of the plumbing fittings by name and looks. How can I learn more about these before going on the job?

  • this looks dangerous, what happends with when someone put it on the hot position and forgot too put it back too cold, and then a child trying too clean his hands and using the sensor..

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